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Safe In His Arms - Devil's Riders #3 - cover

Safe In His Arms - Devil's Riders #3

Joanna Blake

Publisher: Pincushion Press

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Sometimes risking your heart is the most dangerous gamble of all...

Long time Devil's Rider Donnie always has something funny to say. That doesn't mean he hasn't seen his share of heartbreak. With sparkling eyes and a ready wit, he oozes charm and could have his pick of the ladies. But he never sticks around for long.

Sally might just be a waitress at Mae's diner, but she's got secrets. A talented country singer and songwriter, she had to abandon her career to escape her abusive ex. She's determined to stay out of the spotlight and as far away from Donnie as she can. She knows better than to trust a biker, even though his teasing smile sends shivers through her body.

When her ex tracks her down, Sally has  to decide who to trust... And who she can trust with her heart.


He was walking down the hallway when he heard it.


Not just singing. Beautiful singing. It sounded like an angel. It was a sweet country song that he was sure he'd heard on the radio before but he couldn't quite place it. Something about Sundays and maydays.

He followed the sound to the stock room where Sally was standing on a step stool stacking boxes of napkins. He could hear her voice even better now. He was practically frozen in place by the shock of it. She should be singing professionally, not waiting tables in a tiny place like this.


He stood there listening to her sing, completely enraptured. She was an amazing singer but it was more than just that. There was a sweet sadness in her voice that pierced him to the core. He stood there mesmerized as she sung softly to herself and leaned forward to stack boxes of paper napkins on the shelf.

The other bonus was that he finally had a really good view of her legs.

They were good legs.

Really good.

He must have made a sound of appreciation because she turned suddenly and gasped. Shit, he hadn't meant to scare her. Her eyes widened as she tottered back and forth on the stool. Donnie realized she was about to fall a split second before she did.

He caught her against him and fell backwards against a stack of boxes, knocking them over. His arms were around her so she came with him, landing squarely on top of him.

Dear God.

Donnie was in shock as he stared into the biggest green gold eyes he'd ever seen. Hazel. They were hazel. How had he not noticed that?

And he finally had his answer about her body.


He grinned at the girl lying sprawled on top of him. Her big, luscious breasts were crushed against his chest. Her waist was tiny under his hands and… he let them slide down a bit to feel her rounded hips and bottom. Accidentally of course.

Jesus, the woman was stacked.

"You alright sweetheart?"

She made a little sound of outrage and pushed against his chest.

"Let me up."

He grinned and squeezed her waist.

"What's your rush?"

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    Tate has a secret too; the Russkaya Mafiya is in his blood. 
    His secret could help save me, but will Tate embrace it or destroy us? 
    Updated as of September 27, 2015
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