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A Lethal Odyssey - cover

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A Lethal Odyssey

Kevin William Barry

Publisher: Kevin William Barry

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Have you ever wondered whatever happened to all those Nuclear weapons we all used to worry about? 
In 1991 the Iron curtain came down, the USA and the former United Soviet Socialist Republic signed the nuclear non proliferation treaty, thousands of nuclear warheads were decommissioned, and mothballed away in numerous, top secret locations all over the USA and Eastern Europe. 
They’re still there today.....All except one.  
An illegal arms dealer has obtained a nuclear weapon and is on his way to deliver it to Palestine. Former USSR nuclear scientist and psychopathic killer, Vladimir Michael Berswiski, has been engaged to rearm the bomb and suddenly buying real estate in Tel Aviv is beginning to look like a really bad idea. 
Australian woman Iris Richards is about to embark on a voyage through the Mediterranean and is on a collision course with Berswiski. The sailing trip of a lifetime is rapidly turning into the exact opposite. 
Can Major Edmond Grey of Interpol stop Berswiski before he kills again? And Is Israel on its way to becoming one of the hottest travel destinations on the globe? 
'A Lethal Odyssey' is Australian Author Kevin W Barry's fifth novel.
Available since: 10/05/2015.

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