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Experimenting With Margie - cover

Experimenting With Margie

J.R. Shane

Publisher: Lot's Cave, Inc.

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Margie and Jim have been married for 25 years and feel like their relationship is becoming "stale". Jim proposed that they explore swinging with other couples and singles but Margie is uncertain. As they live their 'adventures', Margie finds that she very much enjoys what they are doing. Jim finds that he may have started a fire he can no longer control.

“Last night was beyond description. They were wonderful, their house was were wonderful.” She kissed me again. “Quite a work out you guys gave me.” She laughed and hugged me tight. “I loved it.”

“Do you remember Beth?”

“Beth? Of course I remember Beth.”

“It went beyond ‘a little touchy-feelie’.”

“Do you remember that I said it depends on the moment?”


“The moment won.”

“How do you feel about that?”

“Fine, how should I feel?”

“Margie it was a big step for you, any thoughts or regrets?”

“It all just swept over me. You and Gaylord are all over me, when Beth started to lick me, I went off like a bomb. Honey you’ve done that to me for years, and recently Evan did. Gaylord was good too, but there was something special when Beth started. She hit all the right buttons in all the right order. Now I love you sweetheart and I always will, but she was better than you or any other man.” When she started on me, everything I had believed since I was a child went straight out the window. She could have put her boobies, her puss-puss, her ass, or anything else over my mouth and I would have licked it. Baby, she REALLY had me going. Excuse me a moment hon’, if I don’t get to the bathroom right now, I’m gonna’ explode.

I moved aside and Margie made her way to the bathroom. I guess that answers my question, Margie liked having a woman make love to her. That’s quite a change.

Margie grabbed her bathrobe on her way back from the bathroom and laid back on the bed.

“You know that feeling your mouth gets after you’ve been to the dentist and the anesthetic still hasn’t worn off? How the side of your face feels numb and you slur your words?”


“That’s how I feel but it not my face that’s numb.”

“I’m not surprised. God only knows how many orgasms you had.”

“Well if somebody knows, they can tell me, I just know that it was a lot. And when you guys doubled up on me.” She drew her breath in. “My body went crazy. Before, with Evan, it was intense. This time it was like my body lost all control; like I was being shocked or something. I didn’t want to say anything, but I think I wet their bed. It felt like fluid was squirting out of me. Did you feel anything?”

“Just your pussy muscles clamping on me like a boa constrictor. Of course by that time the bed could have been on fire and I wouldn’t have felt it.

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