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The Colour In Woman - cover

The Colour In Woman

Diane King

Publisher: Diane King

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Flora spends her days happily wandering her endless labyrinth of a house, breathing with childhood memories and pulsing with dreams. She is plagued, however, by an elusive yearning to capture the security anchors of her childhood - her dad who’s passed away, and the book whose title she can’t remember. 
Only a few miles away, and yet worlds apart, two very different women are on their quest for identity and expression. Invisible threads of a long forgotten bond bind Flora to the local loner in town. Brigit - the ‘Red Woman’ – finally has the freedom to drink herself into a creative fervour, and only becomes more enthused by the arrival of a portent in her flat. 
This ‘White Woman’ is the final strand in the braid that weaves these women together. As the boundaries between dream and reality become increasingly blurred, a mesmerizing search for identity just may require a sacrifice. Before it can become complete, something - or someone - has to give.

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    A risky gamble might not pay off when Lawrence Sanders’s dilettante detective plunges into a quagmire of greed, passion, and murder At first, Archy McNally was unofficially enlisted to verify the bona fides of a deal for a rare Fabergé Imperial egg, created exclusively for the doomed Czar Nicholas in 1917. But when Edythe Westmore’s son and daughter become convinced the trinket is a fake and their mother is being conned, McNally is asked to deep-six the whole deal. He gets more than he bargained for when Natalie Westmore and her brother’s wife, Helen, both try to seduce him. The Palm Beach detective will need to employ some fancy footwork as he reveals a mess of lust, greed, and murder that smells worse than a rotten egg. Now it’s his own neck McNally’s risking to lay a trap for someone who’s counting dividends before they hatch.
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    A stunning courtroom drama set in 1920s New Mexico: “If you enjoyed Anatomy of a Murder or To Kill a Mockingbird, this is your kind of book” (The Philadelphia Inquirer). On a sultry day in the spring of 1923, Louise Talbot spends the last afternoon of her life lounging in the shade of a sycamore tree in her front yard. Beautiful and vivacious, Louise is the talk of Soledad City—every man lusts after her; every woman wants to know her secrets. She is found strangled to death that evening, and when the investigation uncovers her affair with another man, the citizens of the frontier town draw the obvious conclusion: Bryan Talbot murdered his wife in a fit of jealousy and rage.   Presiding over the trial is twenty-nine-year-old Ben Lewis. Appointed to the bench as a tribute to the memory of his late father, he fears he is too inexperienced to sentence another man to death. All the evidence points to Talbot, however, and it is a magistrate’s sworn duty to see that justice is served. But when a last-second twist casts the question of the defendant’s guilt or innocence in a shocking new light, Judge Lewis must decide whether to uphold the law—or let a murderer go free.   A thrilling suspense story and a fascinating inquiry into human nature and the true meaning of justice, A Covenant with Death was a New York Times bestseller and the basis for a feature film starring George Maharis and Gene Hackman.
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    Ireland. The early twentieth century.  
    Two girls on the cusp of womanhood. A nation on the brink of war.  
    Read their story — and see why JOJO Moyes says that "Nobody does epic romance like Santa Montefiore."  
    Born on the ninth day of the ninth month in the year 1900, Kitty Deverill grows up in Castle Deverill, on the sunning green ghills of West Cork, Ireland — the same place her ancestors have always dwelled. She isn't fully Irish, as the son of the local veterinarian likes to tease her; but this doesn't stop Kitty and Jack O'Leary from falling in love...  
    Bridie Doyle, daughter to Castle Deverill's cook, cherishes her friendship with Kitty. Yet she can’t help dreaming of someday having wealth, having glamour, having... more. And when she discovers Kitty's darkest secret, Bridie finds herself growing to resent the girl in the castle who seems to have it all. 
    As Irish and British forces collide in Southern Ireland, Jack enlists to fight — and Kitty throws herself into the cause for Irish liberty, running messages and ammunition between the rebels. But , her allegiance to her family and her friends will soon be tested... and when Castle Deverill comes under attack, the only home and life she’s ever known are threatened.  
    A powerful story of love, loyalty, and friendship, The Girl in the Castle is an exquisitely written novel set against the magical, captivating landscape of Ireland — perfect for fans of DOWNTON ABBEY and KATE MORTON. 
    Previously published as The Girl in the Castle
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    Courtney Captisa, Claire Bear

