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Taken by Two Doctors - Taken - cover

Taken by Two Doctors - Taken

Jasmine Black

Publisher: Jan Springer

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Waitress Jean Spelling visits her controversial doctor once a month for some much-needed…stress relief. She looks forward to putting her feet up in the stirrups and enjoys Dr. Ball’s naughty unconventional treatments. This time when she arrives, she’s surprised to discover that she’ll be physically examined by two doctors and they’ll prescribe her some much-needed stress release right there on the examination table! 
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  • 100 Strokes of the Brush Before Bed - cover

    100 Strokes of the Brush Before Bed

    Melissa P.

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    It opens innocently enough: the diary starts off with a tone of self-absorbed adolescent wistfulness. The fourteen-year-old Melissa starts taking notes about her feelings during a very hot summer. Her bedroom is plastered with Klimt posters and photos of Marlene Dietrich. She is a loner, fond of classical music. She examines her body in the mirror, pleasurably yet without desire.Her friend Alessandra introduces her to Daniele, an eighteen-year-old who intrigues her. She is embarrassed when he asks her if she is a virgin and she says yes. He invites her to his home to go swimming, and after cornering her in a secluded room and kissing her passionately, he asks, “Do you feel like doing it?” She declines coyly, but soon he is pushing her face below his waist. When she takes his penis in her mouth, he comes immediately. “Is this the way it’s done?” she asks him. He isn’t very nice to her, but the act fills her with a “strange contentment.”The diary then jumps to her fifteenth birthday, and then Daniele’s nineteenth. She is smitten with him, can’t keep her mind on her Latin lessons, tells him she wants to make love, but he responds that she doesn’t “even know how to suck him off.” She depicts her parents as not very caring of her, and feels unloved. She starts masturbating habitually and finally offers herself to Daniele, who tells her that he’ll have sex with her only if their relationship remains purely sexual. She hopes that it will turn into love. When she arrives to have sex with him, he mistreats her; when he finally penetrates her and she claims not to feel any pain, he accuses her of lying to him about being a virgin. They begin to meet regularly to have sex on the beach, but she is unsatisfied, detached, deeply hurt by his abusive treatment. She feels guilty and sad when she confronts Daniele with his abuse of her, and he is humiliated: he bursts into tears. She stops seeing him, but the relief is mixed with the desire for self-punishmentOne day at a school assembly, she flirts with one of the guest speakers, an intellectual law student named Roberto. Though he has a girlfriend, he is intrigued by Melissa, who is tiny, standing at five feet, and invites her to an abandoned country house. He is brutal, tells her he wants her to scream, showers her with obscenities, and she complies, but is finally detached from the act, distanced by his commands and his foul language. Still, she is very much in control when they meet, she strokes his macho ego and is amused by his transformation from the well-mannered guy to the passionate lover. She begins to discover things about men and the faces they put on to meet the worldOn her sixteenth birthday, Roberto arranges a “celebration” for her: he takes her to an abandoned house and blindfolds her, whereupon she is stripped by him and four other men who take turns caressing her. She is intermittently excited and at one point, during a pause in the action, thinks about leaving, but doesn’t. She is then made to kneel down and give head to all five them, in succession, until they ejaculate. After the oral sex, they take turns mounting her. “I felt invaded, dirtied,” she writes upon her return home. “Then I brushed my hair a hundred times, as princesses do, my mother always says.” The next entry begins with broad irony: her mother asks, “Did you have fun last night?” She suspects her daughter of smoking pot, but Melissa just feels “empty.” The question of self-love is raised again, and