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Monstrous Tales Volume 2 - Monstrous Tales Bundle #2 - cover

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Monstrous Tales Volume 2 - Monstrous Tales Bundle #2

Kelly Apple

Publisher: Kelly Apple

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Ari Colton’s always been a little different. She has a thing for monsters of all shapes and sizes, but she’s resigned herself to loving them only in her dreams. That is, until the day she’s abducted by one and finds an entire supernatural world right under her nose. 
Now she has all the monsters she can handle and she’s loving every minute of it. 
This bundle contains books 4-6 in the Monstrous Tales series and a never before published short story. 
The Wicked Merman 
With her beloved still in the midst of his mating duties, Ari agrees to go with her friends for a weekend away in the mountains. But when a girl who loves monsters ends up at a lake housing a merman, she’s going to end up doing a lot more than swimming. 
The Wicked Naga 
The weekend’s not over yet and it’s just Ari’s luck there’s a snake-man in these mountains who’s looking for a sweet, young thing to spend some time with. Ari’s adventurous spirit could very well give her the answers to questions she didn’t know she should be asking. 
Wicked Dreams: A Monstrous Tales Interlude (never before published) 
Plagued by worry for her beloved's safety, Ari's dreams have become nightmares since she returned from the mountain. That is, until the night she falls asleep and meets a supernatural who's very nature gives him control over the dreamscape. 
The Wicked Minotaur 
Desperate to distract herself, Ari stumbles into the Harvest Festival labyrinth and finds a real, live minotaur hidden away. Gaining his help in her quest to save her Guardian is a possibility, but only if she can find a way to convince him to leave his subterranean home.

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    	“No. I don’t mean that," Brad said. "I mean what you really wanted this year.”
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    It's the day before Annette's wedding and she's worried that her bachelorette party won't be up to par.
    	Her best friend, Brandy, has other plans in mind that neither of them will forget. When she reveals that the stripper she hired is actually a werewolf the girls go absolutely wild!
    	WARNING! This story is for mature audiences and contains passionate and erotic depictions. 
    	Enjoy ;)
    	The stripper, Heath, was in the bathroom, and while Annette would admit that he was hot, she was expecting a more lively party. When Heath stepped out of the bathroom wearing only a thong, Annette seemed to perk up a little. She was already drunk and looking for fun, so damn it, she was going to have some.
    	“Nice ass, baby!” she yelled out.
    	Brandy was pleased to see her friend embracing the moment.
    	“You don’t know the half,” she said.
    	“You ready for your next surprise?”
    	Annette thought about it, and wore a puzzled expression. 
    	“You mean there is another stripper hiding in there somewhere?” she asked. 
    	“Not quite,” Brandy said.
    	Heath grinned and flashed Brandy a knowing look. She winked at him, and Heath looked as though he were preparing for something.
    	“What was that all about, bitch?” Annette said, joking with Brandy, punching her in the shoulder. 
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    	Brandy stood up and walked over to the nearby window. She touched her hand to the blinds, looked over to Heath and then over to Annette, with a now or never look.
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    I'll always remember that night. It was late September, 6 months ago, and I had prepared a sumptuous dinner for my girlfriend Shantel. We were going to celebrate our first year together. Oh! I forgot to introduce myself! Name's Bobby, Bobby Boner. That's the name I use as a photographer and sometimes writer but everybody calls me that now... It suits me, if you know what I mean! 
    I'm 26, I'm a handsome fellow and a horny, expert, smooth operator between the sheets. I take nude photos of sexy women and sometimes couples too. Straight couples and often two girlfriends together. I gotta confess, that's my favorite. I get utterly aroused at the sight of two women kissing and caressing each other.
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