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A Brother's Obsession

Christopher Coates

The Competition - Extended Edition

Donna Russo Morin

Keepers of the Key #1: The Golden Key

Lene Dybdahl, Josefine Ahlberg

Death of a Young Lieutenant

B.R. Stateham

Angkor Tears

Steven W. Palmer

Secret Rituals

Jo Beekman

Two to Worry About

B.R. Stateham

Dear Diary It's Me

Lucinda Lamont

Heroics And Cruelties - A Short Story Collection

Chris Roy

Perfect Reflections

Tom Tikka

The Game Night Murders

Theodore Huntington

Haircut and Highlights

Janie Owens

Malik's Revenge

Les Haswell

My Truth Your Lies

Daniel Kemp

Where Darkness Resides

Daniel Maldonado


Malcolm Archibald

Stray Bullets - Short Sharp Crime Fiction

Paul D. Brazill

Broken Justice

Ray Floyd

Blood Sport - Wigs On The Green

Pete Adams

What Comes Before

Daniel Kemp

Three Novels of Creeping Terror - The Night Boat Baal and Bethany's Sin

Robert McCammon

A Small Town's Secret

A.E. Stanfill

The Vig

Andrew Davie

Death by Greek Fire

B.R. Stateham

Robert Tries to Help

Mike Pearson

Snap Judgment - A twisting thriller you won't be able to put down

Richard T. Cahill

Flowers at Midnight

Nick Sweet

Ask Natalie - A gripping psychological suspense full of mystery

Natasha Boydell

Who Has Buried the Dead? - From Stalin to Putin … The last great secret of World War Two

KGE Konkel


Émile Zola