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The countryside, country life: general interest

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Cape Cod

Henry David Thoreau

Fan : The Story of a Young Girl's Life

William Henry Hudson

Ways of Nature

John Burroughs

Nature Near London

Richard Jefferies

Under the Maples - The Last Portrait of John Burroughs

John Burroughs, Charles F. Lummis

The Land's End - A Naturalist's Impressions In West Cornwall Illustrated

William Henry Hudson

A Year in the Fields

John Burroughs


John Burroughs

Birds and Bees Sharp Eyes and Other Papers

John Burroughs, Mary E. Burt

A Shepherd's Life

William Henry Hudson

Wild Apples

Henry David Thoreau

Winter Sunshine

John Burroughs

A View from the Tractor - Wit and Wisdom from the Nation's Favourite Dairy Farmer

Roger Evans

Mushroom Growing at Home

Roy Genders

The Flower-Patch Among the Hills

Flora Klickmann

Seton Gordon's Cairngorms

Hamish M. Brown