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Diary of a space station swabber - cover

Diary of a space station swabber

L. J. Wesley

Translator Zsófia Diósi

Publisher: L. J. Wesley

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I've spent my entire life at different Space Stations, which was, you guessed, kind of boring and predictable. But everything changed at the 245th Day of the 4301st Sidereal year when Lydia arrived at our Station. From that day on, peaceful life was no longer an option for me. I've got involved in several adventures, without having an idea about what am I doing there. I survived a Civil War for Xendon, the friendship of a lunatic bootlegger and many other during my odyssey through space and time.My name is Max, and this is my diary.

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    You can view a full listing of the games inside by clicking on the preview of this book and viewing the contents page. Some of the collection highlights are outlined below:
    General Knowledge 1
    1. Who wears the Ring of the Fisherman?2. What are the six official languages of the United Nations?3. What became the official motto of the United States in 1956?4. In which layer of Earth’s atmosphere do nearly all weather conditions take place?5. What is Iceland’s only native land mammal?6. Who composed the soundtracks for Iron Man, Game of Thrones, and Westworld?7. What is the first drink ordered by James Bond in the first novel of the book series?8. Which US city will host the 2028 Summer Olympics?9. How many characters do the numbers from zero to nine each have in Morse code?10. In Greek mythology, who was the keeper of the winds?
    Geography: Medium
    1. Which city is divided into Asian and European parts by the Bosporus?2. What are the five boroughs of New York?3. Which country is divided into 26 cantons?4. The Tropic of Capricorn is also known as the “Northern Tropic”. True or False?5. What prefix has been conferred to the English towns of Tunbridge Wells, Leamington Spa, and Wootton Basset?6. What is the name of the archipelago which includes Mallorca, Menorca, Ibiza, and Formentera?7. What is the largest and second most populous state of Germany?8. What is the largest of the Channel Islands?9. In which country is the Massif Central highland region?10. Which city is home to Croke Park stadium?
    Rhyming Quiz 1
    1. Which Frenchman lost his sight in a childhood accident and went on to develop a writing system for people who are visually impaired?2. Sir Galahad, Sir Bors, and Sir Percival attained which legendary object?3. Coturnix coturnix is the Latin name for which ground-nesting bird?4. In humans, which gender has two different kinds of sex chromosomes?5. Which famous cabinet-maker was born in Yorkshire in 1718?6. Complete the quote from Percy Bysshe Shelley: “A poet is a ___________ who sits in darkness and sings to cheer its own solitude…”7. Which actor has portrayed Moses, Melvin Purvis, Michael Burry, and Dicky Eklund?8. What is the most common sedimentary rock?9. In computing and graphic design, what is the term for a reduced-size image that represents a larger one?
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  • The Papaya King - cover

    The Papaya King

    Adam Pelzman

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    "An eccentric outsider is baffled by contemporary Manhattan in this engrossing second novel" by Adam Pelzman. —Kirkus Reviews
    Bobby Walser’s tragic childhood has left him a man frozen in time and mired in a world of his own making—one that has little in common with reality. Genteel and old-fashioned, his manners and habits are more suited to an aristocrat from a Chekhov play than to a young man on Manhattan’s Upper West Side.
    Haunted by his failure to live up to the legacy of his great father, Walser’s sense of ineffectuality is compounded when he suffers a series of deflating professional setbacks. He’s baffled by the people around him, and his only solace is the hope of a romance—conducted via handwritten letters—with a mysterious woman who may not even exist.
    As his despair with twenty-first century life reaches a breaking point, Walser bristles at a newly constructed sculpture that represents everything he loathes about these times. Realizing that he has more to care about—and fight for—outside himself, he marches toward a final showdown with this towering symbol of oppressive technology.
    "This is another entrancing, deeply memorable offering from Pelzman … Devilishly sharp social commentary." —Kirkus Reviews
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