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Forgotten Monsters: The Lost and Found Collection - cover

Forgotten Monsters: The Lost and Found Collection

Kelly Apple

Publisher: Kelly Apple

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Not all monsters are the frightening creatures we were warned about as children. Most are just trying to get by in a world where it’s becoming increasingly harder for them to stay hidden. 
Some are ready to reveal it all. 
Some want to turn their back on those around them. 
And some are trying to find the connections all beings crave. 
It’s time to meet the Forgotten Monsters – The Wisp, the Kraken, the Nightmare, and the Siren. Their time has come… 
Forgotten Monsters: The Lost and Found Collection includes: 
The Forgotten Monsters series is a sexy romp through insta-love, insta-attraction, insta-sexy times, and insta-bombshells. These monsters aren't afraid to get down and dirty and they're eager for you to join them!

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    As far as Layla could remember she had always been into Rock Bands. Especially All Female rock bands. When the lead singer of her favorite rock band pulled her up on stage, they thought Layla was just another groupie they could pass around. 
    They could have never been more wrong…..
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    ~~~~~ Excerpt ~~~~~
    The heat that Tristan was now intimately familiar with blanketed the room as he opened his eyes. How long had he been there? How long did he intend to stay?
    “Hello there, little love.” Lilith lay at his side, clad loosely in the black, silk bathrobe she favored so much. “Did you sleep well?”
    “Always,” he smiled. But his throat was dry and it was hard to keep his eyes open. Yet Lilith still remained seemingly untouched by the overwhelming temperature. Despite his nudity, sweat covered his body.
    “You’re adorable when you’re asleep. Sometimes you talk when you dream, but most times you cuddle.” She brushed a perfectly manicured hand through his hair and caressed his face.
    “I wish I could say how you are when you sleep.” Not once had he ever awoken to see her sleeping beside him.
    “I’ve had a long time to learn how to go about my day without much rest,” she grinned, her ivory teeth and devious smile insinuating things that made him shiver. Her hands moved to his waist and she pulled him closer. “You have so many things on your mind for someone waking up with a scantily clad woman beside them.”
    Her skin was like a magnet to his fingers; he had to touch it, to feel it. He stroked her throat, letting his hand wander. The sweet smell of her drove him crazy. Despite his urges, he pushed them back for a few moments, trying to concentrate on the questions that gnawed at him.
    “Lilith, how long have I been here?”
    She bit her lip and tilted her head to the side; a cautious look that said she didn’t want to tell him. The simple gesture made his heart skip a beat and he wanted to kiss it off of her face.
    “Two weeks?” Lilith replied quietly—almost a question. Her hand went to his shoulder.
    “Two…weeks…” He rubbed his temples with his palms. Every time they’d shared an intimate moment together, he’d wanted nothing more than to stay here with her, wherever this was.
    But that was just it, he barely knew her still—the only real secrets she shared were physical. She continuously promised him the world and anything he even suggested he missed or wanted always appeared for him the next time he ventured into the living room—generally after he’d slept for some time. Including all of his things he’d left at home. Despite him only giving her a general idea of where he once lived.
    “Tristan?” She tipped her head toward him, her forehead touching his. “Are you mad at me?”
    “No…no that’s not it.” Her lips drew him in and he found his against hers before he could stop it. Even after two weeks of exploring her, memorizing her, every time they touched it sparked a lust in him he’d never felt before.
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    Do you ever wish you were in an 80s movie, where the guy always gets the girl and girl always goes through hell but end result is perfect? Yea well my life is nothing's like that.  
    My name is Abigail Greenwood  
    I live on the wrong side of the tracks. I don't hang with the cool kids and I actually have to work for the stuff I want. My cokehead mother won't do shit and my father well he works to pay the bills. Today is just one more day before I get out of this shithole town.  
    *** Erotic Elements  
    *** Poly-Amorous Elements 
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  • Midnight's Atonement - The Cynn Cruors Bloodline Series #3 - cover

    Midnight's Atonement - The Cynn...

    Isobelle Cate

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    Graeme Temple is nearly killed during the Cynn Cruors’ siege of Dac Valerian’s fortress on the Isle of Man, when he takes a silver bullet intended for his Dux, Roarke Hamilton. While on the mend, Graeme meets Kate Corrigan, a woman who enkindles his lust, his desire to possess, his need to protect. It is Kate who gives him a reason to be a better person than he was before.  
    Kate is an investigative journalist who has been following a local councillor she believes is involved in human trafficking. When she meets Graeme one rainy day, the attraction she feels toward him is something she longs for but refuses to have. Kate is about to expose the councillor when her friends are kidnapped to silence her. But she refuses to let go. Knowing that the councilman can wield his extensive influence over the police, she looks for help from outside.  
    Thrown together, their attraction for each other becomes a passionate conflagration that will not leave them unscathed. But not all is cut and dried. Graeme finds out that the person Kate is after is the very person he has been searching for, for centuries. A great sacrifice is made that can break them apart. Will the feelings they have for each other be more than enough to get them through this storm? Will Graeme be a better man when this debacle is over, and will he be the man to break through the walls of Kate’s heart?
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