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Crediting Callie: Part one - Crediting Callie #1 - cover

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Crediting Callie: Part one - Crediting Callie #1

Paige Rion

Publisher: Paige Rion

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Part 1 of a 2 part series. 
With a killer job in the works and a diploma just months away, soon-to-be-graduate Callie Cartwright is at the top of her game. Or so she thought. 
Her champagne tastes on a beer budget come back to haunt her, when her employer gives her an ultimatum that leaves her scrambling to make money. Fast. 
Dean Michaels has everything going for him. He's a manager at the local coffee shop, a sophomore in college, star of the university basketball team, and don’t forget, gorgeous. The only thing he’s missing is the girl of his dreams to make his world complete. And he's finally ready to go after her. The only problem: it's his sister's best friend he's crushing on. 
When Callie concocts a crazy plan to make a quick buck and pay down her mountainous debt, Dean's feelings go into overdrive. It's time to show her how he feels. But can he make her see him as more than a brother? 
*This is a sweet romance with minor sexual innuendos. Originally a four part short series, the books have been combined to make it a full-length two part series!*