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Deception - cover


Torie Grace

Publisher: Torie Grace

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This book is a standalone, complete story. No Cliffhangers. HFN. Multiple POV.
The Possessive Collection is about dangerous men and the women who become the object of their obsessions.
Amanda couldn’t wait to get up to the mountain. Fresh air with some peace and quiet were exactly what she needed in this vacation. But, she didn’t get the vacation she had hoped for. Going to that mountain was her first mistake. The second was trespassing on Jakob’s land.
Jakob lived on the mountain and didn’t care for visitors. Especially tourists. But, when he saw a pretty little black-haired beauty skinny dipping in the lake, things changed. He was a natural hunter, and he had just spotted his prey.
This book is subtitled as Book One under this collection. However, each book is standalone and not related to each other in their storylines. They are published under the ‘Possessive Collection’ title so that readers can quickly identify my books that share the genre of Dark/Taboo Romance.
This book is in the Dark/Taboo romance genre. It contains subject matter that some readers may find disturbing.
Due to the content, this book is intended for adults 18 years and older.

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    My girlfriend said she wanted an open relationship. She said she wanted me to bang her best friend.
    Wow, that was a surprise!
    What she didn’t tell me was that her best friend her her daddy’s prized mare.
    "It's okay, no one's home!" 18-year-old Jenny grabbed my hand and led me out to the barn. She let all her father's horses out to pasture except their prized mare, Cleo.
    "I don't know about this," I waffled as I followed the farmer's daughter out to the barn. Jenny and I were dating and she thought it would be fun to do something completely forbidden: fuck a mare.
    "Mom and pop are at church. They won't be home for another hour." She clapped her hands excitedly. "I've messed around with her before, but you can take it a step further."
    My hands literally shook from contemplating her proposal. Fucking a mare's pussy? That was sick, wasn't it? A beast? An animal?
    Strangely, the thought excited me. A mare's pussy? Hell, I was a city slicker. I'd never even seen a mare's pussy. But to stick my dick in one? With my hot girlfriend watching and helping?
    Yeah, this was going to be a blast.
    As long as we didn't get caught by her parents. Holy fuck that would end badly. They were good church-going Christians. They'd be livid if they saw me balls-deep in their prized mare's tight cunt.
    "She's right in here." Jenny led me into the dimly-lit barn. "Come on!" She beckoned me inside and shut the stall door so we could have some privacy.
    "There she is!" She pointed to a nice-looking, brown-haired, sleek thoroughbred. She whinnied in greeting and Jenny threw her arms around her and hugged her tightly. "She was my first riding horse. Her and I grew up together."
    She leaned over and whispered in my ear. "That's why I want to share my mate with her."
    I shook my head. Crazy horse ladies.
    "Here..." Jenny knew I was a complete novice when it came to farm animals. She grabbed my hand and put it on Cleo's withers. Wow, she felt so soft. I expected her to feel leathery, but Cleo had some winter fur. "Now stroke her softly. Whisper in her ear that you love her."
    I looked at my girlfriend like she'd gone crazy.
    Jenny laughed. "It's okay, Cleo and I share everything."
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    	Being in a relationship with Cunningham, Jonathan and Nolan is more intense than Elle ever expected. When Elle has a chance to talk with their ex, the woman’s warning is impossible to misunderstand: Run before your world gets torn apart!
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