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Best Short Stories Omnibus - Volume 2 - cover

Best Short Stories Omnibus - Volume 2

L. Frank Baum, D. H. Lawrence, Anthony Trollope, George Gissing, O. Henry, Edith Nesbit, William Dean Howells, Honoré de Balzac, Bret Harte, Giovanni Verga, Lafcadio Hearn, Émile Zola, T. S. Arthur, Henry Lawson, Sarah Orne Jewett, Robert Barr, Willa Cather, Mary Shelley, Sherwood Anderson, John Galsworthy, M. R. James, Zona Gale, Lord Dunsany, Selma Lagerlöf, Robert W. Chambers, Ernest Bramah, Paul Heyse, Théopile Gautier, W. W. Jacobs, Bjørnstjerne Bjørnson, Stanley G. Weinbaum, Stacy Aumonier, Arthur Morrison, Ruth McEnery Stuart, Ellis Parker Butler, Mary E. Wilkins Freeman, Stewart Edward White, Thomas Burke, Saki (H.H. Munro), Don Marquis, Kathleen Norris, Charles W. Chesnutt, Emma Orczy, George Ade, Banjo Paterson, Hamlin Garland, Charlotte M. Yonge, August Nemo

Publisher: Tacet Books

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This book contains 350 short stories from 50 classic, prize-winning and noteworthy authors. Wisely chosen by the literary critic August Nemo for the book series 7 Best Short Stories, this omnibus contains the stories of the following writers:

- Mary Shelley
- D. H. Lawrence
- Ellis Parker Butler
- Anthony Trollope
- Zona Gale
- Emma Orczy
- Don Marquis
- Charles W. Chesnutt
- Kathleen Norris
- Stanley G. Weinbaum
- Honoré de Balzac
- M. R. James
- Banjo Paterson
- Bret Harte
- Henry Lawson
- W. W. Jacobs
- Charlotte M. Yonge
- Mary E. Wilkins Freeman
- L. Frank Baum
- O. Henry
- William Dean Howells
- T. S. Arthur
- Sherwood Anderson
- Robert Barr
- Lafcadio Hearn
- Giovanni Verga
- Hamlin Garland
- Émile Zola
- Stewart Edward White
- Sarah Orne Jewett
- Willa Cather
- George Ade
- Robert W. Chambers
- Bjørnstjerne Bjørnson
- Ruth McEnery Stuart
- Lord Dunsany
- George Gissing
- Théophile Gautier
- Paul Heyse
- Selma Lagerlöf
- Thomas Burke
- Edith Nesbit
- Arthur Morrison
- Stacy Aumonier
- John Galsworthy
- E. W. Hornung
- Ernest Bramah

