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The Awareness Shift - Unearth the Five Pillars of Optimal Health and Wellness - cover

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The Awareness Shift - Unearth the Five Pillars of Optimal Health and Wellness

Joshua J. Holland, Tessa Cash

Publisher: Lifestyle Entrepreneurs Press

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There is a constant need to qualify and quantify our efficiency, our productivity. The paradox lies in the journey homo sapiens have traversed from an acutely simple cave dwelling existence. Somewhere along the way, the essence of what it means to be human has been lost in an abyss of excess. Ancient wisdom inherently coded into our DNA has been forgotten, buried by a thirsty desire to ameliorate life. This thirst leaves our vessels spiritually, physiologically and mentally brittle, draining our life force energy, constantly demanding for bigger, better, stronger outcomes. Until something snaps, shuts off, or simply stops working. A dead end in mind cases, or in sharper instances, the uncontrollable swerve into a brick wall.
The Awareness Shift: Unearth the Five Pillars for Optimal Health and Wellness is a resource that has been formulated through Josh's vast exploration into a plethora of healing modalities for the purpose of restoring people to prime physical and spiritual wellness. They serve as a foundational resource that gently guides you through a journey of inner observation, deep listening and investigation of beliefs that may need readjustment, all the while offering science based wisdom and evolutional clarity on what the body needs to truly thrive and live in a beautiful state of flow. Allow yourself to be guided through the labyrinth of life by a holistic science based guide who, one pillar at a time will redefine the shape of wellness.
The book explores the vibration of energy through the pyramid of the five pillars of optimal health and wellness. The shift acknowledges and honors the journey that has passed, by gently asking you to examine the belief that informed an emotional response that created a need within you. Here we establish a heightened state of awareness, an unearthing of an intention, the first pillar for optimal health and wellness. Focus is thus pulled to the present, leading you step by step through the four remaining pillars, which ask you to seek the highest quality of: rest, consumption, activeness and exercise accessible to you. These pillars create a path to achieving a high vibrational state of flow, a transformation that finds genesis in the principle of how we can best create an environment that is conducive to a high state of thrive.
Available since: 06/10/2022.
Print length: 227 pages.

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