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Passport - cover


Richie McCaffery

Publisher: Nine Arches Press

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Exploring place and displacement, boundaries and borders, Passport is the second collection by Richie McCaffery, and follows his acclaimed debut Cairn (Nine Arches Press, 2014). In moving to the Belgian city of Ghent, McCaffery finds "What I see and what happens / are two different countries." In a place of dualities and unrealities, the poems find the usual definitions themselves becoming unstable; the old currency that is no longer valid, the postcards home unsent and the present tense ill at ease.
Written in crisp detail, these fluent poems weigh up whether leaving is a form of running from or coming back to home, wherever that may be. At the heart of this tender and compelling collection, McCaffery writes directly of anxiety, loss and dislocation, asking us to consider what belonging is, and how we find our place in life, in love, and in language.
Available since: 08/09/2018.
Print length: 72 pages.

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    Informed by the death of a beloved brother, here are the stories of childhood, its thicket of sex and sorrow and joy, boys and girls growing into men and women, stories of a brother who in his dying could teach how to be most alive. What the Living Do reflects ““a new form of confessional poetry, one shared to some degree by other women poets such as Sharon Olds and Jane Kenyon. Unlike the earlier confessional poetry of Plath, Lowell, Sexton et al., Howe’s writing is not so much a moan or a shriek as a song. It is a genuinely feminine form…a poetry of intimacy, witness, honesty, and relation”” (Boston Globe).
    This audio edition of What the Living Do is beautifully read by the author. Produced and published by Echo Point Books & Media, an independent bookseller in Brattleboro, Vermont.
    Cover photograph: Song of Sentient Beings (1134) by Bill Jacobson (1994), used with permission. ©1998 Marie Howe §
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