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Love Yourself FIRST! - Boost Your Self-esteem in 30 Days - How to Overcome Low Self-esteem Anxiety and Self-doubt - cover

Love Yourself FIRST! - Boost Your Self-esteem in 30 Days - How to Overcome Low Self-esteem Anxiety and Self-doubt

Marc Reklau

Publisher: Publishdrive

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Eliminate self-doubt, perfectionism and anxiety and develop more confidence
Do you want to live your life without fear of other people’s disapproval?
Do you wake up dreading the day feeling discouraged with what you've accomplished in life?
Do you want to develop more confidence in yourself overcome low self-esteem, insecurity, and self-doubt?
In this guide to self-love, international bestselling author Marc Reklau shows you how to boost your self-esteem with simple and practical exercises.
Our self-esteem impacts all aspects of our life: our relationships with others, our level of self-confidence, our professional success, our happiness, our inner peace, and the success that we aim to achieve in future. Whether you reach your most meaningful goals, triple your income, create excellent relationships, or simply feel happy and satisfied with who you are. It all starts with healthy self-esteem. Raising your self-esteem will improve your decision-making when choosing partners, projects, or jobs. You’ll be more motivated, achieve your goals, and improve your performance.
No matter what happened in your past, you are capable of rewriting your story and of building a healthy self-esteem. Stop feeling overwhelmed and start taking action without the fear of self-criticism.
In this simple, straightforward book you will learn: 
- How to build and improve your self-esteem
- How to leave behind your paralyzing fear of what other people might think of you
- How to eliminate self-doubt and negative thinking. 
- How to silence your inner critic
- How to make mistakes without feeling guilty and the ongoing self-torture
- How to boldly ask for what you want and also get it
- How to overcome anxiety and stress
- How to acquire a positive attitude towards yourself and others.
and much more…
This book will help you get rid of damaging beliefs like “I’m a helpless victim and have no power over what happens in my life,” “I’m not good enough,” “I don’t deserve good things in my life,” “There is something bad in all of us.” 
Stop being so hard to yourself and embrace your mistakes, weaknesses, and vulnerability. They are part of you. No need to hide. Learn how to be happy with yourself and to believe that you deserve the good things life has to offer. 
If you make an effort and time to work on your self-esteem, the rewards will be awesome: 
More self-confidence, better social relationships, better work relationships, and just making peace with your life are some of them. You will freely express your thoughts, feelings, values, and opinions because your self-worth no longer comes from the acceptance of others.
Download your copy today by clicking the BUY NOW button at the top of this page.
Available since: 12/16/2022.
Print length: 212 pages.

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  • TRANCE HEALING VOLUME 1 - Live your natural mediumship - ENTERING THE SUPERNATURAL - cover


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    Wie das geht, übersinnlich leben, und was es Dir im Leben bringt, wenn du mit Kräften der geistigen Welt zusammenarbeitest, das steht in diesem Buch. Zudem räumt es mit Mythen und Vorurteilen der Esoterik auf und klärt, wie Medialität funktioniert und was du integriert im normalen Alltag tun kannst, damit deine geistigen Heilfähigkeiten wachsen und gedeihen.
    TRANCE HEALING VOLUME 1 - Entering the supernatural zeigt, dass in Dir weit mehr steckt, als Du denkst.
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