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Edible Wild Plants Foraging for Beginners - Learn How to Identify Safely and Harvest Nature's Green Gifts in the Pacific Northwest Midwest and Southeast Territories - cover

Edible Wild Plants Foraging for Beginners - Learn How to Identify Safely and Harvest Nature's Green Gifts in the Pacific Northwest Midwest and Southeast Territories

Lomasi Ahusaka

Publisher: Lomasi Ahusaka

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Are you tired of eating only industrial foods but don't trust collecting plants in nature?

Learn how to recognize them easily to live in harmony with the environment without risking intoxication!

If you would like to embark on this healthy and ethical lifestyle choice, I advise you to learn only from those who can provide you with scientific and exact information.

Until a few years ago, I lived between home, work, and the supermarket shelves filling my house with packaged foods that were slowly ruining my health.

My life changed dramatically when a trusted and experienced friend asked me to accompany him to pick some wild herbs he was looking for (which I thought I could only find in the supermarket, to be honest).

During our research, he showed a passion that pushed me to learn about this new world by delving deeper with teachings from expert foragers to the point where I could find everything I needed directly from the producer: nature!

With this guide, I want to pass on all the passion and experience I have accumulated over the years so that you, too, will become an expert researcher of edible plants safely and quickly.

Here is a taste of what you will find in this guide:

• Becoming a Forager – Discover the most ethical way to wildcraft your food! You'll learn to use the right tools to search and harvest wild plants in the right season and place. All while respecting nature.

• Edible Plants Encyclopedia – You'll recognize all edible wild plants thanks to their identikits with pictures, descriptions, and tips on using and preserving them (both as food and other preparations).

• Poisonous Plants? No thanks - Don't jeopardize your or your family's health! Thanks to the protocol for recognizing toxic plants and the universal test for edibility, you won't take any chances.

• Plant Use and Preservation - Some wild plants can be consumed as raw food, but why stop there? You'll discover a plethora of preparations you can make: from teas to tinctures and salves (with tips on how to preserve them).

And so much more!

If you want to break free from prepackaged foods by embracing a lifestyle in harmony with nature, then it's time to find all the information you need in the most comprehensive guide to edible plants.

Click "Buy Now" and learn all the secrets of these plants!
Available since: 10/02/2022.

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