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Taken by Two Doctors - Taken - cover

Taken by Two Doctors - Taken

Jasmine Black

Publisher: Jan Springer

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Waitress Jean Spelling visits her controversial doctor once a month for some much-needed…stress relief. She looks forward to putting her feet up in the stirrups and enjoys Dr. Ball’s naughty unconventional treatments. This time when she arrives, she’s surprised to discover that she’ll be physically examined by two doctors and they’ll prescribe her some much-needed stress release right there on the examination table! 
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    First Time Alone: 4 Erotica Stories

    Isa Adam

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    "Hey, I was wondering if you had plans tonight?" I asked. 
    "Nope, hoping to spend time with you though."
    This is 4 Erotica Stories Collection.
    1. Helping His Next Door Neighbor
    2. Attractive Cab Driver
    3. Best Friend’s Wedding
    4. Blind Date
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  • Hotwife Lexi Takes The Challenge - Book 1 of "The Hotwife Dare Bucket Challenge" - cover

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    When Hunter and Lexi’s relationship gets stale, he suggests spicing things up with a Dare Bucket. Half the dares are intensely sexual. Once a week, they draw a random card…and the racy hotwife excitement begins! Can Lexi handle a thrilling affair with a stunning blonde lesbian while she’s being roughly used by a sexy black bull?
    ~~~~~ Excerpt ~~~~~
    Take me out for dinner at the restaurant of my choosing. Pick me up as though we were on a real date.
    “How about, since you’re seeing Heather Monday, we put this off until next Saturday night? That’ll give me time to make reservations and get everything ready. This will be the first time we’ve agreed to postpone a card,” I said.Lexi agreed and gave me the name of the restaurant she wanted for our date. Of course, it was the best in the area, as well as the most difficult to get reservations. I called them immediately, my timing was perfect, they’d just had a cancellation on the following Saturday. A few minutes either way and we wouldn’t have made it for months.Lexi had a hard time sleeping Sunday night, she was too excited about seeing Heather again. She woke me around 2:00 to make love with her.
    She played with me until I was awake and ready and then rolled on her side facing away from me and pulled her knees up to her chest. She was like a vacuum sucking me inside her warm, wet depths.“You’re turned on thinking about Heather, aren’t you?” I asked.
    “Yes,” Lexi’s voice was soft as she ground back at me.“Are you thinking about kissing her?”
    “Would you like to be kissing her while I’m making love with you?” I was keeping my pace even.
    “Oh Hunter … yes!”
    “Or maybe you’d like to be doing something dirtier instead.”
    “Oh … I’m going to ...”
    “Your tongue on her while I make love with you.”
    “Ahhhhhh,” Lexi exploded.
    I didn’t finish, I was throbbed as watched her.
    “Why didn’t you finish?” Lexi had propped herself up on one elbow, looking down at me. My eyes were drawn to the erotic sight of her full breasts.
    “I want you to be clean for tonight,” I said.
    “No, really,” Lexi wasn’t buying.
    “I want to be so horny for you when you get home tonight, I want to make love with you as you tell me what happened, and I’ll just continue all night,” I wasn’t exaggerating.
    Lexi lowered her mouth to me. “I won’t go if you don’t want me to,” she said taking me in her mouth after grinning up at me.
    “I … oh … want you … to go,” I managed to say before urging Lexi away.
    I lay panting as she walked to the bathroom. I still wanted her when she returned.
    “I’ll tell you everything that happens,” she said lightly touching me. “And then I’ll make love with my husband.” She gave me a soft, lingering kiss before turning the light off and going back to sleep.
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  • My First Time With Daddy: taboo incest daddy daughter father daughter daddy daughter erotica father daughter erotica creampie bareback first time impregnation pregnancy breeding family sex - cover

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    Then, without any warning, he plunged inside my pussy. His dick snapped my hymen and I felt and sharp pain that made me moan loudly.
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    The heat rises as the temperature drops in this new entry in the Cheating Holidays series! Stacy invites her sister, April, and her handsome black husband Tomas over for a New Years celebration. After spending the past year trying to forget the unforgettable night she spent with Tomas, Stacy struggles to suppress her boiling passions. Tomas, eager to have her underneath him again, takes the lead and seduces her.But the two can't keep their affair a secret any longer as Bill, Stacy's husband, stumbles on them in the heat of the moment. But much to Stacy's surprise, Bill isn't horrified, but is strangely aroused. Tomas invites him to join them in bed so he could show him how much more he can pleasure his wife than he can.Keep hot in the cold with this blistering 5000 word story!This story contains: Interracial romance Cheating wife Cuckold husband Humiliation and degradation Threesome Secret affair
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  • Taboo Inc Sex Mix 1 : 20 Pack Erotica Mega Bundle (Virgins Breeding MILFS Age Gap Threesome Lactation) - Taboo Inc Sex Mix #1 - cover

    Taboo Inc Sex Mix 1 : 20 Pack...

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    The 'Taboo Inc. Sex Mix' is brought to you by your favorite erotica authors.  This 20 story collection features sinful virgins, seductive milfs, kinky lactation, depraved threesomes and naughty breeding fun between age-gap couples and trios. 
    This Adults Only bundle comprises over 70,000 words of descriptive, well written, spine-tingling erotica that you'll have to read alone.  There's something for everyone - don't miss out! 
    Stories Include: 
    1. Doctors Hucow 
    2. Farmer's Milk-Maid 
    3. Hitchhiker's Thirst 
    4. Doctor Milked My Breasts 
    5. His Seed Inside Me 
    6. Pumped Full of His Seed 
    7. The Boss Did It Inside Me 
    8. My Fairground Internal 
    9. His & Her Surprise 
    10. His Hospital Threesomes 
    11. Taking His Love While She Watches 
    12. Taken By Both of Them at the Beach 
    13. I Claimed Him After Ballet 
    14. He Finished Inside Me In The Gym 
    15. Virgin In My Car 
    16. Claimed Through the Glory Hole 
    17. My First Internal 
    18. His Hot Finish in My Virgin Sex 
    19. Catching Him and Claiming Him 
    20. Bred In The Cell
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  • William - cover


    Sam Crescent

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    Time is running out.  He promised to keep her safe, he promised to protect her. William Valentine failed. On the night his father was murdered, the same wolf took Katie from him. The one and only surviving witch…or is she?  Katie White is going to die. She can feel it. Her determination and thoughts of William are what is making her fight to stay alive. But time is running out.  An old foe from William's past is determined to see Katie finished.  Will William make it in time?  The Valentines-the war has only just begun.  Reader Advisory: This book is the second in a series and contains scenes of kidnap and violence.
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