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Mother's Day - A Short Story - cover

Mother's Day - A Short Story

Renée Knight

Publisher: Harper Paperbacks

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Staying with her parents at Beauwater Manor, a luxury hotel in the English countryside, is the happiest memory of Laura’s young life so far. She’s excited at the prospect of returning to the hotel a few years later, but in this riveting short story by Renée Knight, author of Disclaimer—a remarkable debut novel of psychological suspense hailed by the New York Times as “outstandingly clever and twisty”—Laura will discover that even though some things about Beauwater Manor are familiar, others are very, very different from what she remembers....

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    Your Chariot Awaits - The Andi...

    Lorena McCourtney

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    Not a good week for Andi McConnell: Downsized from her job. Dumped by her boyfriend. Depressed about that upcoming 6-0 birthday.
    But now there's a good news surprise! She's just inherited a long, sleek, black limousine, from an eccentric uncle.
    There's also bad news: The dead body that soon turns up in the trunk. And Andi finds she is the top suspect in the murder.
    Enter Keegan "Fitz" Fitzpatrick, former TV detective, very interested in the case - and in Andi. But when the bullets start flying, a big question looms: are the windows in Andi's limousine really bullet proof?
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  • Cause to Hide (An Avery Black Mystery—Book 3) - cover

    Cause to Hide (An Avery Black...

    Blake Pierce

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    “A dynamic story line that grips from the first chapter and doesn't let go.” 
    --Midwest Book Review, Diane Donovan (regarding Once Gone) 
    From #1 bestselling mystery author Blake Pierce comes a new masterpiece of psychological suspense: CAUSE TO HIDE (An Avery Black Mystery—Book 3).
    Bodies are being found in the outskirts of Boston, their corpses burned beyond recognition, as the police realize a new serial killer is roaming the streets. As the media converges and the pressure is upped, the Boston Police Department must turn to its most brilliant—and controversial—homicide detective: Avery Black.
    Avery, still trying to pick up the pieces of her own life—her budding relationship with Ramirez, her reconciliation with Rose—suddenly finds herself thrown into the most challenging case of her career. With scant evidence to follow, she must enter the mind of a psychotic killer, try to understand his obsession with fire, and what clues that offers into his personality. Her trail leads her deep into Boston’s worst neighborhoods, to confrontations with its worst psychopaths—and finally, to a twist she could never possibly imagine.
    In a game of psychological cat and mouse, a frantic race against time, Avery is led too deep into the maze of a killer’s mind, and to places darker than she’d ever wish to see.
    A psychological thriller with heart-pounding suspense, CAUSE TO HIDE is book #3 of a riveting new series—with a beloved new character—that will leave you turning pages late into the night. 
    Book #4 in the Avery Black series will be available soon. 
    “A masterpiece of thriller and mystery. Pierce did a magnificent job developing characters with a psychological side, so well described that we feel inside their minds, follow their fears and cheer for their success. The plot is very intelligent and will keep you entertained throughout the book. Full of twists, this book will keep you awake until the turn of the last page.” 
    --Books and Movie Reviews, Roberto Mattos (re Once Gone)
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  • The Jake Fonko Series: Books 4 5 & 6 - Jake Fonko - cover

    The Jake Fonko Series: Books 4 5...

