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The Big Book of Illinois Ghost Stories - cover

The Big Book of Illinois Ghost Stories

Troy Taylor

Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield Publishers

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More than 100 stories from haunted locales across the Prairie State. Compiled by Illinois's best-known author on the paranormal, Troy Taylor.
Available since: 06/14/2023.
Print length: 389 pages.

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  • 100 Facts About Giving - Maximizing the influence behind 'Giving-Released Blessings' through the divine principle of giving and receiving - cover

    100 Facts About Giving -...

    Dr Emmanuel Marboah

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    This book '100 Facts About Giving' was birthed out of prayer; and it is the very first piece of work of the author, which is full of Spirit-filled nuggets and facts. The book actually seeks to uncover all the benefits which accompany the act of giving, and also to address all the countless controversial questions and issues which confront it. Such as why is it that I give but I do not receive as I should? Is giving compulsory? Is tithing compusory for the New Testament believer of God? I am afraid to give because the world is full of evil etc. Yes, the assurance is that, people with such mind-baffling questions are not far from knowing the truth, because the book has provided the right answers to such questions, backed with bible scriptures to address them accordingly, and also to make it safe and balanced for the listener. The ultimate goal of the author is to see you begin and continue to receive heavenly window blessings through the power of giving. He also believes that giving, which in some versions of the bible is translated as kindness or charity, as captured in Galatians 5:22, ‘’But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, Longsuffering, kindness, Faithfulness,’’ should not only be a part and parcel of some persons, but it should rather be accepted by all as God-given timeless opportunity to bless all those who willingly practise it in season and out of season. In the final analysis, the author hopes to achieve the following;   
    1. Those who once were givers will be inspired again, and remember their first love with zeal in the ministry of giving;   
    2. Those who currently practise the act of giving will be better encouraged to continue to do so without ceasing.  
    3. Finally, to inspire and challenge new souls to join this divine club of givers. Stay blessed! 
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  • ADHD - Master Your Attention and Ignore Distractions - cover

    ADHD - Master Your Attention and...

    Heather Foreman

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    This is a 3-book bundle, which addresses various subtopics, including but not limited to these: 
    Book 1: ADHD is a condition in the brain many people are somewhat familiar with. 
    However, when it comes to the specifics, the majority of us are still left in the dark. The main essence of ADHD is missing when people just think that you’re hyperactive and unfocused. There is way more to it. And not only is so much more to say about the causes of ADHD, but about the consequences as well. 
    For example, people with ADHD are more prone to addictions or suicide. There is medication for ADHD, but there are also other methods that can help contain the symptoms of the disorder. Moreover, people with ADHD can have specific strengths, too, that other people are lacking. 
    For all these reasons and more, the author of this book has decided to address some of these issues and give you a better grasp of what ADHD is, where it comes from, and what it means in someone’s everyday life. 
    Book 2: There are many misconceptions about ADHD. We are here to sort them out. 
    In this book, various topics will be included, like: 
    Children with ADHD versus grownups with ADHD. 
    Diagnosis analysis and thoughts about the dangers or benefits. 
    The question of whether or not ADHD can disappear in a person as he/she grows older. 
    And many other subtopics. 
    Book 3: What is executive function? 
    Can video games help people with ADHD? 
    Questions like these have been researched and put together in this book. You will learn about many aspects of ADHD and the side effects of the condition that you may have never heard of before. 
    If that is you, then I encourage you to start reading or listening to this book.
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  • Self-Discipline & Social Skills - 2 in 1 Bundle - cover

    Self-Discipline & Social Skills...

    Richard Hawkins

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    DISCOVER HOW TO TRAIN YOUR BRAIN FOR IMMEDIATE ACTION, CONFIDENCE AND SELF-CONTROL!In life, it’s difficult to avoid the impulsive convenient urge to put off stuff and to miss out on important commitments. It’s equally difficult to avoid negative thoughts and overthinking at this day and age.If that has been causing a constant overwhelming feeling, you are about to learn how to put an end to all that, to turn your life around, for good!What really elevates a regular person to superhero status is the laser-sharp focus, perseverance, and the ability to communicate correctly with yourself and the others when everyone else would have quit.This book has a simple goal, teach you the right mindset and habits you need to adopt to stop putting off things, to be more disciplined, improve your social skills, and get the life you deserve.You’ll learn:•	How to get your willpower muscle to work•	How to build self-control and make fast decisions•	The universal rules of self-discipline to improve your social life•	How to develop the right mindset to get things done•	How to deal with negative emotionsWould you like to know more?CLICK BUY NOW WITH 1-CLICK TO GET STARTED TODAY!
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  • Raising Boys in Today’s Digital World - Proven Positive Parenting Tips for Raising Respectful Successful and Confident Boys - cover

    Raising Boys in Today’s Digital...

