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Wild Camping - Exploring and Sleeping in the Wilds of the UK and Ireland - cover

Wild Camping - Exploring and Sleeping in the Wilds of the UK and Ireland

Stephen Neale

Publisher: Adlard Coles

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From getting back to nature with a tent, some matches and a few litres of bottled water, to enjoying a pub dinner and camping out in the garden afterwards, this book shows how to get stuck into wild camping in all its forms. Beautiful wildernesses; tiny budgets; environmentally-friendly… What's not to like? 
There's an idea that wild camping is illegal in Britain, but it isn't – you just need to know the rules and where to go. This guide will open up this amazing experience for all, covering: 
  -       what is wild camping and why bother? 
  -       different types (biviing, tenting, hammocking, on the water) 
  -       what the law says (Scotland, England, Northern Ireland, Wales, Ireland, EU, waterways) 
  -       how many of the largest landowners in the UK are actively encouraging wild camping  
  -       getting started (vital equipment, where to go, when to go, safety) 
  -       drinking water and foraging for food  
  The bulk of the book (80%) features the best places to go in England, Wales, Ireland and Scotland, along with stories, tips, helpful maps and inspiring photos. This guide will give readers the knowledge and the inspiration to escape the noise, clutter and stress of day to day life and go wild.

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    Well done! 
    You are right! RV living makes every day of your life an adventure, it makes it an experience you will never forget; in short, it makes life worth living! 
    Still, there are a few things you should know before you set out on the road in your motor home, and this is what RV Lining: 28 Effective Techniques To Becoming a Fulltime Rver and Easy Tips for Achieving Your Dreams in a Motorhome is here for: this book will help you make the best of your experience while avoiding typical mistakes new RVers make with clear and practical tips and ideas. 
    Among other things you will find out: 
    -How to choose the best motor home; what matters, and the mistakes many people make. 
    -Where to stay, what to take into consideration when you choose a site for your motor home. 
    -The advantages and disadvantages of having a permanent residence or leading a nomadic life in your motor home, with practical tips for both. 
    -How to supplement your income while on the road. 
    -Lots of practical tips that can really make the difference in your new, free and exciting life!
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    In recognition of the Pulitzer Prize-winning author’s long and lauded career as a master essayist, a landmark collection, including her most beloved pieces and some rarely seen work, rigorously curated by the author herself. 
    “A writer who never seems tired, who has never plodded her way through a page or sentence, Dillard can only be enjoyed by a wide-awake reader,” warns Geoff Dyer in his introduction to this stellar collection. Carefully culled from her past work, The Abundance is quintessential Annie Dillard, delivered in her fierce and undeniably singular voice, filled with fascinating detail and metaphysical fact. The pieces within will exhilarate both admiring fans and a new generation of readers, having been “re-framed and re-hung,” with fresh editing and reordering by the author, to situate these now seminal works within her larger canon. 
    The Abundance reminds us that Dillard’s brand of “novelized nonfiction” pioneered the form long before it came to be widely appreciated. Intense, vivid, and fearless, her work endows the true and seemingly ordinary aspects of life—a commuter chases snowball-throwing children through neighborhood streets, a teenager memorizes Rimbaud’s poetry—with beauty and irony, inviting readers onto sweeping landscapes, to join her in exploring the complexities of time and death, with a sense of humor: on one page, an eagle falls from the sky with a weasel attached to its throat; on another, a man walks into a bar. 
    Reminding us of the indelible contributions of this formative figure in contemporary nonfiction, The Abundance exquisitely showcases Annie Dillard’s enigmatic, enduring genius, as Dillard herself wishes it to be marked.
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