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Taken by Two Doctors - Taken - cover

Taken by Two Doctors - Taken

Jasmine Black

Publisher: Jan Springer

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Waitress Jean Spelling visits her controversial doctor once a month for some much-needed…stress relief. She looks forward to putting her feet up in the stirrups and enjoys Dr. Ball’s naughty unconventional treatments. This time when she arrives, she’s surprised to discover that she’ll be physically examined by two doctors and they’ll prescribe her some much-needed stress release right there on the examination table! 
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    Relative Heat: More Daddies and Daughters 2 is a collection of eight short stories, centered around daddy-daughter love. Like all of my work, these are feel-good tales, with plenty of hot, tender sex. Enjoy!
    “What are you doing?”
    I shook my head at her amused smile. “We’re just sitting here.”
    “What’s your father doing?”
    “Now, or when you asked?”
    “Don’t toy with me.”
    She laughed softly. “Sorry, he was, um... making himself presentable.”
    “Can you be more specific?”
    She wiggled her toes against my thigh. “He’s giving me a look that says he really doesn’t want me to answer.”
    “Mm, well, just so we’re clear, he’s not the boss. Now tell me what I want to know.”
    Sorry, she mouthed. “He was zipping up his pants.”
    “Ah, and why were they unzipped?”
    I shook my head. She grinned. “I needed something in there.”
    Janelle laughed softly. “Naughty girl. Did you let your daddy between your legs?”
    She moaned, her eyes drifting closed as a shiver chased up her spine.
    “Come home to me now.”
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    EXPECT the best; PREPARE for the worst; TAKE what comes. When subtle encounters occur with the here-after, passions come to play in the life of a college grad named Greg Wetmore. His only fault in life was to be born with a silver spoon in his mouth. Handsome and rich, Greg is the kind of man every woman desires. Finding that certain dream girl as a soul mate is overriding to most every man; quickly placing her vision high upon a pedestal however could break his heart. As if a distant mirage she suddenly vanishes into thin air. The long road to happiness has many twists and turns and dead ends, nevertheless Greg discovers life must go on.
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    This tale of Another Man's Hot Wife is so hot we can't even begin to describe it in this blurb. But, if you really want, here is the briefest of excerpts: 
    Christiana's inexperience gave Randy and herself trouble, naturally enough, and more than once. But they were fortunate.
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  • Gayopoly (Wild MM Erotica) - cover

    Gayopoly (Wild MM Erotica)

    Laurent Jarr

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    Lazar, a Russian 29-year-old IT specialist who escaped from Russia to US, in order to earn money invented Gayopoly - the sexual adaptation of the famous board game. Instead of cities or streets, the player will be trading with a palette of sexual games, from simple oral pleasures to complicated bondage knots. The last person standing will go home with a million dollars. 
    	Ken-looking starlet Nors Anderstrom, masochist Bishop Job, perverted dentist Dr. Henry and District Attorney Gloryan are first willing to try the game out. Meanwhile, Lazar is charmed with the way Cynth mediates between the kinky desires their players have. 
    	Let the games begin!
    	This 6500+ word short story contains wild, explicit sex, and it is intended for mature audiences only!
    	An excerpt from the story: 
    	They were just finishing the second round. Nicolay updated me with progress of the game. Dr. Henry and Nors had bought squares in the fourth section. Gloryian still had a butt plug stuck inside of his ass. Job was in the dungeon. He also noticed that nobody really cared about the money too much; all they wanted was to have a glorious sexual rampage. 
    	It was Gloryian’s turn to throw the dice. 
    	“Four. The bondage section; owned by Dr. Henry. He requested to tie you in reverse shrimp tie bondage. After that, he will take all the pleasure he wants.” 
    	I was not familiar with bondage terminology so I had to ask Nicolay what reverse shrimp tie means. He answered, “All I know is, you look like a shrimp in tight ropes, ready to be cooked.” 
    	Cynth prepared the ties. He was the bondage maestro, he went to Japan to learn Kinbaku, the art of tight binding. 
    	Gloryan was excited. She had been Dr. Henry’s shrimp few times since they started to visit Hardknox together. The doc’s dick always found its way to have sex in that position, even though it was almost impossible to have a nice fuck while tied up in reverse. 
    	“Stand still, put your hands behind your back,” Cynth was tying the knot around his wrists. 
    	“Will you fuck me hard Henry?”
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    For Emily:She never would’ve imagined her knight in shining armor is a bounty hunter. He’s too bastardly wicked to walk only the right side of the law. Granted, he’s hot and sexy as hell, but when he surrenders to the nature of his beast, he’s more terrifying than a scary monster. Her brain tells her to run. Her body wants her to stay. But why does her heart ache when he’s in danger?For Rovik:He never believed in love at first sight, and yet, the moment he laid eyes on her, he knows he must have her. Save her. She’s a runaway bride and the man she was forced to marry doesn’t deserve her, but will stop at nothing to get her back. Including bringing in the whole clan to take down Rovik. True mates are real, and he plans to convince her that nothing on earth could stop him from making her his. Forever…Author note: This story contains graphic dragon-on-dragon violence, a runaway bride who drives like a homicidal maniac, and a young dragon king who thinks every problem in the world can be solved with an orgasm.
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  • Loving Jagger - Wild Heart #2 - cover

    Loving Jagger - Wild Heart #2

    Shayne Ford

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    A twenty-four old woman whose life turns upside down in her quest to find her true self. Two hot, smart, adventurous twenty-one-year-old men, who are looking for the ultimate freedom. 
    Jagger falls for her first (Book One of the Series), and then his best friend who also has a secret crush. A story of love, lust, and raw emotions, and the sinuous journey of three people who share their bodies and hearts. 
    The first book of the series narrates Jagger and Violet's story (M/F). 
    Jagger (Wild Heart Series #1) 
    Loving Jagger (Wild Heart Series #2) 
    Loving Braxton (Wild Heart Series #3) 
    Wild Nights (Wild Heart Series #4) 
    Finding Home (Wild Heart Series #5) 
    The Series overall is a Menage (MMF) Romance intended for mature audiences only. 
    As Jagger falls for Violet, Braxton gains a new perspective on what his best friend means to him. Suddenly, Jagger faces the possibility of losing Braxton or at least of not having him as close to him as he once was. As Violet shakes off her insecurities and becomes more adventurous, she fights her own attraction to Braxton. The new shift in their dynamic spurs a new opportunity. What if Jagger opens his relationship with Violet to his best friend? Would Violet be on board? Would Braxton stay close to him or will he or Violet shatter his trust? Would he lose everything in the end? It's a risk he's willing to take, knowing full well that if it works out it will be the ultimate freedom. 
    This SERIES reads as an EPIC SAGA. There is a story line woven in the books. It starts with the love story between Jagger and Violet (BOOK ONE) and then BUILDS up (BOOK TWO) to a MENAGE ROMANCE (BOOK THREE). It's a MMF story. There are five books in total. All of them are AVAILABLE. 
    This is NOT a stereotypical romance nor formulaic. The layered story explores (in depth) the emotions between these three people and their dynamic, and also why they end up loving each other. If you're not interested in the story or the build up or the dynamic in general, please take this into account. This series might not be for you. 
    PLEASE NOTE: As with all books that are part of a series and not standalone novels, cliffhangers should be expected. No matter how beautifully a volume ends, the conclusion only comes in the final book at the end of the Series.
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