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    Rupert Chawner Brooke was born at 5 Hillmorton Road, Rugby, Warwickshire on 3rd August, 1887, the third of four children. 
    Brooke attended preparatory school near-by at Hillbrow, and then went on to Rugby School. In 1905, he became friends with St. John Lucas, who thereafter became something of a mentor to him. 
    While travelling in Europe he worked on a thesis "John Webster and the Elizabethan Drama", which won him a scholarship to King's College, Cambridge. 
    Once there Brooke became a member of the Apostles, was elected as President of the Fabian Society, and helped found the Marlowe Society drama club. The friendships he made during his education were an essential part of his future years and many fell under the magic that he seemed to weave. 
    Virginia Woolf confided to Vita Sackville-West of once going skinny-dipping with Brooke in a moonlit pool when they were in Cambridge together.  This is but one of the many stories that seemed to surround him. 
    In 1907, his eldest brother Dick died of pneumonia at age 26. Brooke at once wanted to stop studying to help his devastated parents cope with this tragedy, but they insisted he return to school. 
    Amongst the Bloomsbury group of writers and artists he blossomed.  Many admired his talents but others were rather keener on his good looks. 
    Brooke was also part of the Georgian Poets and one of the most important of the Dymock poets, the Gloucestershire village of Dymock where he spent time before the war. 
    In 1912 Brooke suffered a severe emotional crisis caused by his bisexuality and jealousy.  This caused his long-term relationship with Katherine ‘Ka’ Laird Cox to breakdown and the result of that was nervous collapse and trips to Germany for rehabilitation. 
    Whilst in Berlin and feeling dreadfully homesick he penned his classic; The Old Vicarage, Grantchester. 
    As part of his recuperation, Brooke toured the United States and Canada to write travel diaries for the Westminster Gazette. Travelling back to England via the Pacific he wrote much fine verse on the journey sailing across the Pacific and during his stay of some months in the South Seas. 
    In August 1914 War broke out in Europe and Brooke enlisted. 
    Brooke was commissioned into the Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve as a temporary Sub-Lieutenant shortly after his 27th birthday and took part in the Royal Naval Division's Antwerp expedition in October 1914. 
    He sailed with the British Mediterranean Expeditionary Force on 28th February 1915 but en-route developed sepsis from an infected mosquito bite. 
    On March 11th The Times Literary Supplement published two sonnets; IV: The Dead and V: The Soldier. They captured the Nation’s attention with their eloquence and tribute. 
    Rupert Chawner Brooke died in the early hours of 23rd April 1915, on a French hospital ship, moored in a bay off the Greek island of Skyros in the Aegean Sea. Brooke was buried at 11 pm in an olive grove on Skyros. The site was chosen by his close friend, William Denis Browne, who wrote of Brooke's death: “I sat with Rupert. At 4 o’clock he became weaker, and at 4.46 he died, with the sun shining all round his cabin, and the cool sea-breeze blowing through the door and the shaded windows. No one could have wished for a quieter or a calmer end than in that lovely bay, shielded by the mountains and fragrant with sage and thyme”. 
    His poetry book containing his sonnets, 1914 & Other Poems, was first published in May 1915 and proved immensely popular. 
    On 11th November 1985, Brooke was among 16 First World War poets commemorated on a slate monument unveiled in Poets' Corner in Westminster Abbey.
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    What if... Romeo & Juliet had a happy ending? Or Blanche Dubois didn’t go crazy? Or the Three Sisters actually made it to Moscow? When he discovers he’s only a fictitious, never-seen character in Oscar Wilde’s The Importance of Being Earnest, Bunbury joins forces with Rosaline, Romeo’s never-seen obsession from Romeo and Juliet. Together they infiltrate and alter classic literature.Recorded before a live audience at the Skirball Cultural Center, Los Angeles in July 2006.Directed by Rosalind AyresProducing Director Susan Albert LoewenbergJean Gilpin as Lady Bracknell/Martha/Old CecilyKathryn Hahn as Rosaline/MashaMelinda Page Hamilton as Cecily/Blanche/IrinaPeter Paige as BunburyAmanda Rowan as Gwendolyn/Olga/JulietOrlando Seale as Hartley/Romeo/VladimirAndré Sogliuzzo as Algernon/Alan/JimJohn Vickery as Friar Lawrence/Lawyer/George/Old AlgMatthew Wolf as Jack/Estragon/Voice of the PeacockAssociate Producer: Brendon FoxRecording Engineer/Sound Designer/Mixer: Mark HoldenStage Manager/Foley Artist: Amy Bristol
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  • The Winter's Tale - cover

    The Winter's Tale

    William Shakespeare, Edith Nesbit

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    The Winter's Tale follows two childhood friends: Leontes, King of Sicilia, and Polixenes, the King of Bohemia. Polixenes is visiting the kingdom of Sicilia and is enjoying catching up with his old friend. However, after nine months, Polixenes yearns to return to his own kingdom to tend to affairs and see his son. 
    This edition is an adaptation of Shakespeare's eponymous comedy, narrated in plain modern English, capturing the very essence and key elements of the original Shakespeare's drama. Read in English, unabridged.
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  • Encounter in April - Poems - cover

    Encounter in April - Poems

    May Sarton

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    The debut work of a literary legend May Sarton’s career spanned sixty years and included novels, poetry, memoirs, and even children’s books, but it was poetry that provided the world’s first look at her wondrous talent. Encounter in April is a fitting starting point for readers wishing to familiarize themselves with one of the twentieth century’s most lyrical and eloquent authors.   In this anthology, Sarton describes womanhood devastatingly and unforgettably, deftly matching serene imagery with powerful emotion. Her sonnets are to be savored. Encounter in April is a thesis statement for a lengthy and profound career, and Sarton’s talent is readily evident from the beginning.
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