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Dry Heat - a novel

Len Joy

Debt Bomb

Michael Ginsberg

Carl Sant Murder Mysteries Collection - The Complete Series

Dan Laughey

Chloe - Prime Victim

Dan Laughey

All That Glitters

John Anthony Miller

Worlds Seperated

Tyler Wilson

Broken Slate

John A. Daly

Blood Before Dawn

Daniel V. Jr. Meier

Blood Trade

John A. Daly

Billion Dollar Bracket

Drew Bridges

Obsessed - A gripping psychological thriller full of twists

Jane Heafield

Keepers of the Key #1: The Golden Key

Lene Dybdahl, Josefine Ahlberg

The Second Wife

NJ Moss

Good Riddance

Evan Baldock

My Daddy The Serial Killer - A Psychological Thriller

Cindy Kovacik

The Yorkshire Murder Thrillers Books One to Three - Dead Cold Cold Blood and Cold Heart

Jane Heafield

Hunt for the Enemy

Rob Sinclair

Her Dark Past

Jane Heafield

The Midnight Warriors

Nirmani Walpola

The People Next Door

Keri Beevis

Second Sister

Chan Ho-Kei

Target Zero (An Agent Zero Spy Thriller—Book #2)

Jack Mars

While The Emperor Slept

B.R. Stateham

Not A Friend Of The Family

Stuart Field

Evil Error

Rena Winters

Percy Crow

Daniel Kemp

Miller's Outbreak Four Josie D

H. Berkeley Rourke

Josie Du Puy A Life Story

H. Berkeley Rourke

Bombs Away Phoenix

H. Berkeley Rourke

The Spy Who Couldn't Count

Michael N. Wilton