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Starved Rock State Park - An Illinois Treasure - cover

Starved Rock State Park - An Illinois Treasure

Lee Mandrell, DeeDee Niederhouse-Mandrell

Publisher: Quarry Books

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“Capture[s] the spirit and nature of the park without showing more than footprints from the park’s 2.5 million visitors per year.” —The Times ( 
Nestled along the Illinois River, Starved Rock State Park is a favorite destination no matter the season. This National Historic Landmark boasts a landscape filled with tall bluffs, elegant trees, and wildflower-adorned hills, perfect for the adventurer inside us all. 
In Starved Rock State Park: An Illinois Treasure, photographers Lee Mandrell and DeeDee Niederhouse-Mandrell showcase the beauty and grandeur of this Illinois state park. With photos of twisting forest trails, plunging canyons, and lakes veiled in mist, they uncover this land piece by piece. Hike to take in the view at Lover’s Leap Overlook or relish the waterfalls that come roaring out from canyons with names like “Wildcat” and “St. Louis.” Come explore this park thriving with life. From hawks soaring across crisp blue skies and snakes slinking over bramble to folksy log cabins and meadows of black-eyed Susans, there is a little something for everyone. 
With 120 high-quality color photos and an appreciation of the finer details in life, Starved Rock State Park will transport you to a land rich with history and wonder.
Available since: 03/03/2020.
Print length: 141 pages.

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    About the Bagpipe Tutorial: Recommended by the best pipers in the world!
    Bruce Hitchings, Michael Grey, Robert Watt, Willie McCallum, Dixie Ingram, Rory Grossart and many more.
    You have purchased one of the most professional and popular books for learning the bagpipes. It includes many famous and traditional melodies (Amazing Grace, Happy Birthday, Highroad to Gairloch, Scotland the Brave, Green Hills of Tyrol, etc.), all the finger techniques, and in contrast to other bagpipe books it has many exercises that you will need to learn the bagpipes successfully.
    The book is suitable for absolute beginners all the way to intermediate pipers. You can study on your own or use it as a classroom companion book. In 28 easy-to-understand lessons, you will find crystal-clear instructions on how to play the bagpipes from scratch. This book is also used for training purposes by many professional bands and bagpipe schools. Its aim is to give the student a technically and musically solid foundation and expert guidance on the route to becoming an accomplished piper.
    The Bagpipe Tutorial App, which is available from your app store, is perfectly matched to the Bagpipe Tutorial book. Besides the tunes in the book, it contains more than 250 exercise videos covering all the fingering techniques, embellishments and grace notes that you will need in bagpipe playing. The information is in soundtracks and visual displays, with close-ups of the chanter fingerings at different speeds to help you learn them more easily.
    You will also need a practice chanter to train your finger technique and your first songs. What you learn will only be transferred to the big set of bagpipes after a couple of months. The practice chanter will accompany you all through your life with the bagpipes. You will learn the fingering of new tunes on the chanter and continuously improve your fingering technique with it.
    This book, a milestone in the teaching of the Scottish bagpipes, will help beginners and intermediate players to achieve rapid success. It is a professional educational tool for playing and understanding the bagpipes.
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  • Watch on the Rhine - cover

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    As fascism is on the rise in Europe, Sara and her German husband Kurt return to her mother's Washington, D.C., mansion after years away. It's a joyous homecoming until an unexpected threat forces Kurt to make a fateful decision. 
    Recorded before an audience at UCLA's James Bridges Theater in October 2017. 
    Director: Rosalind Ayres 
    Producing Director: Susan Albert Loewenberg
    An L.A. Theatre Works Full-Cast Performance Featuring:
    Edita Brychta as Anise
    Jonathan Cake as Kurt Muller
    Heidi Dippold as Sara Muller
    Anna Lyse Erikson as Babette Muller
    Susannah Fielding as Marthe de Brancovis
    Lovensky Jean-Baptiste as Joseph
    Taj Jegaraj as Joshua Muller
    Susan Sullivan as Fanny Farrelly
    Patrick Wenk-Wolff as Teck de Brancovis
    Matthew Wolf as David Farrelly
    Adam Wylie as Bodo Muller
    Associate Producer: Anna Lyse Erikson
    Recording Engineer, Sound Designer, Mixer: Mark Holden for The Invisible Studios, West Hollywood
    Music Supervisor: Ronn Lipkin
    Production Manager: Katie Friesen
    Sound Effects Artist: Shereen Khan
    Editor: Mitchell Lindskoog"
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