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Taboo Inc Sex Mix 1 : 20 Pack Erotica Mega Bundle - cover

Taboo Inc Sex Mix 1 : 20 Pack Erotica Mega Bundle

Tori Westwood, Nicki Menage, Kimmy Welsh, Kelli Cougar

Publisher: Publishdrive

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The 'Taboo Inc. Sex Mix' is brought to you by your favorite erotica authors.  This 20 story collection features sinful virgins, seductive milfs, kinky lactation, depraved threesomes and naughty breeding fun between age-gap couples and trios.

This Adults Only bundle comprises over 73,000 words of descriptive, well written, spine-tingling erotica that you'll have to read alone.  There's something for everyone - don't miss out!

Stories Include:

1. Doctors Hucow

2. Farmer's Milk-Maid

3. Hitchhiker's Thirst

4. Doctor Milked My Breasts

5. His Seed Inside Me

6. Pumped Full of His Seed

7. The Boss Did It Inside Me

8. My Fairground Internal

9. His & Her Surprise

10. His Hospital Threesomes

11. Taking His Love While She Watches

12. Taken By Both of Them at the Beach

13. I Claimed Him After Ballet

14. He Finished Inside Me In The Gym

15. Virgin In My Car

16. Claimed Through the Glory Hole

17. My First Internal

18. His Hot Finish in My Virgin Sex

19. Catching Him and Claiming Him

20. Bred In The Cell
Available since: 07/08/2018.

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    Emma Carling works a stupid, stressful office job in London. She can't stand her mean cow of a boss. Sex? The slender brunette may be stunning, but for the last couple of years she’s just been trying to survive! And she doesn’t do one-night stands. Well, not often. Kink? Certainly nothing she'd trouble to mention. Experimenting with women - never! She’s from a decent family after all. She’s a good girl. 
    Then comes a life-changing moment. She tells her manager where to go and storms out of her job. Is it a huge mistake? As the dust settles and the realities of unemployment hit home, she’s full of doubt. Then a seriously wealthy friend of a friend hints that she’d make huge cash as a 'premium escort'. At first Emma is offended. Then she laughs it off. She’s so not that kind of girl. 
    But she can't help wondering what it’s like to be so wanted. Especially by the wealthy and the powerful. And when the rich Charles offers to pay for her to attend a secret, exclusive school in the English countryside for budding escorts, she finds herself saying 'yes'. 
    Can Emma shake off the shackles of her conservative upbringing? What sensual arts will she learn at this unusual school? Will she fall for the hand-picked staff? Or might her gorgeous classmates pique her interest? What happens if she transgresses? Can she live with her feisty peers…and can she live with herself? 
    Escort in Training has been a consistent erotica best-seller ever since its publication in 2015.  
    "We do come across some male authors who also know exactly what women want. Grey has found that niche in this heavily crowded market." - Amazon review by Shirley 
    "You might just learn something!" - Amazon review by CK
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    So don’t wait! If you’re looking for a new and unique erotic experience, then this collection is for you. With so many stories inside, you’re bound to find something you’ll love.Grab your copy now!
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    Caroline Johnson is a sexy and popular twenty-something college student full of facetious attitude. She doesn't give a shit about anything in school, especially her science professor, Michael Dawson.  She thinks he's just another a bland, boring professor. But after one shocking encounter Caroline is left speechless, breathless and soaked. Everything changes when Michael continues to show her the different and far more domineering, aggressive side to the man she only use to see as a nerdy loser. Turns out she can barely handle it, but badly wants it. 
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    The exciting journey into the shallows of the sexual development of the young waitress Jacqueline (24). The listener resides in her second therapy session with psychologist Dr. Karl Noslowski. In dialogue, he learns everything about her most intimate sex experiences and inclinations. Jacqueline G. suffers from a dangerous kind of exhibitionism. She wants to please all men for better or for worse. Not just to please - she wants to arouse them sexually. The psychotherapist Dr. Karl Noslowski has specialized in the therapy of sexual behavior disorders and has been treating Jacqueline for a week. It is the live recording of the second session. For this reason, the listener only gradually learns what triggered the patient's request for therapy. The suspense is fueled again and again by the sex therapist's precise questions about the patient's most intimate experiences. The listener embarks on a voyeuristic journey into the sexual experiences of the 24-year-old waitress in the present and in her past. The listener accompanies the young woman into the depths of her psycho-sexual development.This recording is part of the erotic thriller "Mirror of Insanity" by Robert B. Black.
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