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    Cover Art Assistance by Alexis. 
    Warning: NO sexual situation, but some mentioning by teenagers. 
    To Anthony's dismay, the only thing available to complete his court-appointed community service in time is helping out at the Miss Heartland County Pageant. Although being around pretty girls all day seems like every boy’s dream, it turns into a nightmare as he is forced to “help” at the pageant in more ways than one. 
    Themes: Teen, Beauty Pageant, Forced Feminization, Blackmail, Pageant Dress, Bikini, Crossdressing, Hormones, Surgery, Breasts, Friend, Makeup, Hair.
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  • I Can't Control Myself #9 - 23-Story Taboo Bundle - cover

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    He had no idea she could look so good…
    Little princes. Little brats. First times. Hard and without protection. What more do you need?
    You're going to need a cold shower after this one!
    ~~~~~ PG Excerpt ~~~~~
    Max picks up his glass of wine from the table and takes a sip.
    Here at his friend Julian's house, Max always has plenty of food and drink. Even Alexia, Max's 18-year old stepsister, is on her second plate of food. Julian's a damn good cook—everybody thinks so.
    Alexia puts some more food in her mouth when Julian turns his attention onto her.
    "So Alexia, how's school?" he asks, and Alexia's eyes widen as she quickly tries to chew and swallow. Both Julian and Max chuckle.
    "Um, it's good," she says.
    "You enjoying being at college? It's not too hard being away from home?"
    "Nah," she says, giving her stepbrother a smile. "It's not bad at all."
    Alexia's a virgin. She's 18 years old, and while all of her friends have already gone out and popped their cherries, Alexia's still remains perfectly intact.
    She wants to fix this. She wants to do something about it, and it has to be fast. All she needs to do is just figure out what.
    "All right," Julian says. "I hope you two won't find me rude, but I'm just going to go grab a shower. It's been a long day."
    "Oh yeah, no worries," Max says as the three of them get up from the table. "Alexia and I can tidy up here."
    So Julian leaves for the bathroom while the other two take the plates from the table into the kitchen. When they deposit them into the sink, Alexia turns around to find her stepbrother standing there, looking at her.
    "Max!" she says, shocked, putting a hand to her heart. "What are you…"
    But her words trail off. Max is looking at his little sister, and she looks back up at him. She can't pull herself away from his eyes.
    Max can't believe what's happening.
    Alexia is so close to him and he feel rooted to the spot. He knows he should look away but he can't. He honestly can't. His arousal is stirring, growing inside of his pants, and all Max can think about is grabbing onto his stepsister, ripping off her clothes, and banging the living daylights out of her.
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  • Wrongful Death - An Anna Travis Novel - cover

    Wrongful Death - An Anna Travis...

    Lynda La Plante

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    London’s Detective Chief Inspector Anna Travis must decide where her loyalties lie, duty to the job or personal ambition, in this masterful tale of suspense from the award-winning, international bestselling author of the Prime Suspect series—one of today’s finest crime writers, alongside such talents as Sophie Hannah, Ruth Rendell, Kate Atkinson, and Ian Rankin. 
    Six months ago, London nightclub owner Josh Reynolds was found dead. Ruled a suicide, the police investigation was closed. Then a young man, awaiting trial for armed robbery, tells his guards that Reynolds was murdered, and that he has information to share. 
    DCI Anna Travis is scheduled to leave for training at Quantico, as part of an exchange between the Met and the FBI. But before she can leave, she’s got to review the case thanks to her boss, DCS James Langton. Joining her team is senior FBI agent and crime scene expert Jessie Dewar. 
    The American’s brash manner quickly ruffles feathers throughout the Met, and what should have been a simple matter of tying up loose ends becomes a political powder keg when the competence of the original investigation team is challenged. Suddenly, Anna is faced with a dangerous choice. Will she close ranks to protect her people, or push to find the truth no matter what the consequences?
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