    Bukky Ekine-Ogunlana

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    Scared your young men will get themselves in trouble? Learn methods to help them stay on the right path for life. 
    Worried your maturing son will lose respect for adults? Eager to make sure your little one doesn’t get in with the wrong crowd? Looking for ways to mentor boys to achieve their highest potential? Parenting expert, education specialist, and mother of three Bukky Ekine-Ogunlana knows what it takes to help those innocent and undeveloped males become morally steady. Now she’s here to share how to navigate them through overstimulation, social media addiction, and the challenges of school to turn into fine young lads. 
    Raising Boys in Today’s Digital World is a straightforward resource aimed at parents of growing males who want to instill strong values. Packed with examples from experts, powerful anecdotes, and well-grounded research, Ekine-Ogunlana takes you by the hand at every step of their early lives. And by working on core principles, honesty, and love, you’ll soon be seeing the upright man shining bright from inside your child. 
    In Raising Boys in Today’s Digital World, you’ll discover:How to teach foundational morals that will foster their success in lifeWhat to do if your boy has ADHD and how to help them integrate with othersTime-tested methods for helping your son excel, handling poor grades, staying motivated, and much, much more! 
    Raising Boys in Today’s Digital World is every caregiver’s secret sauce for getting those little men in line and is part of the Raising Kids in a Digital World series. If you like concrete advice, modern strategies, and ethically sound tactics, then you’ll appreciate Bukky’s heartfelt guide.Buy Raising Boys in Today’s Digital World to show them how to walk the right road now!
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  • Naughty Times: An Erotic Lesbian Romance - Boxed Set #4 (The Ellis Chronicles) - cover

    Naughty Times: An Erotic Lesbian...

    T.E. Robbens

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    Boxed set of books 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22 & 23 of The Ellis Chronicles. 
    NAUGHTY LYNN (book 17) 
    Ellis struggles to deal with Lynn moving to Lexington, not wanting to lose her new love. Katie tries to console Ellis now that Lynn is gone, but Ellis refuses to fall for Katie's attempts and spends a steamy weekend in Lynn's bed. 
    NAUGHTY PILLOW TALK (book 18) 
    Ellis contemplates joining Lynn in Kentucky after a romantic weekend, but Katie and Paula seem to have other plans for her. Ellis helps pass their time apart by leaving Lynn a surprise for some very naughty phone sex. 
    NAUGHTY VISITS (book 19) 
    Lynn visits Ellis in Georgia for a romantic weekend of long sleepless nights and multiple orgasms, asking her to move to Kentucky in the throws of passion. Katie makes a bold attempt to win Ellis back to her bed. 
    NAUGHTY WEEKEND FUN (book 20) 
    Ellis visits Lynn in Lexington to search for a job and squeeze in all the naughty fun a weekend can hold. A hot steamy weekend of fun and sex come to a halt when Ellis has to tell Lynn the truth about Katie's sexual escapades. 
    NAUGHTY TEACHER'S PET (book 21) 
    Ellis' makes plans to move to Lexington to be with Lynn, but word of her move has Katie scheming to win her back. Lynn comes for a weekend visit, playing Ellis' naughty teacher she grades her on her naughty ways. 
    Ellis checks in on Katie at Pam's request and is shocked to find Katie lying in wait naked. Katie's actions spur some very naughty flashbacks that leave Ellis heated. Ellis' mood leads to a very steamy night for Ellis and Lynn. 
    NAUGHTY GOODBYES (book23) 
    As Ellis prepares for the move to Lexington to be with Lynn, she is teased by Katie and taunted by a flirtatious Paula wanting a naughty goodbye. 
    Ellis finally gets to Lexington and surprises Lynn with some very hot shower sex.
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  • The Lion House - The Coming of a King - cover

    The Lion House - The Coming of a...

    Christopher deBellaigue

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    "Christopher de Bellaigue has a magic talent for writing history. It is as if we are there as the era of Suleyman the Magnificent unfolds." —Orhan Pamuk, Winner of the Nobel Prize for Literature Narrated through the eyes of the intimates of Suleyman the Magnificent, the sixteenth-century sultan of the Ottoman Empire, The Lion House animates with stunning immediacy the fears and stratagems of those brought into orbit around him: the Greek slave who becomes his Grand Vizier, the Venetian jewel dealer who acts as his go-between, the Russian consort who becomes his most beloved wife.Within a decade and a half, Suleyman held dominion over twenty-five million souls, from Baghdad to the walls of Vienna, and with the help of his brilliant pirate commander Barbarossa placed more Christians than ever before or since under Muslim rule. And yet the real drama takes place in close-up: in small rooms and whispered conversations, behind the curtain of power, where the sultan sleeps head to toe with his best friend and eats from wooden spoons with his baby boy.In The Lion House, Christopher de Bellaigue tells not just the story of rival superpowers in an existential duel, nor of one of the most consequential lives in human history, but of what it means to live in a time when a few men get to decide the fate of the world.A Macmillan Audio production from Farrar, Straus and Giroux.
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