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Daughters of Sacrifice - cover

Daughters of Sacrifice

Lizbeth Dusseau

Publisher: Pink Flamingo Publications

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The vision is startling and evil, of a young virgin bound naked to a tree before a bonfire, given in sacrifice by those she once trusted. Drums beat, dogs lap at her feet, a horse whinnies and a lone rider emerges from the woods to claim his reward. Like a distant memory she can't quite grasp, Tarin Marshall struggles to connect this recurring nightmare to the disappearance of her sister fourteen years before. At the same time she wonders if this dream is driving her to crude acts of self-punishment and masochistic pleasure? Her quest for answers leads her to Dr. Astin - a rogue psychologist and self-described sadist. In the name of 'therapy', he uses Tarin for psychological research experiments in S&M and dehumanization. Flaunting her obsession for extreme sex before students eager to explore their sadistic urges, he leaves Tarin utterly sated, but soon wondering if this 'genius' is really just a brutal savage. And her dream? Only when she hires a detective to dig into the past, does the truth about her missing sister unravel, revealing shocking facts about Ellen Marshall's fate and the life Tarin now leads. Will knowing the truth end the madness? Is there any hope for rescue? Any hope that love can bloom with an avowed sadist in this perverse sexual wasteland?

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  • Lovers in the Woods - cover

    Lovers in the Woods

    Robin Austin Reed

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    You’ve always wanted to be transformed, to enter a world that calls to you but one you have never seen or experienced. Tired of the mundane and normal, needing an escape from the exhaustion of a life that happened to you, burdened down by endless obligation and responsibilities that leave you wanting more.
    You long for escape.
    You want to be experienced.
    You want to be taken away.
    Meet Brenton Blake, a successful writer that is burned out from his normal life.
    Just like you, he wants more and travels to the eerie and mysterious city of Idyllwild, deep in the southern woods of California to contemplate life and begin again. What he discovers in the haunting isolation of his cabin brings him face to face with dangerous perils, near-death choices, and a new discovery about the salvation of true love.
    In a desperate act, he stands at the edge of a nearby cliff, pouring out his heart, yelling to the sky and contemplating ending his life.
    What he hears changes him forever.
    Lovers in the Woods is a spine-tingling tale of near-death of a tortured soul of neuroticism and into liberation of what one man dreamed of, but never knew existed.
    ABOUT The Author
    Author, Robin Reed has spent 20 years struggling with the pillars of religion to find a unique spiritual practice in the small space where religion, psychology, physics and science all intersect to validate only one universal truth: this life is much more than we know!
    Traveling the world, reading and studying the masters of mystics, sages and thought leaders, Robin has made it his life’s work to find the connection between our humanity and the great beyond to experience the existence of a Higher Power, a hidden “source” of intelligence that creeps just below our cerebral limitations of consciousness.
    Prayer, Meditation, Psychedelics, Financial Success, Goals, Mind Hacking, Affirmations, Nero-Linguistic Programming and more, led Robin back to the beginning of his life to look at the childhood traumas and abuse that instilled a lifetime of narcissism and obsessive behaviors to be slowly (and carefully) unraveled.
    Lovers in the Woods is based upon Robin’s true story of finding the connection with that divine source, coupled with the desire to experience love as more than an act, feeling or status, breaking away from the trite meanings and limitations often taught by church, coaches and tribes. This book will challenge viewpoints of romance, being cherished and love for self, in the perilous intersection with the divine source of life.
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  • The Men from the Boys - A Novel - cover

