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Roland G Henin - 50 Years of Mentoring Great American Chefs - cover

Roland G Henin - 50 Years of Mentoring Great American Chefs

Susan Crowther

Publisher: Skyhorse Publishing

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Includes 50 interviews from world-renowned Master Chef Henin’s mentees and colleagues, including such renowned chefs as Thomas Keller, who contributes the Foreword, and Certified Master Chef Raimund Hofmeister, contributing the Afterword.

Chef Thomas Keller (The French Laundry and Per Se), Chef Raimund Hofmeister, and Chef Henin are committed to supporting publicity and promotion. Thomas Keller alone has 693,000 Twitter followers, 241,000 Instagram followers, and 112,600 FB likes.

Nancy Cocola, editor of The Culinary Institute of America’s Mise en Place magazine, will promote the book in their “New Alumni Releases” section.  The magazine reaches 50,000 alumni.  Kevin Ryan, Executive Director of the International Corporate Chefs Association, reaches thousands of chefs through the membership network of corporate chefs in the Top 200 multi-unit foodservice operations—the “Culinary Fortune 500.”  Ryan contributed an interview and has pledged his promotional support.  

Author studied with Chef Henin, which has allowed her unique access to him and his contacts for an inside look at his life.

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    101 Secrets For Weight Loss Success  
    And much, much more!  
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    Red Lion Mutton Pie
    Ale-Battered Fried Fish
    Truro Turnip Gratin
    Blueberry and Lemon Posset
    Cornwall Honey Spiced Morning Bread
    And more! 
    Learn to cook and eat like a miner, a ruthless banker, a scullery maid, or an heiress, and recreate the spirit of Poldark in your homely kitchen or dining hall!
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  • Jane Butel's Fiesta - cover

    Jane Butel's Fiesta

    Jane Butel

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    First published in 1987, this revised and updated edition of Jane Butel’s Fiesta! brings to life the spirit of a region where company is always welcome, where the flavors are always clear and strong, and where creativity finds no more satisfying outlet than in the kitchen. The recipes in this book include both traditional dishes and new interpretations of them. After a helpful introductory section on ingredients and basic preparations, Jane Butel presents a series of festive brunches, indoor or outdoor occasions that feature treats like Bloody Marias, fresh apricot preserves, and a ham and chile omelet rolled into a decorative pinwheel. A group of lunches and picnics includes a Texas Independence Day meal, and twelve special dinners range from a Cinco de Mayo celebration to a New Mexican buffet to an elaborate but simple formal dinner for four.
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    But Fiesta! is even more than its extraordinary food: it is a complete entertainment guide, offering “game plans” to help organize meals efficiently (including suggestions on what dishes can be made ahead of time), decorating tips that help create ideal settings, and plenty of other helpful hints. With Jane Butel as a guide, meals for fifty at a Texas-style barbecue—or for only two at a candlelit dinner—can be manageable as well as memorable.
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    Cozy mystery book lovers have been treated to a steady diet of scrumptious Angie Amalfi culinary mysteries since the mid-1990's. The books are a banquet of mostly Italian entrees and desserts, as befitting Angie Amalfi's heritage. In this cookbook, you'll findfifty fabulous dessert recipes, including an easy tiramisu, a simple cannoli, lots of biscotti, as well as a number of non-Italian but still mouth-watering recipes such as almond praline meringue cake, linzer torte, and even some French macarons. 
    The recipes and the whimsical watercolors that go along with them are derived from family favorites of the cookbook's author (the award-winning USA Today bestselling author of the Angie Amalfi mysteries) and its illustrator (an award-winning watercolor artist), who happen to be sisters. They hope this unique and easy-to-use cookbook will become a permanent part of any cookbook collection.
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