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Your Time With The Baton - Winning the Relay Race of Family Wealth Stewardship - cover

Your Time With The Baton - Winning the Relay Race of Family Wealth Stewardship

Steve Braverman

Publisher: Advantage Media Group

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A massive train of wealth transfer is bearing down on society, and it is not going to stop. During the next quarter century, the United States will experience the largest transfer of wealth in modern history. According to the financial consulting firm Cerulli Associates, over the next twenty-five years, forty - five million households will transfer an estimated $68.4 trillion to the next generation. If your family is among those participating in this transfer, there are many significant actions you need to take — because doing it well will affect the lives of everyone in your family and their descendants, and the life of our society as a whole. Effective wealth transfer requires intelligent dialogue with, and consideration for, each inheritor and the whole family. In Your Time with the Baton, Steve Braverman, a veteran wealth manager and man of wealth himself, provides you with an intimate perspective on how to make this happen.
Available since: 03/07/2023.
Print length: 112 pages.

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