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The Lustful Corruption - The Realms of War Side Quests #4 - cover

The Lustful Corruption - The Realms of War Side Quests #4

Jenna Powers

Publisher: PEAR Stories

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Theresa and Elise are nuns that live in a peaceful little kingdom that has yet to experience the Horde.  When the beastly army reaches the nigh impenetrable walls surrounding the kingdom, they, along with the other nuns grow concerned.  As much as the wall is meant to keep outsiders from coming it, it also prevents insiders from moving out. 
When the armies of the Horde manage to break through the heavy entrance doors of the wall, Theresa and Elise flee with the nuns.  There are tunnels within the kingdom that were in the middle of being built to act as emergency exits.  The two hope that there is a chance that at least one of them was finished. 
However, as they venture out, bottles and bottles of clear potions break around them.  When they are surrounded by Orcs and Goblins, Theresa and Elise feel intense feelings of lust as they stare at the muscular monsters.  They bargain with the beasts to allow the other nuns to go, in exchange for giving the Orcs and themselves what their burning, aching loins want...

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    Not satisfied banging his mother and the pastor’s wife, he handcuffs the cop lady and creams her virgin cunt while the impotent pastor looks on.
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    "I've got to touch that thing! It's so big! And mesmerizing." The cop lady inched toward Jimmy on her hands and knees like a dog.
    "It is, isn't it?" The pastor's wife giggled as she scooted up beside her, Jimmy's man cum literally pouring out of her gaping pussy. She didn't know if it would ever regain its shape.
    Jimmy stood there, flexing his massive, hypnotic cock in their faces, grinning like a dummy. If he'd known how good this "sex" felt, he wouldn't have waited so long to make his mother show him.
    Speaking of his mother, he turned toward her. "Mother, come. Now!" He bellowed and watched her bemusedly as she scurried to his side.
    The pastor stood there, his hands on hips and a scowl on his face. What on earth did Jimmy have over these women? His mother and wife could've been raped, sure. But the cop lady? He shook his head, wondering what he should do.
    "You three, suck it!" He commanded and pointed down to his cock.
    Instantly, the three women obeyed his dominant command. The pastor's mouth hung open as he took in the scene. Was he somehow mind-controlling them?
    "Don," he whispered into his phone, "don't ask questions, just get your butt over to xxx address. NOW! No buts, no questions. Just do it."
    He flipped the phone closed, his hands trembling. Then he snapped his fingers, startling Jimmy and the three women.
    "That's it!" He practically shouted. "Satan! Get thee hence!" He cried out, fumbling for his cross, nearly ripping his shirt in the process.
    Jimmy looked behind him, his eyes wide. But satan was nowhere to be found.
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    The pastor looked around in a panic, his eyes falling to the gun - presumably loaded - on the sofa. Slowly, he inched toward it and stretched out his hand...almost got it —
    "Stop!" Jimmy boomed, his voice reverberating throughout the house and vibrating the pastor's chest. "Mom, get gun, give Jimmy."
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    	A 3200 word erotic shortstory about Dominance and Submission, with Spanking, masturbation and hot, hot sex!
    	Hot Showers:
    	A quick shower after an exhausting day turns into a steamy encounter when Karen finds herself in the wrong shower. Discovered by a fellow student, she is torn between her reason and her newfound excitement. Can she resist the siren song of her desires?
    	Warning: This 4000 word short story contains adult content, oral sex, handjobs, exhibitionism and explicit sex in a public place.
    	Desperate Measures:
    	When Susan's crush and fellow student Alex fails an important test, she sees that it is time for desperate measures. In order to motivate him to study harder, she offers him a night with her - if he does well. When he aces the test, Susan sees her chance to get what she long wanted: a night where she can surrender herself to Alex. But will he be up to the task?
    	This 4700 word erotic short story contains bondage, spankings, BDSM themes, explicit sex and is intended for a mature audience.
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