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Next History - cover

We are sorry! The publisher (or author) gave us the instruction to take down this book from our catalog. But please don't worry, you still have more than 500,000 other books you can enjoy!

Next History

Lee Baldwin

Publisher: Lee Baldwin

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Really worth reading. If you can imagine reading Neal Stephenson - before anyone much had heard of him and mix it with Good Omens - this might be that novel. ~ Megan on Amazon 
On the threshold of womanhood. . . 
Tharcia in her quest to contact her deceased mother is swept into dark energies of the occult, and from there into a mind-mazing interplay of the Military, the Akashic Record, and Big Data. 
Next History by Lee Baldwin is a grown-up fantasy that arises from a central question: What would tomorrow be like if we knew our creation story as it really was, not verbally handed down over thousands of years? 
In these pages you'll see what happens when the Babylonian creation myth comes into the light, and when Tharcia summons a supernatural being into the world's biggest pentagram: The United States Pentagon. Oh, great, a supernal entity bent on her destruction. 
One girl against the Patriarchy? Those old dudes better watch their butts. A sizzling romantic thriller where a girl finds a guy who really counts. 
A dystopian fantasy epic from the heart of hope. 
A unique voice in storytelling. Next History is humorous, a cliff hanger, a marvelous love story, and perfectly executed. ~ Ernie Smitty 
This is no fantasy. Baldwin fashions his story from myth, Biblical prophecy, astronomy, mysticism and human desire… a plausible extension of what we see as our reality today. ~ ArtOf Silence 
Available since: 10/11/2016.

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    Grimshaw knows an ancient evil surrounds the diadem - the same evil once hunted him and still haunts his mind. However, experience has taught him to keep his suspicions to himself or risk being denounced as a madman. Again. 
    Harried by curses, bandits and unnatural creatures, Strange and Grimshaw plunge onward. But when a demonic power wakes and the civilized world descends into revolution, their tenuous friendship is threatened as each man must face the destruction of the life he has known.
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    How would you react if you came across someone who claimed he caused the end of humankind? This is the question Jake must answer in The Third Coming, the story that spawned the Earth Haven trilogy. 
    Would you dive into a pond that will alter you fundamentally? What if you are on a beach at Dunkirk, already facing near-certain death, when you look into the eyes of true evil? Try to avoid the Obsessives’ Club—it’s not somewhere you want to stay. 
    Encounter a novel way of dealing with antisocial behaviour, a condemned prisoner who's convinced that she's Dorothy Gale, and a daring but brutal escape from a Siberian prison camp. Then there’s a girl who claims she can fly, not to mention a ghost, maybe two. 
    Ten stories of the macabre and the wondrous and the seemingly mundane . . . until you scratch beneath the surface.
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  • The Final Season - Planet Gallywood #1 - cover

    The Final Season - Planet...

    Andrew Gillsmith

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    For fans of Douglas Adams, PG Wodehouse, Monty Python, and Dennis Taylor. 
    It’s one thing to know that the End is coming, quite another to know the exact date and time right down to the nanosecond. 
    Such is the unhappy fate of the inhabitants of Rexos-4, a once-thriving planet that has lived under the doom of an inevitable apocalypse for millenia. Their entire philosophy of life may be summed up by the phrase “Mxtlpicam’ bnak ooligapn,” which in most languages translates to something along the lines of “What’s the bloody point?” 
    Unbeknownst to the poor Rexans, their predicament has also been the subject of the longest-running and most successful reality television series in galactic history, now translated into over 200 million languages, with closed captioning. With the end of the world just around the corner, the show is entering its all-important final season. Everyone knows how difficult it is to pull off a satisfying finale–such stakes fill even the most hard-boiled Gallywood executives with fear and trembling. 
    Join Gumpilos Tfliximop, Elvie Renfro, Rufus Camford and a cast of colorful characters as they battle the notorious showrunner (and subverter of expectations) Betty Neezquaff, all while tackling the big questions of life’s meaning and purpose with wit, warmth, and–dare I say–optimism. 
    The Final Season is The Truman Show meets the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, with just a dash of PG Wodehouse.
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