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Simply Marvellous - Tekla Senior High - cover

We are sorry! The publisher (or author) gave us the instruction to take down this book from our catalog. But please don't worry, you still have 600,000 other books to choose from, so you can read without limits!

Simply Marvellous - Tekla Senior High

Leigh Jarrett

Publisher: Steambath Press

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A search for true love and self-acceptance 
Annie Luka has always been home-schooled, but she's convinced her mother to let her attend public school for her graduating year. When it is learned that Annie Luka is actually Attila Luka; a beautiful cross-gender guy struggling with his identity, it tears a small group of friends apart. Only when they all reunite ten years later is the full extent of Attila's deception revealed, bringing some of the group closer together, and pushing others further apart. 
What transpires over the next few years after the reunion leaves Attila wondering if he'll ever find true love. 
What readers are saying: 
"As the story progressed I started to realize that the author chose to write about a serious topic in a very conflicted way. Many transgendered people struggle with body dysphoria and the answer to the eternal question of "who am I?"... Attila shows the angst that goes along with knowing that you don't fit into a predetermined role in life, that the people that you are attracted to can't love you the way you really are, and he struggles for years trying to find a way to live happily. Overall this story shows the struggle that members of our GLBTQ community go thru on a daily basis. It shows that sometimes life should just be fluidity in motion." 
"I Loved loved loved this book. Attila really had a tough time in life but ended up where he should be. The message in that is very touching. I Loved reading about the group of friends and what they all went through. I really did not expect the end but I was so happy the way it ended. The people that deserved a happy ending got it. I would definitely recommend this book. I could not put it down. You won't be sorry." 
"I dried my eyeballs crying, reading this book. I love Curtis with all his mental issues. Attila is a sensitive soul, but his slutty attitude is a bit overrated. One of the best books I've read. Well done Leigh Jarrett." 
"Just finished the first three books in the Tekla High Series. OMG, emotionally drained right now! Leigh Jarrett, don't ever stop writing!" 
Content Information: This book contains graphic depictions of male/male sexual practices, graphic language, and other content that some readers may find objectionable.

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    One devastatingly beautiful and soul-stirringly seductive hot mess. 
    Joni Mitchell’s “Falling” started to play in his head.  
    What have I gotten myself into now? 
    Bullied as a skinny kid in small town Carlyle, Louisiana, shunned for being Gay, a bookworm, the only child of a single mom and the town eccentric, Lance Myers is now the co-owner of a successful catering company in New Orleans. He has changed his appearance, grown confidence and become a man. Only tragedy brings him back to Carlyle to the one person he could never forget. 
    David Anders, Carlyle, Louisiana's Golden Boy: Captain of the football team, prom king, two Bronze Stars from three Marine tours in Iraq. He protected Lance through junior high and high school, made his life as a closeted teenager in a town with twenty churches, thirty bars and one bookstore-the religious one in the mall-bearable-until that one night when they were nineteen. 
    One earth shattering, headboard breaking, blissful-God-who-knew-sex-could-be-like-this night.  
    The next day, David dropped him like a hot rock.  
    That was fourteen years ago. 
    Now Lance is back, but just for a week and he needs David’s help. 
    David has fought for years to forget his face, but here he is, even more beautiful than he remembered, more so than in his dreams. That is, the ones that don't wake him up howling and covered in icy sweat. 
    Self-isolated, traumatized from the war, he can’t talk to anyone and can’t sleep with passing out drunk. But when he looks at Lance, his body and soul burn with a crazy sweetness finer than any whiskey.  
    He has never wanted another man before. He has never wanted one since. Every damn person in Carlyle would bet their house on David Anders being as straight as the flagpole in their front yards.  
    They’re both insane to think they can find love with each other again. 
    The odds against them are enormous: the possibility for happiness, freedom and love, razor slim.  
    But it’s there.  
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    But then an unbelievable truth is revealed - one that could break both their hearts for good.
    (Previously published in the anthology Finding Love: Boxed Set of M/M Stories that Celebrate Pride)
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