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Booze - River Cottage Handbook No12 - cover

Booze - River Cottage Handbook No12

John Wright

Publisher: Bloomsbury UK

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In the twelfth River Cottage Handbook, John Wright explains how to home-brew and make your own tipples. 
What could possibly beat a cool pint of beer down the pub or a lazy glass of wine at your favourite bar? The answer is: home-brewed beer or your very own brand of wine.  With this, the twelfth in the River Cottage Handbook series, the inimitable John Wright shows exactly how easy it is to get started. You don't need masses of space to make alcohol at home, and if you follow the simple instructions, you won't be faced with exploding bottles in the cellar. But don't forget, it's all about experimentation and finding out what works for you. 
Booze is divided up by alcohol type, from beer, cider and wine to herbal spirits and fruit liqueurs. Each section starts with an introduction to the basic techniques, methods and other useful information, before giving recipes for delicious tipples like rhubarb wine, sparkling elderflower wine, mead, cherry plum wine, orange beer, lager, real ginger beer, sweet cider, zubrovka vodka, amber spirits, rose infusions, blackberry whiskey, pomegranate rum, chestnut liqueur, mulled cider and there's even a hangover cure thrown in for good measure. 
With an introduction from Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall and full-colour photographs as well as illustrations, Booze is a home-brewer's book with a kick.

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    Even if you’ve never heard of the H.G.B. before, inside you’ll find easy-to-follow explanations designed to make getting started simple!Buy now, Begin your journey with the Hypnotic Gastric Band today!
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    - Stunning ways the ketogenic diet has helped numerous individuals lose fat. 
    - Reasons that ketones and ketogenic snacks are so good for you. 
    - Carb-less types of foods that you should stay away from and fatty acids you can easily discover in some super-healthy foods. 
    - What to think of carb-rich foods, and why to think this way. 
    - Reports and professionals' final thoughts regarding America's carb-problems, and strategies for them. 
    - Plus various other subjects that have not been listed here. 
    Seeing to it that you remain in a healthy condition and get thinner, is hard but possible. This book can certainly make it less complicated for you, as it mentions many different parts of an efficient diet plan that has worked wonders for many individuals. 
    That's enough chatter. Just buy it. You'll be glad you did.
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    And even various other subtopics which are not detailed here. 
    So assuming that you take your physical body and the types of foods you eat serious enough, I am positive you notice the value in studying a guide like this. Doing this can have a big impact on your quality of life and the choices you make every day. 
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