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Boeing 787 Dreamliner - cover

Boeing 787 Dreamliner

Mark Wagner, Guy Norris

Publisher: Zenith Press

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The story behind the innovative widebody jet’s “troubled but also path-breaking development,” with hundreds of photos (Airways). 
With the launch of its superjumbo, the A380, Airbus made what looked like an unbeatable bid for commercial aviation supremacy. But archrival Boeing responded: Not so fast. 
Boeing’s 787 Dreamliner would generate more excitement—and more orders—than any commercial airplane in the company’s history. This book offers a fascinating behind-the-scenes look at the first all-new airplane developed by Boeing since its 1990 launch of the 777. With hundreds of photographs and diagrams, Boeing 787 Dreamliner closely details the design and building of Boeing’s new twin-engine jet airliner, as well as the drama behind its launch: the key players, the controversies, the critical decisions about materials and technology—the plastic reinforced with carbon fiber that make this mid-sized widebody super lightweight. And here, from every angle, is the Dreamliner itself, in all its gleaming readiness to rule the air.
Available since: 11/15/2009.
Print length: 160 pages.

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    An NPR Best Book of the Year: “A pointedly passionate look at what’s been lost in the digital era.” —Los Angeles Times   A longtime musician and former member of the indie band Galaxie 500 who has also taught at Harvard, Damon Krukowski has watched cultural life lurch from analog to digital. And as an artist who has weathered that transition, he has challenging, urgent questions for both creators and consumers about what we have thrown away in the process: Are our devices leaving us lost in our own headspace even as they pinpoint our location? Does the long reach of digital communication come at the sacrifice of our ability to gauge social distance? Does streaming media discourage us from listening closely? Are we hearing each other fully in this new environment?   Rather than simply rejecting the digital disruption of cultural life, Krukowski uses the sound engineer’s distinction of signal and noise to reexamine what we have lost as a technological culture, looking carefully at what was valuable in the analog realm so we can hold on to it. Taking a set of experiences from the production and consumption of music that have changed since the analog era—the disorientation of headphones, flattening of the voice, silence of media, loudness of mastering, and manipulation of time—as a basis for a broader exploration of contemporary culture, Krukowski gives us a brilliant meditation and guide to keeping our heads amid the digital flux. Think of it as plugging in without tuning out.   “This is not a book about why vinyl sounds better; it’s way more interesting than that . . . [It] is full of things I didn’t know, like why people yell into cellphones . . . Ultimately, it’s about how we consume sound as a society—which is, increasingly, on an individual basis.” —NPR   “If you’re a devoted music fan who’s dubious about both rosy nostalgia and futuristic utopianism, Damon Krukowski’s The New Analog is for you.” —The New York Times Book Review
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    I will not go in detail on each payment provider services, rules and fees. I will just list roughly most commonly used online payment providers for sort of comparison in between them. I will specifically compare the withdraw and deposit fees for each one. I will mention also some of the difficulties I met with some of them because lack of their services in my country Palestine.
    I will also show how to get Visa and Master Debit Cards online.
    The report consists of the following parts:
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    2. Quick comparison of the bank transfer and visa card / master card withdraw fees for most commonly used E-wallets
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    6. –Advantages and Disadvantages-
    15. eCurrency Money Exchanger:
    16. eCurrency Money Exchanger:
    23. Webmoney,com
    28. How to get ITIN:
    29. Getting USA shipment address through
    30. Getting free phone number in US or Canada and other countries
    31. Other online banks and Visa / Master card issuers
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    Since the dawn of civilization, humans had believed comets were evil portents. In 1705, Edmond Halley liberated humanity from these primordial superstitions, proving that Newtonian mechanics rather than the will of the gods brought comets into our celestial neighborhood. Despite this scientific advance, when Halley's Comet returned in 1910, newspapers gleefully provoked a global hysteria that unfolded with tragic consequences.In Comet Madness, author and historian Richard J. Goodrich examines the 1910 appearance of Halley's Comet and the ensuing frenzy sparked by media manipulation, bogus science, and outright deception.As the comet neared Earth, scientists and journalists alike scrambled to get the story straight as citizens the world over panicked.As a result, workmen shelved their tools, farmers refused to plant crops they would never harvest, and formerly reliable people stopped paying their creditors. Others suffered mental breakdowns, and some took their own lives.Comet Madness reveals how humans confront the unknown, how scientists learn about the world we inhabit, and how certain people—from outright hucksters to opportunistic journalists—harness fear to produce a profit.
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  • Architecture: Portals To Consciousness - cover

    Architecture: Portals To...

    Anthony Lawlor

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    Architect Lawlor feels physical forms frame portals to the vitality and inspiration of consciousness. He shares the idea that beautiful places remind us of those aspects of ourselves. This far ranging dialogue takes us from our homes as a reflection of the quality of our consciousness to why skyscrapers and “McMansions” are giving way to the tiny house movement.
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  • Would You Be A Space Tourist? - Star Talk Radio - cover

    Would You Be A Space Tourist? -...

    Neil deGrasse Tyson

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    Richard Branson has formed Virgin Galactic and is now taking reservations aboard the maiden voyage of SpaceShipOne. Would you spend the estimated $200,000 for a 45-minute trip into space? Neil and Lynne also discuss the mechanics of sex in space. 
    Co-host: Lynne Koplitz 
    Guests: Robert K. Weiss: President and Vice Chairman of the X Prize Foundation, film and television producer.Charles Simonyi Space tourist and Microsoft co-founder.Bill Nye: Engineer, science educator, and television host.
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