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Forgotten Monsters: The Lost and Found Collection - cover

Forgotten Monsters: The Lost and Found Collection

Kelly Apple

Publisher: Kelly Apple

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Not all monsters are the frightening creatures we were warned about as children. Most are just trying to get by in a world where it’s becoming increasingly harder for them to stay hidden. 
Some are ready to reveal it all. 
Some want to turn their back on those around them. 
And some are trying to find the connections all beings crave. 
It’s time to meet the Forgotten Monsters – The Wisp, the Kraken, the Nightmare, and the Siren. Their time has come… 
Forgotten Monsters: The Lost and Found Collection includes: 
The Forgotten Monsters series is a sexy romp through insta-love, insta-attraction, insta-sexy times, and insta-bombshells. These monsters aren't afraid to get down and dirty and they're eager for you to join them!

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    Handsome and successful with the world at his feet, Samuel Roberts can't let go. His deepest insecurities and fears come alive again in a seemingly chance reunion with his beautiful and mysterious obsession Tanya Carasco. 
    To the world and his rabid fan base, dating expert Samuel Roberts has it all: looks, success, money, and fame. In his soul he walks an emotional tight rope of sadness and desire as he pines for the one woman he can't have. 
    She's an enchanting exotic beauty oceans away whom he knows only through still photographs and internet instant messages. More than a fantasy, Tanya is sexy, stunning, and deeply troubled. Blessed with looks that mesmerizes men everywhere, her passionate but wounded heart belongs not to her cyber lover Samuel Roberts, but to a dangerous uncaring man she callously hides from him. Her alpha male erotic romance with this other man dominates her. 
    Tanya and Samuel are further separated by a dark and elicit plot designed to manipulate Tanya's allure for political domination. Is it the destiny of these gorgeous cyber soul mates to unite amid the chaos of international intrigue, shifting loyalties, and red hot liaisons?Where the burning heart is unchained from the past, there is only freedom and pleasure. This is the best of today's hottest erotic romances from Sylvia Day and EL James."A Slave to the Fantasy" is a hot page turner erotic romance series that will grab you and never let go. 
    Here it is ”Rage”. 
    Pulse pounding from beginning to exciting end. Another of Rebecca Lee's signature erotic romance stories for women. This is hot romance and suspense with mature situations.
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    Things are looking up for twenty-three year old Meadow Williams. 
    Two weeks ago she was unemployed with zero prospects, but now she finds herself in the position of personal secretary to the President of the United States. 
    President Ogden Lewis is a strong and determined leader. Until his new secretary arrived, he was happy with coffee. 
    But with Meadow around, coffee isn't going to satisfy his needs.
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    All she wants is to feel her belly swelling with life. 
    Terri has her heart set on getting pregnant, if only her always-absent boyfriend would co-operate. Her friend Mindy offers a mind-blowing way to get a loaf in Terri’s oven, no boyfriend needed. 
    Can Terri resist luscious Mindy’s tempting offer? Does she even want to, when Mindy’s breasts are so kissable and her baby-making equipment so hard, ready, and willing to pump her full of seed? 
    For readers 18+. 3,400 words (about 16 pages).
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    Rebecca had hoped by now that thing between her legs would go away, especially since it appeared by magic one morning. Weeks later, it appears even she isn’t that lucky. Her run of bad luck continues as she’s pulled over for speeding on her way to the doctor. But given the police officer’s interest in what’s hidden underneath her skirt, perhaps her luck is about to turn around! 
    Warning! This 5,800 word story is steaming with kinks, including futanari, dickgirls, spanking, transgirl on man action, uniform sex, public sex, blowjobs, and anal sex! Adults only! 
    Rebecca winced at the thought and closed her eyes, trying not to jump as the officer patted down her butt. It felt kind of nice with his strong, wide hand. For a moment Rebecca wished he’d just take a squeeze, but the officer remained professional throughout. 
    Finding nothing, he frowned. “Turn around please.” 
    Finally the worst part had come- his hands were trailing down her front. There was no way she could hide what was in the front of in her skirt. The thing grew and lifted, the heat from his hands sending illicit thrills of excitement down her body.  
    Surely the officer didn’t realize how much his slow touches affected her body, or how much she wanted to rut into those thick hands… Rebecca hoped the cop wouldn’t notice how much she wanted to fuck him right now, underneath his gaze.  
    “Ma’am,” he started, feeling the front of her skirt, “Do you want to show me what’s clearly in there, or do you want me to call for backup as we strip-search you?” His hands squeezed the front of her bulge, probably assuming it was drugs or something. 
    Oh how wrong he was.
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  • Doing It for the Coach - cover

    Doing It for the Coach

    Tamsin Flowers

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    Private Jimmy Jackson wants to make it onto the squad boxing team—and when he meets Coach Perry, he realises that's not all he wants...
    Private Jimmy Jackson joined the army for one reason—for the chance it would give him to box on the All Army Team and turn professional. But as a gay soldier, he sometimes needs to use his fists for other reasons, so when he arrives at his new unit at Fort Sandbridge, his main aim is to keep his head down, work hard and impress the coach. What he hadn’t bargained for was the sheer animal attraction that springs up between himself and Coach Virgil Perry the moment they meet. All Jimmy can think of is taking their momentary locker-room encounter further, and his fantasies are fuelled by dreams of what they could get up to alone together.
    Luckily, Jimmy impresses Coach Perry enough with his boxing to be included in the training squad and, with his roommate and sparring partner, Moreno, he begins to prepare for the All Army Championships. A steamy off-camp incident with Coach Perry raises the stakes even higher. Perry makes it clear that if Jimmy wins his championship, he’ll make it onto the All Army Team with the opportunity of some one-on-one training. If he loses, he’ll be off the squad and his dreams of Coach Perry will be shattered.
    The competition arrives and just three rounds stand between Jimmy and his dreams…
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