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Calling The Wolf - Indigo Skies #4 - cover

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Calling The Wolf - Indigo Skies #4

Rebecca Clare Smith

Publisher: Katarr Kanticles Press

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Book four of the Indigo Skies series... 
Sharp pain jolted me awake. 
I must have hazed out again for a minute, because he was crouched in front of me, his hand on the hilt of the knife still sticking out of my shoulder. His face was in sharper focus than ever, concern etching his brow. I unclenched my teeth, or what was left of them, & let out a slow breath. 
"Not dead yet then?" he muttered.  
While his sister's away, the wolf will play… until the claws come out. 
Half-werewolf Logan is helping his sister with an investigation, but it's just a distraction from sexy shifter Jenna & her refusal to commit to their relationship. Surely she'll change her mind if he catches those responsible for abducting her nekojin brethren? 
Except, Jenna doesn't trust him to crack the case by himself. 
Dauntless, Logan figures solving the crime & saving the day will win her love & respect, but he has no idea why these monsters are taking the shifter women or exactly how deep into the dark moonlighting as a detective will drag him… 
Will this teeth clenching case finally show them all what he's made of? Or will the werewolves responsible tear him apart? 
Logan's dying to find out…
Available since: 04/24/2017.

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    From the ashes, truth will rise. 
    RISE is the fifth book in The Oneness Cycle, an urban fantasy series of spiritual warfare novels. If you love page-turning suspense, heart-pounding plotting, and fiction that unveils truth, this series is for you.
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    Someone anonymous, with monumental computing power, for reasons only a paranoid AI could begin to comprehend.Track 1 - The Great Uncertainty - The Full Advantage ponders the refusal of the Ankaans to make contact, despite having left Earth with an unstable orbit.Track 2 - Mythaxium (& After Math Result 1) - A strange and somewhat paranoid AI calls Brad. Not an easy conversation for either of them.Track 3 - The Digital Divide - Brad and Alex on foot in the off-grid African savannah. Will their illegal tech be a help or hindrance?Track 4 - Highly Programmed Insect (& Result 2) - Something is very wrong with Brinn. The entity 'Anonymous' issues its first prediction on the future of Earth's orbit.Track 5 - Cycle Farm (& Result 3) - Someone is systematically hacking Brinn's mind. But who? And why?Track 6 - Dream Lucid - They learn what they can, but the attacker will not be easy to find.Track 7 - Chaos (& Result 4) - Brad and Brinn talk about chaos. GAIA issues a scary result.Track 8 -  Doors Of Interception - Brinn manages to take a back seat in her mind, with fruitful results.Track 9 - Lowlife - They confront the hacker in his compound with the help of AI, and insects. Track 10 - Ejection (& Result 5) - Just as they celebrate their victory, GAIA issues a shocking result.Track 11 - Seed Bank, Ross Island - Mythaxium persuades them that all roads lead to Scott Base in Antarctica, or what's left of it.Track 12 - Benny - Brad and Alex are no strangers to alien life forms, but this.....Track 13 - Scott Base - Trapped deep under the ice, and way out of their depth.Track 14 - Forward Errors - Struggling on, at the mercy of tech that is scarcely distinguishable from magic.Track 15 - A Very Different Ejection (& Result 6) - They find a way to force the Ankaans' hand. Great powers converge upon Brad with a laser focus.Track 16 - Analog Life - Brad is gone, somewhere in exile. The hacker is back.  Track 17 - Ship’s Log - The future of Earth's orbit is now certain, and dreadful. But B-life now has 'Scotti'.
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