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The Titanic Locket - cover

The Titanic Locket

Suzanne Weyn

Publisher: Scholastic Paperbacks

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A mysterious locket adds some chilling surprises to a family’s cruise in this spooky tale by the author of the Bar Code Trilogy. 
Don’t touch anything in The Haunted Museum! 
It looks like the high point of Samantha’s spring vacation is going to be a glimpse of a cute boy she sees at The Haunted Museum in England. She and her sister, Jessica, and their parents are taking a cruise on the Titanic 2, a replica of the original Titanic, and there’s not even wifi! At least the Titanic exhibit at the Haunted Museum had wax figures and beautiful jewels to look at. 
But from their first day, Samantha and Jessica notice strange things happening. Their cabin number keeps changing. There are creepy scratching sounds coming from between the walls. And a locket that Jess opened at the museum seems to be . . . following them. 
Is the locket haunted? Or could it be the ship itself? Are there actors in costume walking about the ship . . . or could they be ghosts? Why is Sam’s sister calling her by another name? Samantha will have to unravel the threads tying her and her sister to the past, or they could go down with the ship! 
Praise for The Titanic Locket 
“Weyn’s take on the infamous disaster is wholly original.” —Booklist, starred review 
“Hair-raising. . . . Weyn keeps unexpected chills coming, nimbly linking past and present with visits by the spirits of Titanic passengers. . . . A quick, jittery read.” —Publishers Weekly 
“Weyn ratchets up the eeriness . . . and quickly builds to a stormy climax.” —Kirkus Reviews 
“Told in gripping first-person narrative, this novel features interesting characters and creates a strong sense of time and place, while exploring the mysteries of the spirit world.” —School Library Journal
Available since: 04/29/2014.
Print length: 213 pages.

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    Mrs Sleep Is Running Late

    Halo Eigner Fernbach

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    Trying to fall asleep, or just looking for a good bedtime story? Have no worries, Mrs Sleep is here for the rescue! Join the extraordinary world of Mrs Sleep tonight
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