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Sunshine Stables: Amina and the Amazing Pony - Amina and the Amazing Pony - cover

Sunshine Stables: Amina and the Amazing Pony - Amina and the Amazing Pony

Olivia Tuffin

Publisher: Nosy Crow

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At Sunshine Stables, dreams become adventures! Young pony fans will love this fantastic pony club series from Olivia Tuffin.
Amina is desperate to win a place on the Sunshine Stables showjumping team. It's her chance to prove herself - and to show off the talents of Nutmeg, her gorgeous palomino pony. But is it worth winning at all costs? Clever little Nutmeg is ready to show her what really matters...
Packed with adventure and full of heart, Olivia's huge knowledge and passion for ponies shines on every page. Beautifully illustrated throughout by Jo Goodberry, this is a perfect pony story for readers aged 7+.
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Available since: 04/07/2022.
Print length: 112 pages.

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