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Mellissadorha - cover

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P.N. Holland

Publisher: Publishdrive

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This young adult novel tells the story of a young teenager in her final years of school, trying to find her place in society where she doesn’t fit in as she is magical, at odds with her mother and older brother who are not magical and her father has left them. She does not get along with her classmates, especially the girls who consider her a freak and attack her and her only friend, Valerie. Whenever this happens, she responds by using magic which only makes things worse. One day she is visited by a weird creature who claims to be from a different realm where he says her father is. Her curiosity and anger at not knowing her father’s whereabouts end up causing her to take her friend and go to Vahldohr, her father’s world where she finds herself in the middle of a conflict between white wizards and dark ones. There are dragons, fairly-like creatures, centaurs, witches and monsters. Magic is everywhere and she must learn how to use her powers to protect herself and Valerie. Unfortunately, her friend is captured by a dark dragon and taken to the castle of the evil wizard, Rhornatoryl, who wants to rule Vahldohr. Mellissadorha is left trying to find her father, track down her missing friend and hone her magic in order to survive.
Available since: 11/14/2022.
Print length: 279 pages.

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