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Stocks Bonds & Taxes - A Comprehensive Handbook and Investment Guide for Everybody - cover

Stocks Bonds & Taxes - A Comprehensive Handbook and Investment Guide for Everybody

Phillip B. Chute

Publisher: Phillip B. Chute

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How to deal and make money in a declining Stock Market!
Find out how professionals and wealthy people trade and invest!
Read the pros and cons of every kind of investment strategy!
Find out when the IRS makes personal house calls on investors!
Investor knowledge is power, this book gives it all to you!
How to increase your yield on most investments!
Life planning
All about living trusts.
Probate and estate rules and laws. 
How to handle IRS audits.
Tax court & the hazards of litigation.
How to handle bankruptcy, bad debt, and credit scores.
Phillip Bruce Chute, EA has been Enrolled to Practice before the Internal Revenue Service since 1976. He was a Registered Investment Advisor and Registered Securities Principal for 20 years.

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    Servant Leader

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    Best-selling author of The One-Minute Manager, Ken Blanchard, along with Phil Hodges, reveals the meaning of servant leadership modeled after Jesus Christ. Based on Blanchard's and Hodges' Faith Walk seminars, business leaders come to realize that teams are more powerful than the sum of the individuals and to recognize their people as appreciating assets.  
    Servant Leader summarizes the Four Dimensions of Leadership: the head (leadership assumptions and methods) the hands (application and leadership behavior) the heart (edging God out) the habits (solitude, prayer, study of scripture, unconditional love, etc.)  
    The thousands who have attended his seminars witnessed the transforming power of this unconventional approach. Readers seeking to grow as leaders and business executives will find Servant Leader nothing short of life-changing.
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    Getting Unstuck
    People who are trying to solve tough economic, social, and environmental problems often find themselves frustratingly stuck. They can’t solve their problems in their current context, which is too unstable or unfair or unsustainable. They can’t transform this context on their own—it’s too complex to be grasped or shifted by any one person or organization or sector. And the people whose cooperation they need don’t understand or agree with or trust them or each other.
    Transformative scenario planning is a powerful new methodology for dealing with these challenges. It enables us to transform ourselves and our relationships and thereby the systems of which we are a part. At a time when divisions within and among societies are producing so many people to get stuck and to suffer, it offers hope—and a proven approach—for moving forward together.
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  • Simple Sabotage - A Modern Field Manual for Detecting and Rooting Out Everyday Behaviors That Undermine Your Workplace - cover

    Simple Sabotage - A Modern Field...

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    Inspired by the Simple Sabotage Field Manual released by the Office of Strategic Services in 1944 to train European resistors, this is the essential handbook to help stamp out unintentional sabotage in any working group, from major corporations to volunteer PTA committees. 
    In 1944, the Office of Strategic Services (OSS)—the predecessor of today’s CIA—issued the Simple Sabotage Field Manual that detailed sabotage techniques designed to demoralize the enemy. One section focused on eight incredibly subtle—and devastatingly destructive—tactics for sabotaging the decision-making processes of organizations. While the manual was written decades ago, these sabotage tactics thrive undetected in organizations today:   Insist on doing everything through channels.   Make speeches. Talk as frequently as possible and at great length.   Refer all matters to committees.   Bring up irrelevant issues as frequently as possible. Haggle over precise wordings of communications.   Refer back to matters already decided upon and attempt to question the advisability of that decision.   Advocate caution and urge fellow-conferees to avoid haste that might result in embarrassments or difficulties later on.   Be worried about the propriety of any decision. 
    Everyone has been faced with someone who has used these tactics, even when they have meant well. Filled with proven strategies and techniques, this brief, clever book outlines the counter-sabotage measures to detect and reduce the impact of these eight classic sabotage tactics to improve productivity, spur creativity, and engender better collegial relationships.
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  • Confessions of a Crypto Millionaire - My Unlikely Escape from Corporate America - cover