she distinguishes between the girl who did not love herself last night and the girl who does this morning.The next several entries switch between three different narrative threads, sexual relationships that begin on the internet. Melissa meets a lesbian called Letizia, who intrigues her. They exchange photos and talk on the phone. “I’m thinking (or perhaps I’m deluding myself) that by surfing the net I might find someone inclined to love me.” She also finds Fabrizio, a thirty-five-old married man who repulses her--she won’t kiss him--but whom she fucks. She is not doing well in school, so she finds a private tutor, a mathematics “professor” in his late twenties called Valerio, who attracts her. Their relationship starts very professionally, with actual lessons, but he also arranges phone calls in which he tells her his fantasies and she masturbates. He calls her “Lo” at the end of a call, an allusion that is later made explicit with a brief extract from Nabokov.Melissa has her first encounter with Letizia, and then a sexy date with Valerio, who instructs her on what clothes to wear and takes her to a secluded spot. The encounter is outdoors at night, graphically described, beginning with their passionate kissing, continuing with them going down on one another, and then fucking in the car where ere she straddles him and reaches a shuddering orgasm. Fabrizio meanwhile has bought an apartment where he wants to rendezvous and watch porn films. But ultimately he has somethhhhhhing else in mind: they make an appointment, and she arrives first, only to find a group of boxes that each contain an assortment of sex-oriented clothing, ranging from lingerie to leather gear. She chooses the leather, and he shows up for a sadomasochistic encounter. She shows herself to be an accomplished dominatrix, sees the power to inflict pleasurable pain as self-defining, and vents her distaste for him as she whips him and fucks him with a dildo.She realizes that of all her lovers, Valerio is the one most capable of recognizing her passion. She writes him a letter essentially explaining to him who she is, what she’s looking for, asks if he’s up to the task of seeing her as the passionate person she is. She doesn’t hear back, and realizes that she is no more than a somewhat pedophiliac fantasy to him.Then one night she’s at a bar with her friends and someone catches her eye—he can’t stop staring at her, she can’t stop staring at him. They have a tentative conversation and then he shows up at her house to serenade her. She is amazed and touched and they go out on a date that lasts all night, though nothing physical happens. He alone has recognized her passionate self. But suddenly she doesn’t know if she can handle true intimacy, she doesn’t feel worthy. Valerio contacts her and she decides that a meeting with him will show what she really is, what she wants. When she arrives, Valerio introduces her to Flavio, and they arrange an evening at which a number of couples are invited. The idea seems to be an orgy, starring Melissa, but as soon as Valerio begins working on her, she decides to leave. On the way home in the car, she asks him about her letter. He doesn’t respond till he drops her off: “Addio, Lolita,” he says.She sees Claudio again, and he admits that he’s fallen in love with her. She challenges this love, asking him when he wants to make love to her, and his response is just what she has wanted for the entire book: “when two people are joined together,” he responds, “it is the height of spirituality.” The last few entries--they end in August 2002--show her vacillating between accepting and fearing his love. They finally spend the night together, and make love instead of simply fucking, and the diary ends on a very hopeful note—she is loved, she has learned to love others, and more importantly herself.This is a titillating and graphic account of one young girl’s extreme sexual journey, but it is also a fascinating and often sad portrait of female adolescent identity. The diary is impelled by Melissa’s arresting and powerful voice, transforming what could otherwise be mere pornography into a literary experience that is sweet, bold, and totally fresh.
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  • Led By Her Special Femdom Marriage 6 Book Boxed Set - Led by Her - cover

