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Tropical Birds In Oils - cover

Tropical Birds In Oils

Madison Deblanco

Publisher: Brainstorm Books

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Few things can compare to the texture, the look and the feel of an oil painting. Combined with the magnificence of the birds found in mother nature, this book is an unbelieveable combination...Get it now!
Available since: 10/18/2019.

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    Edna Ferber's Hollywood -...

    J. E. Smyth

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    Edna Ferber’s Hollywood reveals one of the most influential artistic relationships of the twentieth century—the four-decade partnership between historical novelist Edna Ferber and the Hollywood studios. Ferber was one of America’s most controversial popular historians, a writer whose uniquely feminist, multiracial view of the national past deliberately clashed with traditional narratives of white masculine power. Hollywood paid premium sums to adapt her novels, creating some of the most memorable films of the studio era—among them Show Boat, Cimarron, and Giant. Her historical fiction resonated with Hollywood’s interest in prestigious historical filmmaking aimed principally, but not exclusively, at female audiences. In Edna Ferber’s Hollywood, J. E. Smyth explores the research, writing, marketing, reception, and production histories of Hollywood’s Ferber franchise. Smyth tracks Ferber’s working relationships with Samuel Goldwyn, Leland Hayward, George Stevens, and James Dean; her landmark contract negotiations with Warner Bros.; and the controversies surrounding Giant’s critique of Jim-Crow Texas. But Edna Ferber’s Hollywood is also the study of the historical vision of an American outsider—a woman, a Jew, a novelist with few literary pretensions, an unashamed middlebrow who challenged the prescribed boundaries among gender, race, history, and fiction. In a masterful film and literary history, Smyth explores how Ferber’s work helped shape Hollywood’s attitude toward the American past.
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  • Cybersecurity For Beginners - How to apply the NIST Risk Management Framework - cover

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    Handling risk is one of the chief goals of organizations, mainly in the InfoSec program. Risk management delivers the vehicle for the balance between compliance and security. Businesses need to defend their data by launching and upholding an operational risk management platform. Organizations must considered their environment, resources, threats, and sensitivity of their data. In this book, you will learn the fundamentals of risk management with security, and how to deploy the RMF to efficiently deal with compliance and risk within your business. 
    You will learn: 
    •Compliance, Security, Risk 
    •How to be Compliant and Secure 
    •Introduction to Risk Management Framework 
    •Introduction to the NIST Special Publications 
    •Introduction to the RMF Publications 
    •Understanding the Cybersecurity Framework 
    •Comprehending the CSF Construction 
    •Comprehending the CSF Tiers and Profiles 
    •Essential RMF Concepts 
    •Understanding Risk Tiers 
    •Understanding Systems and Authorization 
    •Introduction to Roles and Responsibilities 
    •Comprehending Security and Privacy in the RMF 
    •How to prepare for RMF 
    •How to prepare for Organization-level Tasks 
    •How to prepare for System-level Tasks 
    •How to Categorize Information Systems 
    •Comprehending RMF Categorization Tasks 
    •Understanding Categorizing Systems 
    •How to Select Security Controls 
    •How to Select Controls and Baselines 
    •How to Implement Security Controls 
    •How to Implement Controls 
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    •Understanding RMF Assess Tasks 
    •How to Assess Systems 
    •How to Authorize Information Systems 
    •How to Monitor Security Controls 
    •How to Monitor Tasks 
    •How to Monitor Systems 
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  • Through the Wire - The Words and Lyrics of Kanye West - cover

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    This is a rare partnership between two geniuses at the top of their crafts -- Kanye West, who was named "the smartest man in hip-hop" by Time magazine, and Bill Plympton, an Academy Award-nominated animator, cartoonist, and illustrator.Through the Wire is a graphic memoir that illustrates the lyrics of twelve Kanye West songs to tell his story, from his decision to drop out of college to pursue his dreams in music, through his days spent folding chinos at the Gap while struggling at night to make a name as a producer, through the pivotal car accident that eventually set him on the course to stardom and the epiphany of realizing exactly who he had become: "...They say people in your life are like seasons And anything that happens is for a reason..." Plympton illustrates each of the songs in detail, his vision of Kanye's world. The songs are annotated with explanations of the references in the songs, biographical components that illuminate the lyrics, and their meaning on a deeply personal level.  The result is a one-of-a-kind book that initially grabs you and stays with you forever.
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    One of the "100 Greatest Stand-Ups of All Time," Jim Breuer joined NBC's "Saturday Night Live" in 1995. Since then, he has gone on to star in several movies, tour the country with his "Heavy Metal Man" and "Family Man" comedy tours, and host a daily show on SIRIUS Satellite Radio called "Breuer Unleashed." You may remember Jim as the infamous Goat Boy from SNL, or his stoner persona from the cult hit "Half Baked." Now he's clearing the air with his concert event, chronicling his transformation from childhood to ultimate family man.
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  • Petula Clark - cover

    Petula Clark

    Wink Martindale

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    Petula Clark’s career began at the young age of nine.  She got her start on BBC radio during World War II and in the years to follow she would perform hundreds of times for the troops and become known as “Britain’s Shirley Temple.” Clark sat down with host Wink Martindale to discuss her exciting musical journey that spanned more than seven decades and included radio, film, television and music.  Martindale gives listeners an intimate look at the singer’s personal life, family and career.
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  • A Black Hawk War Guide - Landmarks Battlefields Museums & Firsthand Accounts - cover

    A Black Hawk War Guide -...

    Ben Strand

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    The Black Hawk War was the final conflict east of the Mississippi River between American Indian communities and the United States regular troops and militia. Exploring the museums, wayside markers and parks relating to that struggle is not just a journey of historic significance through beautiful natural scenery. It is also an amazing convergence of legendary personalities, from Abraham Lincoln to Jefferson Davis. Follow the fallout of the war from the Quad Cities on the Illinois/Iowa border, through the "Trembling Lands" along the Kettle Morraine and into the Driftless Area of southern Wisconsin. Pairing local insight with big-picture perspective, Ben Strand charts an overlooked quadrant of America's frontier heritage.
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