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    "A highly dramatic but lucid introduction to the murky world of cryptocurrency." – Kirkus Reviews
    "Five out of Five Stars. Reading this book was nothing short of thrilling." – Manhattan Book Review
    At the start of this riveting memoir, Dan Conway is a brash executive in a vast corporation, slogging his way up the ladder while struggling with depression and an addiction he thought he had defeated long ago. As he begins to realize that the mix of nightmarish bureaucracy and his unruly "flip side" have doomed any chance of success, Dan stumbles upon cryptocurrency, tumbling down the rabbit hole to discover a strange, anarchic, but captivating world. He decides to wager everything—his savings, his marriage, his family, his future—on the fledgling crypto, Ether.
    In Confessions of a Crypto Millionaire, readers join Dan on a rollicking, harrowing, frequently hilarious journey, including his: struggle to rise through the corporate ranks; battle with addiction and its aftermath; bid to reinvent himself; efforts to hold his marriage and family together; and the costs–and thrills–of risking it all.
    "For Conway, crypto was only partly about the money. It was also about finding liberation and salvation." – Forbes
    Dan details in a non-technical and non-preachy way how the idea of blockchain-based decentralization has convinced a generation of dreamers, misfits and gamblers to too often bet more than they can afford to lose. He illustrates how public blockchains like Ethereum could disrupt the nature of work itself in the coming years, upending stultifying centralized corporations in favor of "trust machines" and peer-to-peer cooperation. In the process, readers take a thrilling ride with Dan on a turbocharged adventure through crypto, not knowing if he will make history or lose everything he holds dear.
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  • The NBA Story - How the Sports League Slam-Dunked Its Way into a Global Business Powerhouse - cover

    The NBA Story - How the Sports...

    Rich Mintzer, Eric Mintzer

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    What can you learn from the most successful companies in the world? The NBA Story will help you understand and adopt the competitive strategies, workplace culture, and daily business practices that enabled the exciting basketball league to become the powerhouse it is today. 
    Today’s NBA is filled with larger-than-life figures, like LeBron James, James Harden and Stephen Curry, who effortlessly dominate the courts. But it wasn’t always so glamorous. 
    The multi-billion-dollar league has grown from humble roots into a sports powerhouse that is loved around the world due to savvy digital marketing and a global focus. Thanks to the popularity of individual players and team rivalries, the NBA has survived league mergers and financial crisis. Teams have earned the respect of millions of loyal fans who are dedicated to the success of each and every organization within the league. 
    Through the story of the NBA, you’ll learn:How to keep a dream alive when it seems like no one wants to see it come true.How a company can find their way out of a financial crisis.How presentation is the secret sauce to the success of any show.And how a company can build a loyal fanbase who will do anything to keep them on top.
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  • Writing Your Life - Putting Your Past on Paper - cover

    Writing Your Life - Putting Your...

    Lou W. Stanek

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    We all have stories to tell -- of a rapturous first kiss, a life-altering moment of choice, or the shocking revelation of a long-guarded secret. And these stories are often as distinctive, fascinating, exciting and entertaining as those found in the memoirs and autobiographies that currently top the nation's bestseller lists. We just need to know how to tell them best. 
    Veteran, writing teacher, lecturer, and author of So You Want to Write a Novel, Lou Willet Stanek can help you translate your joys and ordeals, thoughts and triumphs into superbly crafted nonfiction -- taking you step-by-step through the writing process with care, encouragement, and expert advice. She shows you how to unlock your memories, create settings and scenes, protray major characters and dramatic events. And she offers the key to finding your own unique voice, and to presenting your greatest charcter -- yourself -- without boring your reader or sounding egotistical. 
    Complete with invaluable exercises, nuts-and-bolts techniques, and motivational tools, Writing Your Life is indispensible for every aspiring writer who wishes to mine the rich lode of his or her past for all the gems hidden there.
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