    Led By Her Special Femdom...

    Tinto Selvaggio

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    Dominant female, submissive male femdom marriage tales. 60k+ words total, written from the Husband's POV 
    Led By Her - Book 1 
    Submissive husband Stuart has a pretty young wife who occasionally agrees to tie him up & tease him about other men cuckolding him. 
    But he’s frustrated. He yearns for cruel, more enthusiastic domination, domestic discipline and to be a real life cuckold. 
    When his inexperienced wife confides details of their BDSM play to her glamorous but self-centered new friend Becky, the other female is intrigued with the idea and potential benefits to herself of becoming a mistress. 
    Anxious to impress her, the married couple invite the other female first to witness, then share in Stuart’s humiliation. But the other woman has her own agenda for this naive young couple.8900 word short story adventure contains explicit descriptions of sexual action & other activity including bondage, domination, submission, degradation domestic servitude, humiliation and foot worship. 
    Only mature adults who won’t find that offensive should read this. 
    Led By Her 2 
    Stuart's wife Lynne is increasingly drawn to her glamorous new friend Becky. Desperate to please and impress her friend she arranges for her husband to visit Becky alone, in the role of her domestic servant. 
    Stuart becomes infatuated with their demanding and beautiful dominant female friend but gets a shock when he finds out how serious Becky is about becoming a mistress. Especially when she learns of Stuart's obsession with her. 
    How will the young married couple cope with their attraction to this mean, demanding and dominant female and her increasing influence over their marriage? 
    8000 words 
    Led By Her 3 
    Stuart is locked in chastity by his wife on the orders of the increasingly controlling Becky. Once denied his wife, Stuart learns that she has indulged in some lesbian tease action with Becky in front of her friend’s alpha male husband. Stuart is subjected to teasing and cruel humiliation from both Becky and her husband. Stuart is then pushed to the limits of his submission as this beautiful but uncaring woman excitedly enforces the kind of domestic discipline and punishment he has dreamed of all his life.8900 words 
    Led By Her 4 
    Long term chastity tortures Stuart as the heartless brunette Becky becomes an increasing influence in his marriage. Becky persuades Stuart's wife to accompany her on a double date with her own older husband and one of his clients. She takes charge of the key to Stuart’s chastity belt. 
    The couple are summoned to Becky’s home where Stuart is humiliated in front of his wife & learns of his wife’s physical devotion to her friend. 
    Finally Becky makes an outrageous proposal which involves her own hugely endowed alpha male husband. 
    8500 words 
    Led By Her 5 
    Stuart is caught in the fall-out between his wife and Becky. He visits Becky at her home to try to heal her disagreement with his wife and to get back the chastity belt key. But Stuart is given a taste of what he's been missing and pressurized to persuade his wife to cuckold him with Becky's older alpha male husband. 
    11,500 words 
    Led By Her 6 
    Stuart serves Becky and her husband at their overseas villa while they laze around on vacation & his wife submits like the cheapest of slutwives to the other couple. 
    15,000+ words incl. facesitting 
    Why Not Get it While You Can? 
    Download and start reading this Female Domination Adventure NOW!
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  • Family Taboo - A Brother-Sister Incest Bundle - cover

    Family Taboo - A Brother-Sister...

    Veronica Sloan

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    What happens when sibling rivalry becomes sibling romance? In these four naughty novellas, brothers and sisters cross that line and never look back! This bundle includes four previously published ebooks: Sister in Heat (Volumes 1-2), Hypnotizing My Virgin Sister, Deflowering the Ginger Twins, and Sharing My Sister's Bed.
    ~~~~~ Excerpt ~~~~~
    "Shutup, John!"
    I swung her around into my arms, holding her by the waist until she stopped trying to squeeze out of my grip. Eventually, in exasperation, she quit struggling and collapsed against my chest. "You're stupidly strong," she said.
    "And big. Don't forget big."
    She groaned into my chest.
    "Kid, it's okay."
    "It's so not okay…" Her mound of hair rolled against my chest.
    I reached down and gently hooked her chin under my finger. "Listen to me-"
    "Stop babying me!" she said.
    "Okay," I said, but I didn't unhook my hands from her waist. "Don't disappear."
    "I won't," she said. She looked at me and quickly glanced away. "You think I'm a freak."
    "I don't."
    She actually pouted a little bit. "I could be a freak…"
    This girl… "Whether you are or you aren't, I'm your brother," I said. "So I'm obligated to put up with you."
    This seemed to make some impression on her, but instead of nodding she just pulled slightly away, locking her own wrists behind my back and glancing at me sidelong. "What if you weren't my brother?"
    "But I am."
    "But if you weren't?"
    "What do you want me to say?"
    She grinned sheepishly. "Do you think I'm pretty?"
    "Of course."
    She bit her lip. "Do you think I'm bangable?"
    "We're getting into freak territory now."
    She grinned madly. "Good."
    I shook my head, swinging her slightly from side to side. In our position, her waist was pinned against mine, and I could feel a warmth there…
    "If we were just friends," she said, "and I needed help… You’d help, right?"
    "You're scheming right now. I'm not hooking you up with any of my friends. I don't want that on my conscience."
    She giggled. "I dunno. Brodie's pretty cute."
    "But I don't think he'd take care of me…like you would."
    "Yeah, well…"
    Monica glanced briefly at the closed and darkened window at the side of the house, then slid closer to me, pushing her body once more into my chest. She pointed her nose up at me and spoke softer. "If we were friends…" she whispered.
    "But we're more than friends."
    Tenderly, she went up on her toes and kissed my chin, her eyes never leaving mine. Damn me for a fool, but that look in her eyes was at once dear and undeniable, and I couldn't pull away from it. We kissed, softly, secretly, on the lips. "You won't hurt me," she whispered into my mouth. "You won't judge me."
    "This is a bad idea."
    She slid her hand from around my waist, took mine, and ran it up her belly and into her shirt. "You do what I want, I'll let you do whatever you want…"
    "You can find someone else-" I started, but of course I didn't pull my hand away. Her breast, her whole body, was on fire.
    "I don't want someone else," she said. Her voice was still a dark, hungry whisper, her eyes bright pinpoints in the dark. "Not right now. I need you inside me. Tonight." She reached out and closed the gate behind us.
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  • Naughty Moves: An Erotic Lesbian Romance (The Ellis Chronicles - book 4) - The Ellis Chronicles #4 - cover