    B. Hesse Pflingger

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    The second box set in the popular Jake Fonko series, this special bundle includes three full length novels - over 700 pages of well-researched adventures and thrills - for less than the price of two individual volumes. Fans of George MacDonald Fraser, Ian Fleming and John D. MacDonald will enjoy former Army Ranger turned covert agent Jake Fonko's globe-spanning adventures. 
    Includes: Fonko in the Sun (Book 4), Fonko Bolo (Book 5) and The Mother of All Fonkos (Book 6) 
    Fonko in the Sun (Book 4) - Grand Cayman 1983. When ex-Army Ranger turned soldier of fortune Jake Fonko is hired for a routine job in the Caribbean, the first day of his latest mission doesn’t turn out as planned, with a bloody bank robbery, a barroom shootout, multiple aerial dogfights and a chopper crash in the Jamaican jungle welcoming him to the idyllic islands. Stumbling into possession of highly sensitive financial documents from the BCCI, Jake finds himself pursued relentlessly by crooks, cartels, corrupt politicians and the CIA and KGB. If he wants to survive the beautiful climes, Jake must find a way out of a mess that's anything but routine. But with no passport and no backup, are Jake's training and ironic wit enough to survive the suffocating surveillance? 
    Fonko Bolo (Book 5) - Philippines 1986. After Army Ranger trained soldier of fortune Jake Fonko barely survives a trip to Calcutta, he returns to his Malibu home to recover—only to find an old CIA associate knocking at his door. Communist Philippine rebels threaten critical US military bases in the region, as well one of America's staunchest allies: Ferdinand Marcos. Despite previous problems when working with the agency, Jake accepts the simple mission after being bribed and blackmailed, agreeing to put the communist rebels out of commission. But of course his mission isn’t really that simple—and so Jake must use his training, satirical wit and skills to prevent the rebels from seizing the country and escape the conflict alive.  
    The Mother of All Fonkos (Book 6) - Kuwait 1990. When former Army Ranger turned freelance gun-for-hire Jake Fonko receives a cushy "consulting" offer in Kuwait City, he hops a plane and heads out for what he expects will be a relaxing four week stay. But soon after Jake lands, Saddam Hussein’s army blitzkriegs the city, trapping everyone inside. Jake's new job is simple: survive the chaos and escape Kuwait. But playing all the roles required to make it out of the desert alive will tax Jake's training and ironic wit to the breaking point - and Iraqi prisons are hardly hospitable to former American soldiers... 
    For fans of fun, fast-moving adventures, the Jake Fonko series seamlessly blends well-researched 20th century history with equal parts white-knuckle thrills, satirical humor and explosive action. If you like Ian Fleming (Bond), John D. MacDonald (Travis McGee), George MacDonald Fraser (Flashman) or Clive Cussler (Dirk Pitt), you'll enjoy the Jake Fonko series.   
    NOTE: This set contains three standalone novels that can be fully enjoyed without reading any other books in the Jake Fonko series.
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  • Greed and a Mistress - A Jackie Harlan Mystery #3 - cover

    Greed and a Mistress - A Jackie...

    Marti Talbott

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    Mark Barrett thought having an affair was no big deal as long as his wife didn't find out. That was before he got arrested for the hit-style murder of a wealthy old woman. 
    What drew the Jackie Harlan Detective Agency to the fascinating trial in Portland, Oregon was the hope of finding a child that had been missing for years.  
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  • Here Comes the Ride - The Andi McConnell Mysteries #2 - cover

    Here Comes the Ride - The Andi...

    Lorena McCourtney

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    Andi McConnell and her limousine are back!
    The occasion is the "wedding of the century" at a local estate, and Andi has a five-day, live-in gig transporting the wedding party and Hollywood guests. There's the groom with cell phone welded to his ear. The bride who suspects she'll be murdered at the ceremony. The over-the-hill, movie star stepmother with an ambitious agenda of her own, plus blackmail, betrayal, and enough hot hostility and competition to melt that life-sized sculpture of the bride and groom.
    And murder.
    Along with chasing down a killer, Andi is trying to figure out her relationship with God and testing the limits of her aging anatomy with a skateboard. Plus the complication of her relationship with Keegan "Fitz" Fitzpatrick, the guy who is living proof that some men really do age like fine wine.
    Like most killers, this one objects to being brought to justice. Will Andi wind up with more bullet holes in her limo - or in her?
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  • Killer of Kings - cover

    Killer of Kings

    Matthew Harffy

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    AD 636. Anglo-Saxon Britain. A gripping, action-packed historical thriller and the fourth instalment in The Bernicia Chronicles. Perfect for fans of Bernard Cornwell. 
    Beobrand has land, men and riches. He should be content. And yet he cannot find peace until his enemies are food for the ravens. But before Beobrand can embark on his bloodfeud, King Oswald orders him southward, to escort holy men bearing sacred relics. 
    When Penda of Mercia marches a warhost into the southern kingdoms, Beobrand and his men are thrown into the midst of the conflict. Beobrand soon finds himself fighting for his life and his honour. 
    In the chaos that grips the south, dark secrets are exposed, bringing into question much that Beobrand had believed true. Can he unearth the answers and exact the vengeance he craves? Or will the blood-price prove too high, even for a warrior of his battle-fame and skill?
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