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Aspire to Love - cover

Aspire to Love

Allyson Young

Publisher: Allyson Young

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Aspire to Love features three re-written dominant romances from the same series, all in one book! 
Near Perfection 
Haley Snider thought Warren Chalmers was the perfect Dom, so she made herself into the perfect sub. A woman in love is truly blind, because Warren can be such an ass. 
Warren doesn't really know what he wants, and questions the very perfection he apparently sought. Haley leaves Warren before he can reject her, unveiling a surprising temper and steely determination. He is both intrigued and forced to look at himself. He doesn't much care for what he finds, and is determined to change, to seek Haley out and really get to know her. 
Realizing that her obsession with Warren has kept her from being true to herself and him, Haley decides to embrace life differently. Upon reconnecting with her, Warren discovers his best friend Gordon Sinclair has a different idea in mind for them all, and that life can be filled with both friendship and love. And hot sex. 
True Perfection 
Haley Snider left her selfish Dom before and sought solace with his best friend. Gordon Sinclair facilitated Haley and Warren Chalmers's reunion—with a twist. He proposed a ménage relationship. But Haley isn't so sure. She is afraid of getting hurt again and also wants to pursue her career and live her own life outside of the bedroom, something Warren hadn't accepted before. She resists their attempts at building a relationship, and then tragedy strikes. 
Haley blames herself, believing she has been selfish, and her desperate, guilty feelings cloud her thinking. She won't walk away this time, but will wait for Gordon and Warren to realize she has brought them too much trouble and tell her to leave. In the meantime she will try to make amends, reverting back to pretense. 
It takes considerable effort on her men’s part to help Haley face reality and accept what she truly needs and deserves. 
Absolute Perfection 
Georgios Andreas’s wife, Jane, left him and died under mysterious circumstances. Afterward, he avoided relationships outside of club play. 
At a ceremonial claiming, he meets the sister of the submissive, there to bear witness to her sister’s claiming. Iris Snider draws him, initially because she looks like Jane, but he quickly realizes she is so much more. He is powerless against the attraction. 
Georgios sweeps her off her feet, insisting she too is submissive. Iris, for the first time in her life, leaps before she looks. She falls in love and submits to Georgios, hoping for more than a D/s relationship, and he, too, dares hope for more. 
Iris then sees a picture of Jane and is devastated by her resemblance to Georgios's dead wife. She refuses to take the leavings of a ghost. Georgios gives her space, inadvertently putting her in danger. Jane’s killer is still out there, and he, too, has seen the resemblance. And he hates George...

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