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Fred Basset Yearbook 2018

Alex Graham

Panel to the Screen - Style American Film and Comic Books during the Blockbuster Era

Drew Morton

Fred Basset Yearbook 2017

Alex Graham

Hellboy's World - Comics and Monsters on the Margins

Scott Bukatman

The Best of Fred Basset

Alex Graham

The System Apocalypse Issue 6 - System Apocalypse Comics #6

Tao Wong

Journey to the West: Vision Perseverance and Teamwork - Compact Classic

Chang Boon Kiat

System Apocalypse Issue 1 - System Apocalypse Comics #1

Tao Wong

Haven of Dante: The Graphic Novel

Leonardo Ramirez

Greek Mythology Explained - A Deeper Look at Classical Greek Lore and Myth

Marios Christou, David Ramenah

Bitter Waters Suite A Bitter Rain - BITTER WATERS SUITE #0

rodney cannon

Diary Of A Wimpy Noob: Deadpool in Jailbreak - Noob's Diary #22

Nooby Lee

Kid Beowulf: Race to Thor's Land - Kid Beowulf

Alexis Fajardo

Little Red in the Hood

Glen Goei

Goh Bee Lock and The Three Boars

KF Seetoh

Hansel and Girl Girl

Adrian Pang

Water Margin

Luo Guanzhong, Shi Naian

The Three Kingdoms: Teamwork Strategy and Wisdom

Luo Guanzhong

Creation of the Gods: Forces of Darkness and Light - Compact Classic

Asiapac Editorial

"Jesus & Co" - english version

Gaveglia Luca Luciano