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The Vale of Rheidol Railway - The Story of a Narrow Gauge Survivor

Peter Johnson

V & W Destroyers - A Developmental History

John Henshaw

Llanelly West to Camarthen

John Hodge

The Doolittle Raid - The First Air Attack Against Japan April 1942

John Grehan, Alexander Nicoll

Early Jet Fighters 1944–1954 - The Soviet Union and Europe

Leo Marriott

The Modern Cruiser - The Evolution of the Ships that Fought the Second World War

Robert C. Stern

Armoured Cruiser Cressy - Detailed in the Original Builders' Plans

Andrew Choong

United States Marine Corps in Vietnam

Michael Green

Sovereign of the Seas 1637 - A Reconstruction of the Most Powerful Warship of Its Day

John McKay

Powering the World's Airliners - Engine Developments from the Propeller to the Jet Age

Reiner Decher

M48 Patton - American Cold War Battle Tank

Robert Griffin

Early Jet Bombers 1944–1954

Leo Marriott

French Armoured Cruisers 1887–1932

John Jordan, Philippe Caresse

Early Imperial Romans

Andy Singleton

M1 Abrams - The US's Main Battle Tank in American and Foreign Service 1981–2019

David Grummitt

573 puzzles from Japan's everyday life - Curiosities between insanity and wisdom

Rita Menge

Challenger 1 - British Main Battle Tank of the Gulf War

Robert Griffin

Bren Gun Carrier - Britain's Universal War Machine

Robert Jackson

Hawker Hunter in British Service

Martin Derry, Neil Robinson

British Military Test and Evaluation Aircraft - The Golden Years 1945–1975

Malcolm V. Lowe

Early Railways - A Guide for the Modeller

Peter Chatham, Stephen Weston

Hunters Over Arabia - Hawker Hunter Operations in the Middle East

Ray Deacon

Fallschirmjäger: German Paratroopers 1937–1941

François Cochet

London Buses in the 1970s - 1975–1979: From Crisis to Recovery

Jim Blake

The Dauntless in Battle

Peter C. Smith

Battlecruiser Repulse - Detailed in Original Builders' Plans

John Roberts

German and Russian Tank Models 1939–45

Mario Eens

US Army Vehicle Markings 1944

Jean Bouchery, Philippe Charbonnier

The Best F*cking Activity Book Ever - Irreverent (and Slightly Vulgar) Activities for Adults

Nicole Narvaez

History's Weirdest Deaths - History's Weirdest Ways to Die

James Proud