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The Art of Cartooning - The Complete Guide to Creating Successful Cartoons!

David Mostyn

Phoebe and Her Unicorn in Unicorn Theater (Phoebe and Her Unicorn Series Book 8)

Dana Simpson

Snoopy: Boogie Down! (PEANUTS AMP Series Book 11) - A PEANUTS Collection

Charles M. Schulz

Adult Time - A Baby Blues Collection

Rick Kirkman, Jerry Scott

You Have Those Wild Eyes Again Mooch - A New MUTTS Treasury

Patrick McDonnell

When I Met You

Tanisha Cherislin

Lowriders Blast from the Past

Cathy Camper

Aychu’s War Against Plastic (Vol2)

Fabelizer Movies One LLP

Star Trek versus Aliens - The original screenplay

Robert McTyre Jr

Aychu Saves The Park (Vol1)

Fabelizer Movies One LLP

Sister BFFs

Philippa Rice

A Very Stable Genius

Mike Luckovich

Killer App - The Beginning

Robert McTyre Jr

Rising Suns - A graphic novel

Robert McTyre Jr

Be Everything at Once - Tales of a Cartoonist Lady Person

Dami Lee

Buni - Happiness Is a State of Mind

Ryan Pagelow

Super Late Bloomer - My Early Days in Transition

Julia Kaye

Let’s Go Exploring - Calvin and Hobbes

Michael Hingston

The Many Deaths of Scott Koblish

Scott Koblish

Birding Is My Favorite Video Game - Cartoons about the Natural World from Bird and Moon

Rosemary Mosco

Unicorn of Many Hats (Phoebe and Her Unicorn Series Book 7)

Dana Simpson

I'm Not Your Sweet Babboo! (PEANUTS AMP! Series Book 10)

Charles M. Schulz

Fruit Ninja - Frenzy Force

Halfbrick Studios

Stinky Cecil in Mudslide Mayhem!

Paige Braddock

The Mutts Spring Diaries

Patrick McDonnell

Catabunga! - A Get Fuzzy Collection

Darby Conley

Future Echoes part 3 - Conjunctio: (Union)

Al Davison, Yen Quach

Round the Fire Stories (Serapis Classics)

Arthur Conan Doyle

How to Be Perfectly Unhappy

The Oatmeal, Matthew Inman

Tyrannosaurus Ralph

Nate Evans