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Kansas Dreams: The Complete Planting Dreams Series - Planting Dreams #4 - cover

Kansas Dreams: The Complete Planting Dreams Series - Planting Dreams #4

Linda K. Hubalek

Publisher: Butterfield Books Inc.

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Kansas Dreams contains all three books in the Planting Dreams series. 
Book 1, Planting Dreams: A Swedish Immigrant's Journey to America, 1868-1869. 
Can you imagine starting a journey to an unknown country in 1868, not knowing what the country would be like, where you would live, or how you would survive? Did you make the right decision to leave in the first place? 
This first book in the Planting Dreams series portrays Swedish immigrant Charlotta Johnson (author Linda Hubalek’s ancestor), as she ponders the decision to leave her homeland, travel to America, and worries about her family’s future in a new country. 
Each chapter is written as a thought-provoking story as the family travels to a new country to find a new life. 
Why did this family leave? Drought scorched the farmland of Sweden and there was no harvest to feed families or livestock. Taxes were due and there was little money to pay them. But there were ships sailing to America, where the government gave land to anyone who wanted to claim a homestead. 
Follow Charlotta and her family as they travel by ship and rail from Sweden, to their homestead on the open plains of Kansas. 
Book 2, Cultivating Hope: Homesteading on the Great Plains, 1869-1886. 
Can you imagine being isolated in the middle of treeless grassland with only a dirt roof over your head? Having to feed your children with whatever wild plants or animals you could find living on the prairie? 
Sweating to plow the sod, plant the seed, cultivate the crop—only to lose it all by a hailstorm right before you harvest it? 
This second book in the Planting Dreams series portrays Swedish immigrant Charlotta Johnson as she and her husband build a farmstead on the Kansas prairie. 
This family faced countless challenges as they homestead on America’s Great Plains during the 1800's. Years of hard work develop the land and improve the quality of life for her family- but not with a price. 
Book 3, Harvesting Faith: Life on the Changing Prairie, 1886-1919. 
Imagine surveying your farmstead on the last day of your life, reviewing the decades of joys, hardships, and changes that have taken place on the eighty acres you have called home for the past fifty years. Would you feel at peace or find remorse at the decisions that took place in your life? 
This third book in the Planting Dreams series portrays Charlotta Johnson as she recalls the events that shaped her family’s destiny. A mixture of fact and fiction, based on the author’s family, this book reviews the events that shaped this Swedish immigrants family as her children reached adulthood and had families of their own. 
Join Charlotta as she reminisces about the important places and events in her past as she bids farewell to her mortal life on the Kansas prairie.

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    Summary of A Mother’s Reckoning by Sue Klebold | Includes Analysis
    In her memoir A Mother’s Reckoning, Sue Klebold struggles
    to come to terms with her son Dylan’s role in the infamous
    Columbine High School shooting. Writing 16 years after the
    shooting, she reflects on when and where things went wrong
    for Dylan—and how she and her husband, who were loving
    parents, could have missed the warning signs.
    Klebold’s story begins with the voicemail that changed
    her life. At lunchtime on April 20, 1999, in her office in
    Littleton, Colorado, she listened to a cryptic message from
    her husband, Tom. Though she intuited that something
    had happened to one of their two children, she had no
    way of knowing that Dylan was already a murderer.
    Returning Tom’s call, she had what would be the
    first of many vague and unsatisfying conversations that
    day. Her husband knew there had been a shooting at
    Columbine, Dylan’s high school, but little else...
    PLEASE NOTE: This is summary and analysis of the book and NOT the original book.
    Inside this Instaread Summary of A Mother’s Reckoning:
    Summary of the book
    Important People
    Character Analysis
    Analysis of the Themes and Author’s Style
    About the Author
    With Instaread, you can get the key takeaways, summary and analysis of a book in 15 minutes. We read every chapter, identify the key takeaways and analyze them for your convenience.
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