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Lawn Tennis Explained - cover

Lawn Tennis Explained

Jeannine Hill

Publisher: Jeannine

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These Are Some Of The Tips You Will Find In The Book :

* Tennis: Choosing A Racket
* Tennis: A Way To Get Fit
* Tennis: Practice Makes Perfect
* Tennis: Match Strategies
* Tennis Courts
* Basics Of Tennis Explained
* Beginners Tournament Tips
* Common Tennis Injuries
* Essential Considerations For Your Tennis Bag
* Exercise Tips For Tennis
* Grip, Footwork, And Strokes In Tennis
* Important Mind Control Techniques For Tennis
* Improving Your Tennis Serve Made Easy
* Is Tennis Camp A Wise Investment?
* Keeping Your Eyes On The Ball
* Keys To Success
* Required Tennis Equipment
* Should You Teach Tennis?
* Tennis And Children
* Tennis Equipment – New Or Used?
* Tennis: Concentration Helps
* Tennis: Improve Your Serve
* Tennis: Exercise For Power
* Tennis: Tennis Elbow
* Tennis: How To Learn
* Power In Tennis
* Tennis: A Good Grip Is Important
* Tennis: A Popular Game
* Tennis: Perk Up Your Energy For Success
* Tennis: Healing From Tennis Elbow

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