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The Congo and Other Poems - cover

The Congo and Other Poems

Vachel Lindsay

Publisher: DigiCat

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Vachel Lindsay's 'The Congo, and Other Poems' is a powerful collection of poems that highlight the author's unique literary style known as 'singing poetry,' where the poems are meant to be performed aloud. The book delves into themes of African culture, nature, and social injustices, particularly focusing on the exploitation of the Congo by European colonial powers. Lindsay's vivid imagery and rhythmic language transport the reader to a world filled with emotion and intensity, making each poem a captivating experience. Set within the context of the early 20th century, Lindsay's work reflects the growing interest in cultural diversity and social issues during this time. Vachel Lindsay, known for his advocacy of African American culture and his ability to merge poetry with performance art, was inspired to write 'The Congo, and Other Poems' as a response to the colonization of Africa and the need for social reform. This book is highly recommended for readers interested in exploring the intersection of poetry, performance, and social commentary, providing a unique and thought-provoking literary experience.
Available since: 09/15/2022.
Print length: 42 pages.

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  • Conversational Phrases Afrikaans Audiobook - Level 1 - Absolute Beginner - cover

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    Are you trying to learn Afrikaans…but having trouble speaking? 
    Do you struggle coming up with your own Afrikaans sentences? 
    Are you tired of not understanding how Afrikaans grammar works? 
    If you answered yes to any of these questions, … 
    ...then the Conversational Phrases Audiobook, Level 1 - Absolute Beginner is for you! 
    In this beginner-level Audiobook, you will master over 25 common sentence patterns across 25 simple lessons. By the end, you’ll be able to ask common questions and answer them in your own way, all while acquiring over 100 Afrikaans words.  
    Most importantly, you’ll be able to have real conversations in various social situations. 
    How, you may ask? Each lesson introduces a new conversation reflecting a real-world situation, including casual chats between friends as well as dialogues in more formal settings. Learning is made easy with three simple steps: 
    1. Get familiar: First, you get a sample conversation and its translation. 
    2. Understand: Then, we explain an underlying sentence pattern, so you can grasp the grammar and actually understand how the Afrikaans works. 
    3. Practice: Lastly, you create your own responses… and start speaking Afrikaans! 
    Lessons in this audiobook include: 
    - Going Sightseeing 
    - Going to a Restaurant 
    - Giving Directions 
    - Going to the Movies 
    - Renting an Apartment 
    And much more! 
    Conversational Phrases Audiobook, Level 1 - Absolute Beginner contains: 
    - 25 Lessons  
    - 4 Hours+ of Content 
    - 1 Core Pattern Per Lesson 
    - 100+ Afrikaans Vocabulary Words 
    - 28 Page Accompanying PDF eBook 
    Download the PDF and read along:
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