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Lombard Street: a description of the money market - cover

Lombard Street: a description of the money market

Walter Bagehot

Publisher: Project Gutenberg

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Available since: 08/01/2003.

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  • The American Stimulus Program - Empowering Citizens To Create Economic Stimulus Every Week - cover

    The American Stimulus Program -...

    Michael Palser

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    There is No Such Thing as Free Money 
    The United States is currently experiencing a recession triggered by a worldwide pandemic. The economic fallout has been extensive, resulting in lost jobs, lost businesses, and lost hope. Congress has been reluctant to pass stimulus packages while Americans suffer. The Federal Reserve keeps printing money to prop us up. We realize that this continued injection of currency into our economy will inevitably result in higher taxes, more regulations, and less buying power for each dollar that we earn. There is no such thing as free money. 
    We are helpless to slow the decrease of economic damage when a recession occurs. We need a new approach! We need a financial tool that will ensure consistent consumer spending, infuse federal and state tax bases, reduce taxation, and strengthen our economy. We have discovered that new stimulus is the quickest, most powerful, and useful tool to get our economy back on track. We need the American Stimulus Program! 
    The Right Tool for The Job 
    Through the American Stimulus Program, we can rebuild, reshape, and reestablish the United States economy through Covid-19 and after that. This tool creates a unique balance of distributing disposable income directly to the people of our respective states while also providing the opportunity of enriching ourselves! 
    The ASP can produce billions of dollars to substitute for lost earnings. It will help millions who are drowning in worry and debt. We can lift ourselves up and catapult our economy back to where it was and help it grow. The American Stimulus Program is simple, transparent, powerful, and fun! 
    A Big Idea Financed by Spare Change 
    We can take a small sliver of our disposable income and funnel it together to stimulate and strengthen our economy's most vital component: consumer spending. We could take some of our spare change to build up our economy. This Program ensures stimulus each week effectively, efficiently, and without any political bias. The American Stimulus Program will put cold hard cash into the hands of hundreds of thousands of Americans each week! 
    What if the money to drive America's economy did not dry up during economic declines? What if there was a constant influx of currency to the American people that was not an artificial stimulus created by the Federal Government? How could we do that, and what would it look like? The answer is the American Stimulus Program!
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  • LEADERSHIP SKILLS - How to Become the Person Others Will Want to Follow - cover



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    Do you want to learn how to be a better leader, the kind of leader that people turn to no matter how bad the situation is? 
    Leadership is a skill like any other meaning that with the right discipline it can be learned. This book will teach you step by step how to be a better leader in every situation. You’ll learn how to be the kind of leader that is respected and looked up to in and out of the office. 
    Leadership skills are some of the most in demand skills there are. Because they show that not only can you work as part of a team, but you aren’t afraid to take charge when it’s time to get the job done. Learning how to be a better leader can drastically change your life as leadership skills are the same skills that help us to decide who we think is worth listening to or not. 
    What is inside this book: 
    ·      How to be a leader through persuasion and influence using soft skills 
    ·      How to achieve success in any situation by using social engineering techniques 
    ·      How to influence people to do what you want every time 
    ·      How to mirror body language and use it to gain trust and build rapport 
    ·      How to increase self discipline 
    ·      How to set real leadership goals and achieve them 
    And so much more! 
    Learning how to become a real leader will change your life for the better, no matter what stage in life you currently are. It will make you feel more confident and help you stand out in every social situation. 
    If you are serious about learning how to become the type of leader that everyone looks up to then you need to get this book today!
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  • The Road to Prosperity - How to Grow Our Economy and Revive the American Dream - cover

    The Road to Prosperity - How to...

