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Figuratively Speaking: Thesaurus of Expressions &Phrases - Thesaurus of Expressions & Phrases - cover

Figuratively Speaking: Thesaurus of Expressions &Phrases - Thesaurus of Expressions & Phrases

J. Ajlouny

Publisher: Fresh Ink Group

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A figure of speech is an expression in which the words are used, but not in their literal sense, to create a more forceful or dramatic meaning. They are often in the form of metaphors, similes and hyperbole. “A fountain of knowledge,” is a good example. “Stretching the truth,” is another.
With Figuratively Speaking, we finally have a thesaurus to discover these phrases’ origins and the sources of their meanings. Categories include:
Body Types
Creature Comforts
Letting Loose
Life, Health, & Death
Personal Space
Personality Types
Thinking Power
Trouble, Turmoil, & Commotion
The World of Work

Whether reading it for fun, researching phrases you use, or studying the symbolic foundations of our language, Figuratively Speaking is the resource you’ll reach for time and again.

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