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Little Book of Betjeman - cover

Little Book of Betjeman

Peter Gammond

Publisher: G2 Rights

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The Little Book of Betjeman is a perceptive evocation of the late Poet Laureate's life and work. The book is lavishly illustrated throughout, in both colour and black and white, with some hitherto unpublished pictures of the poet and many very rate first editions from the author's personal collection. Peter Gammond knew John Betjeman and the members of his circle of friends at Oxford, such as Maurice Bowra, and, as Vice-Chairman and a former Chairman of The Betjeman Society, he is uniquely qualified to write about Britain's best-loved poet of the 20th century.
Available since: 08/20/2013.
Print length: 128 pages.

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    ‘A dime a dozen’ as known in America, is perhaps equal to the English ‘cheap as chips’ but whatever the lingua franca of your choice in this series we hereby submit ‘A Rhyme a Dozen’ as 12 poems on many given subjects that are a well-rounded gathering, maybe even an essential guide, from the knowing pens of classic poets and their beautifully spoken verse to the comfort of your ears. 
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    4 - In the Forest by Sarojini Naidu 
    5 - In the Black Forest by Amy Levy 
    6 - Loveliest of Trees, The Cherry Now by A E Housman 
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    8 - The Fir Tree and the Brook by Helen Hunt Jackson 
    9 - The Hawthorn Tree by Willa Cather 
    10 - Pine-Trees And The Sky by Rupert Brooke 
    11 - The Oak by Alfred Lord Tennyson 
    12 - To the Willow Tree by Robert Herrick 
    13 - Roots and Leaves Themselves Alone by Walt Whitman
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  • The Poetry of Lewis Carroll - The writer of Alice In Wonderland was an equally talented poet this anthology shows why he's regarded as one of the masters of word play - cover

    The Poetry of Lewis Carroll -...

    Lewis Carroll

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    Lewis Carroll was born Charles Lutwidge Dodgson on the 27th January 1832 at Daresbury, Cheshire, the eldest boy and the third child.  Another eight followed.   
    When Dodgson was 11, his cleric father moved his family to Croft-on-Tees in the North Riding of Yorkshire.  Although his father was active and highly conservative his son was ambivalent with those values and with the Church as a whole. 
    In his early years Dodgson was educated at home and by age 7 he was reading the likes of ‘The Pilgrim's Progress’.  He also spoke with a stammer which he called his ‘hesitation’. 
    At 12 he was dispatched to Richmond Grammar School in North Yorkshire and then on to Rugby.  He sailed through the curriculum.  He was accepted at Christ Church, Oxford but two days after arriving he was summoned home: his mother had died of ‘inflammation of the brain’ at only 47. 
    Dodgson was exceptionally gifted and, when not distracted, achievement came easily to him.  He remained at Christ Church studying and teaching in various capacities until his death. 
    In March 1856, he published the romantic poem ‘Solitude’ as by ‘Lewis Carroll’.  
    That same year he took up the new art of photography.  He soon excelled and became a well-known gentleman-photographer, and even toyed with the idea of making a living out of it.  When he ceased photography in 1880, he had his own studio and had created around 3,000 images. 
    He enjoyed moderate success with his early poems and short stories but had an array of other interests in the pre-Raphaelite circle, Psychical Research and even ordained in the Church of England in 1861.  
    In July 1862 he told a young Alice Liddell the story that would become his first and greatest success.  Alice begged him to write it down, and eventually he did and later presented her with a handwritten and illustrated ‘Alice's Adventures Under Ground’.  The publisher Macmillan agreed to publish it as ‘Alice's Adventures in Wonderland’ by Lewis Carroll.  
    It was a huge and sensational life-changing success.  Royalties quickly accumulated as did fan mail.  
    In 1871, the darker themed sequel ‘Through the Looking-Glass, and What Alice Found There’ was published.  A half decade later came ‘The Hunting of the Snark’, a fantastical nonsense poem, as nine tradesmen and a beaver set off to find the snark.  It was another enormous success. 
    He also loved to invent such delights as a writing tablet ‘the nyctograph’ that allowed note-taking in the dark as well as many word games, such as the precursor to ‘Scrabble’, and alternative systems of parliamentary voting.  Within the discipline of mathematics, he worked in geometry, linear and matrix algebra, mathematical logic, recreational mathematics and wrote nearly a dozen books on the subject.   
    Lewis Carroll died of pneumonia following influenza on 14th January 1898 in Guildford, Surrey.  He was 65.  
    1 - The Poetry of Lewis Carroll - An Introduction 
    2 - The Walrus & the Carpenter by Lewis Carroll 
    3 - A Lobster Quadrille by Lewis Carroll 
    4 - Turtle Soup by Lewis Carroll 
    5 - How Doth the Little Crocodile by Lewis Carroll 
    6 - Jabberwocky by Lewis Carroll 
    7 - A Valentine by Lewis Carroll 
    8 - The Mad Gardener's Song by Lewis Carroll 
    9 - The Knight's Song by Lewis Carroll 
    10 - The Deserted Parks by Lewis Carroll 
    11 - Humpty Dumpty's Recitation by Lewis Carroll 
    12 - A Boat Beneath a Sunny Sky (Life Is But a Dream) by Lewis Carroll 
    13 - You Are Old Father William (from Alice's Adventures in Wonderland) by Lewis Carroll 
    14 - Lays of Sorrow by Lewis Carroll 
    15 - A Sea Dirge by Lewis Carroll 
    16 - Melancholetta by Lewis Carroll 
    17 - Phantasmagoria.
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  • Early Rising - cover

    Early Rising

    John Godfrey Saxe

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    LibriVox volunteers bring you 15 recordings of Early Rising by John Godfrey Saxe. This was the Fortnightly Poetry project for December 31, 2010.The words "dutiful" and "pious" never applied to the aspiring satirist. Bored by his legal work, Saxe began publishing poems for The Knickerbocker, of which "The Rhyme of the Rail" is his most famous early work. He soon caught the attention of the prominent Boston publishing house, Ticknor and Fields. Though he received no royalties for his first volume, it ran to ten reprintings and eventually outsold works by Hawthorne and Tennyson.
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