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The Gift - A Pen and Paintbrush Short Story #2 - cover

The Gift - A Pen and Paintbrush Short Story #2

S.L. Dearing

Publisher: SLDearing

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In The One, Kate Flannery and Matt Eisner met at a gallery opening and, after spending one evening together, realized that it was true love. Now, eight months later, they are happily living together in Matt’s home in Malibu and getting ready for their first Chanukah and Christmas together. But as the holidays draw near, an unexpected problem threatens their happy holiday.

Will they be able to weather the storm and find their happiness this holiday season? Or will the intolerance of the past tear them apart?

On the last night of Chanukah and Christmas Eve, they will discover… The Gift.

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    THE ESSAYS etc.
    The four essays from 'Intentions', The Soul of Man under Socialism, De Profundis (the unabridged version!), The Rise of Historical Criticism, the lectures (The English Renaissance in Art, House Decoration, Art and the Handicraftsman, Lecture to Art Students)
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    I should walk away now and let him live his life, but apart of me wants this future with him - playboy and all.  
    Due to sexual situations, this novella is not intended for readers under 18. *Contains adult content and language * 
    One Night Series  
    One Night Vol 1 
    One More Night Vol 2 
    Forever Night Vol 3 
    One More Christmas Vol 4
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    What do you do when your one-night stand turns out to be your new boss? 
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    Max, disappointed that Cate didn’t call after their night together, is thrilled to run into her again, even if it is at work. Intrigued by this beautiful, self-contained woman, he is determined to draw her out of her shell and get her to open up to him outside of the bedroom as well as inside. 
    Will Max be able to overcome Cate’s distrust? Or will her ex’s infidelity make it impossible for her to trust a man again?
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    The Bride Comes to Evensford, a novella first published in 1943, follows a woman from her arrival in a small town (modelled on Bates's native Rushden) to her work for a draper, her marriage to him, her increasing command over the business and the household, and finally to her infatuation with a young man as a widow in her fifties. Written and published in the midst of Bates's work for the Air Ministry, but hearkening back in style and subject matter to his pre-war stories, this is a beautiful study of one woman's life, her hopes and disappointments.  
    Philip Toynbee stated that it had "a fine elegant shape, covering with formidable skill a period of thirty years in only twice as many pages...Mr. Bates is a master of a period of over-exuberance."
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