    Lawrence Kudlow, Patrick J. Toomey

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    The Road to Prosperity will be a concise and powerful argument for the principles and policies required to grow the American economy. Written by Patrick Toomey, president of the influential Club for Growth, the book will champion a low-tax, limited government agenda. The book will be written in a non-technical, anecdotal manner and will be designed to contribute political dialogue about the future of the American economy following the 2008 election. The book is divided into three parts. Part One will explain the principles and beliefs underlying the low-tax/limited government agenda; Part Two will describe the legislative and policy changes required to encourage long-term economic growth; and Part Three will argue that a pro-growth approach provides the best foundation for solving problems such as Social Security insolvency and for generating economic opportunities for all Americans. Specific agenda items to be advanced in the book include: tax and spending cuts; expansion of free trade; privatizing social security; reducing lawsuits; expanding school choice; and resisting further government regulation of the economy. Timely in its prescriptions for the U.S. economy and timeless in its articulation of free market principles, this is a book that will have enormous appeal to economic and political conservatives.
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  • Subscription Marketing - Strategies for Nurturing Customers in a World of Churn - cover

    Subscription Marketing -...

    Anne Janzer

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    Subscriptions are shifting revenues and reshaping markets, and changing our expectations for how we buy things.Have you changed your marketing practices to thrive in this new reality?Subscription Marketing offers creative marketing strategies for sustaining the customer relationships that build long-term success. This book is a practical guide for marketers, start-up executives, customer success management professionals, and executives of establishing businesses adopting or transitioning to a subscription-based model.Completely revised and expanded to reflect the growing Subscription EconomyThis completely revised, expanded second edition includes:
    Updated research and case studies reflecting the rapid growth of subscription-based businesses
    Real-world examples of effective value nurturing strategies
    The risks and challenges of subscription marketing
    If your business has a recurring revenue component, you'll want to pay attention to how well you're nurturing subscribers after the sale. This book gives everything you need to align marketing with changing expectations of your customers.
    An Author's Republic audio production.
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  • Business Intelligence - cover

    Business Intelligence

    Jeremy Voss

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    Business Intelligence: The Ultimate Guide to Business Planning and Strategies by a Business Coach, Learn the Benefits of Hiring a Business Coach on How It Can Make Your Online Business a Success Everything in the world of business and entrepreneurship is getting more and more competitive these days. Sometimes, it may be difficult to keep up with the latest marketing innovations and trends to make sure your business stays afloat. This is where hiring a business coach will be truly important and quite frankly, necessary. No matter the size of your business, may it be small or medium-sized, it would truly benefit from hiring a business coach.A business coach is better than a consultant because they usually have many years of successful experience and they can give you valuable insight and strategies that can help you formulate your plans to ensure the success of your business. They can also give you a different perspective that you might not have entertained. This audiobook will teach you all about what a business coach is and what they can do for your business.This audiobook will discuss some of the following topics: - Reasons You Should Use a Business Coach to Get Results- How Business Coaching Works- What is Business Coaching and How Can It Benefit Your Business- A Look at the Different Coaching Styles- Coaching Models for the WorkplaceSome may think that hiring a business coach is a luxury or an unnecessary expense for the company but if you want to elevate your business and make sure it stays for many many years to come, consider hiring a business coach n investment that can help you realize your dreams.If you want to learn more on what a business coach can do for you and your business, scroll up and click "add to cart" now.
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  • Facebook Marketing - Social Media Strategy Guide for Optimizing Your Facebook Advertising Page Getting Lots of Likes and Creating Ads That Produce Powerful Results for Your Business - cover

    Facebook Marketing - Social...

    Paul Robbins

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    You know you need to master Facebook ads to really generate serious revenue, but how can you maximize the return on your investment? 
    There are billions of Facebook users, constantly plugging in data so that you can better reach them. But you have to learn how to access these people properly so they can easily find you, and buy from you. 
    At best you can capture the attention of your target audience with the ideal strategically formulated message that will catch their attention. 
    Without this knowledge you can easily bankrupt your business by spending your money on ads that don’t add up to sales. 
    In Facebook Marketing, you will learn how to: 
    ·      Master Facebook Advertising to maximize your ROI 
    ·      Use the best strategies for marketing on Facebook 
    ·      Identify and target your ideal audience 
    ·      Boost your visibility, traffic, and conversions 
    ·      Get powerful, tangible results 
    ·      Harness the tools, support and marketing know-how of the pros 
    ·      Engage your audience and keep them hungry for more 
    Your ideal customers are eagerly waiting for you to make your move. 
    Start marketing properly so you can reap the rewards: buy this book now!
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