    The Men from the Boys - A Novel

    William J. Mann

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    This classic novel by bestselling author William J. Mann features a gay man trying to come to terms with sex, friendship, aging, and falling—and staying—in loveThis stunning slice of gay life at the turn of the millennium introduces thirtysomething Jeff O’Brien. After six years, his lover, Lloyd, has just announced that the passion between them has died. Terrified of ending up alone, Jeff turns his eye toward other men. But the anonymous, impersonal encounters leave him feeling sordid and used. In search of love during this “last summer in which I am to be young,” he finds romance with a beautiful houseboy named Eduardo. At twenty-two, Eduardo is the same age Jeff was when he began a relationship with the older David Javitz, a leading activist now gravely ill with AIDS. But David became more than a lover to Jeff, who wasn’t yet out of the closet. He was his mentor and cherished friend. Narrated by Jeff, who’s caught between the baby boomers and generation X, the novel shuttles between summers in Provincetown and winters in Boston. The Men from the Boys is about the illusive nature of love and desire—“the magic that happens across a dance floor,” leaving you “forever young.” 
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  • Hobble - An Adult Fiction - cover

    Hobble - An Adult Fiction

    Neale Sourna

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          Half Native American BENNET GILLESPIE is a burned-out medical healer jogging on the beach of Virginia Beach when, before a beachouse, he crashes into an African American beauty recuperating from injured ankles with something off about her emotionally.
         Benn offers his helping healing skills and temporarily moves in with her and her rich, elder British guardian; thus beginning an obsessive triangle of wills and lust which may end a life.
          HOBBLE received's Best Romantic Erotica Novel award of year!
          "Hobble is a story of lust and obsessive sex ... I was so moved ... I went back to my (Franklin) dictionary ... hobble means to limp along ... to impede ... to tie-up, shackle or leash ... all of [which] were used in this steamy story, of sex and betrayal!"
         —Delores Thornton, Reviews
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  • The Ladies' Man - cover

    The Ladies' Man

    Imelda Stark

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    Femdom. David Randolph was brought up by his beautiful but troubled Mother to be a dream partner for all women: handsome, sensitive, programmed to put female pleasure ahead of his own. Crushed by her unexpected death when just ten years old, he misses the daily spankings. However, being a very good boy, he makes no complaints and does his best to please everyone, including the high school girls who find him so attractive, and even more so as he blossoms into full gorgeous manhood as an undergrad at Stanford.
    While a long string of women fall for him, David’s own feelings remain friendly but guarded, leaving them disappointed. He soon realizes that he can forego sex and please women by becoming a massage therapist. Working at a local high-end day spa, he rapidly develops a devoted clientele. But when a gorgeous client becomes aroused and seduces him into giving her his first ‘happy ending’ massage, her boss, a beautiful imperious Frenchwoman, catches wind of this sin, and shows up demanding the same treatment.
    David soon finds himself receiving a severe spanking after having greatly pleased Madame. Subsequently, he accepts a position as live-in masseur for her stable of supermodels and female staff.
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  • 50 Grades of Shay - Book One - cover

    50 Grades of Shay - Book One

    B.J. Larue

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    Shay Sloan is America's number one fitness and personal development coach. The first to combine the two disiplines. And he's cleaning up because of it. Multiple New York Times best sellers, massive internet following, dvd's and lecture tours. And best of all - he looks the part. Tall, lean and handsome. Every straight girl's wet dream. 
    But there is a dark side to the Shay Sloan success story. Not fit for media consumtpion. Although he promotes health and fitness - Shay Sloan is fueled by steroids, drugs ,Chivas Regal, and his uncontrollable need for kinky sex. 
    He rates his Women according to their "grade" of kinkyness. 
    There are 5O grades of Shay.
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  • Silver Angel - cover

    Silver Angel

    Johanna Lindsey

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    A classic historical romance from #1 New York Times bestselling author Johanna Lindsey.  
    Abducted and sold into slavery, Chantelle Burke has been brought to the palace of the mighty Pasha. Vowing never to bow to this ruthless master's will, the young Englishwoman weakens within the silken splendor of his chambers, and after on glance into his piercing emerald eyes. 
    The stunningly handsome Pasha is a powerful, muscular figure yet he caresses the lovely addition to his harem with a fond tenderness that only succeeds in driving her wild. But beneath his exotic eastern garb, the cryptic Pasha shrouds his true identity -- one that he finds difficult to conceal when he wants so much to surrender his hearty and soul to the irresistible Chantelle.
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