    Naughty Moves: An Erotic Lesbian...

    T.E. Robbens

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    Book 4 of The Ellis Chronicles - Ellis and Katie's relationship grows stronger and the passion continues to rise as they make more naughty moves in life and love. As the heat burns between them they fight to be together in every way against a small Georgia towns narrow mindedness. As everything seems to finally fall into place, an unexpected twist leaves the couple shattered.
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  • She Needs Discipline: Cocktail Waitress - She Needs Discipline #6 - cover

    She Needs Discipline: Cocktail...

    Amber Heart

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    Sam quickly learns the meaning of customer service when she snaps at two restaurant guests to leave prematurely. She wants to go out for a night of fun on the town, maybe meet a hot guy to bring back to her apartment. What she didn't anticipate was that she was going to get to play with two hot alpha men that night who are 20 years her senior. Their experience mixed with their frustration makes for a very exciting lesson for Sam.
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  • Bondage Hotel - cover

    Bondage Hotel

    Charles Graham

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    The lovely redhead Hazel is a small town girl with exactly the innocence and charm that Miles Hetherington is looking for. Under his influence, the naive 22 year old gives in to her repressed sexual desires, and when Miles invites her to work for him at his London Hotel she jumps at the chance. What Hazel doesn't realize is that Miles is an experienced Master with the intention of turning her into a full time sexual slave to serve at his newest enterprise, Bondage Hotel. She'll be trained to serve as maid, waitress and sexual toy for the wealthy guests. As one of several hotel slaves, she'll be tethered to a ceiling track running through every room. Any sign of resistance will be punished with cruel efficiency until she learns to obey. As a frightened Hazel tours the unique facilities of Bondage Hotel while stringently locked into steel cuffs, she shudders at the sight of Miles' fully-equipped bondage dungeon. The trembling girl is horrified to discover that her body and mind respond with shameful excitement to the stark reality of her plight. To her shame, she cannot hide or deny her unwanted arousal. As Hazel's training continues, her conditioned sexual responses grow even stronger until she is forced to accept that her slavery is no longer against her will, and that her submission to Miles brings her more fulfillment than she had ever dreamed possible. Soon there are more unsuspecting females joining Hazel at Bondage Hotel. As their lives entwine, they suffer the pain of stringent bondage, exacting discipline, slave positions, pony girl training and savage punishment, while relishing the wild pleasures of both straight and lesbian sex.
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