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The New Ones - Early Child of the Pleistocene #2 - cover

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The New Ones - Early Child of the Pleistocene #2

Michael Susko

Publisher: Michael Susko

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    A premature "early child" was born to a mother, named Bough. As she has no male protector, she offered her child to the Elements, to be his father and protector. The mother, in fleeing for her life and her baby, find an abandoned girl baby on the Hill of Offerings. The family makes a partnership with a wolf, and this Wolf Sister comes to know the ways of wolves. The family is adopted by New Ones, who are the evolutionary future. The girl child comes to be known as Huntress, for knowing the ways of animals, she proves useful in hunting. The boy's name is  Tinder as he might explode in anger,  but he discovers a caring dimension in himself and comes to be known as Kinder. Among the New Ones and Wolf People, Fierce Ones roam, those who live without speech and hunt humans. When Huntress is kidnaped by Fierce Ones and escapes, Kinder goes searching for her. She is found among wolf people where she has come to be another for a simple child who is a giver of flowers. Kinder finds his sister, but must fight to win her back. He faces a person of unknown identity who is not really trying to win. The two leave, then experience a period of idyllic peace, before they must fight a group of Fierce Ones. Then they a large group of New Ones for a final climatic battle against the Fierce Ones. The survivors are unlikely, but the evolutionary future of humanity continues....