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Instant dance workouts - Fun Moves to Get You Fit - cover

Instant dance workouts - Fun Moves to Get You Fit

Infinite Ideas

Publisher: Infinite Ideas

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Dancing can lift your spirits as well as firming your bottom, toning your thighs and flattening your tum. If someone told you could get fit by doing something that’s fun, sociable, makes you feel good and can only be done while listening to great music, you’d jump at the chance wouldn’t you? Dancing is all of that and more. This little book offers you the opportunity to learn from the dance experts to help you develop your fitness. Whether you’re a regular dancer or simply want to be better you’ll find some great tips and techniques that will improve your technique. Enjoy!
Available since: 11/03/2014.

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  • The Little Book Of Bonsai - Types Styles Care Pruning Growing Tips Tools Does and Dont's - cover

    The Little Book Of Bonsai -...

    Russ Chard

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    Bonsai growing is an artform that originally started in Egypt and was copied by China hundreds of years ago.
    Trade and cultural links between China and Japan meant that part of the two countries exchange of ideas and traditions involved gardens and Bonsai in Chinese known as 'punsa' - in English 'tree in a pot'.
    Japanese garden enthusiast Russ Chard has put together this book 'The Little Book Of Bonsai ' to explain lots of aspects of this beautiful and eye catching art form that is very popular all over the world. It could well serve as the inspiration for you to become a Bonsai grower and cultivator perhaps as a new hobby or becuse of a long standing ambition to take it up as a hobby.
    Subjects covered in this book include:
    - History of Bonsai
    - What IS A Bonsai?
    - What Type Of Bonsai To Choose To Grow
    - Styles Of Bonsai
    - Sizes Of Bonsai
    - Indoor Bonsai
    - Outdoor Bonsai
    - Bonsai Care
    - The Basics Of Effective Bonsai Care
    - How To Repot A Bonsai Tree
    - Outdoor Bonsai Tree Care
    - Indoor Bonsai Tree Care
    - Bonsai Maples
    - Growing A Japanese Maple From A Seed
    - History Of Japanese Maples
    - How To Grow A Dwarf Acer
    - How To Cultivate & Grow Bonsai From Seeds
    - Artificial Bonsai Trees
    - Bonsai Maintenance
    - Bonsai Plants
    - How To Try & Revive A 'Dead' Bonsai
    - Misconceptions About Bonsai Trees
    - The Advantages Of Growing Bonsai
    - Starting Your Own Bonsai Growing Project
    - Pruning
    - What Type Of Bonsai Pots Should I Consider?
    - More On The Importance Of Repotting
    - Tools And Accessories For Bonsai Growing
    - The Numerous Ways To Get Your Bonsai Equipment (at a good price!)
    - The 6 Do's And Don'ts Of Bonsai
    'The Little Book Of Bonsai' explains in simple terms the many aspects of Bonsai and how you can easily by learning the basics start growing your own for outdoor and indoor beauty.
    Easy to understand and follow this is the complete mini-course in Bonsai growing.
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  • In The Name of Jaysus! - Stuff That Drives Irish People Round the Feckin' Bend - cover

    In The Name of Jaysus! - Stuff...

    Colin Murphy

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    Ever lose the head when the country grinds to a halt after two centimetres of snow?
    Do the parish-pump politicians, perennially pathetic health services and practically useless road signs drive you to drink?
    Are all these and a million other maddening quirks of Irish society sapping your will to live?
    In the Name of Jaysus is a hilarious rant about all things exasperating, irritating and downright infuriating in Ireland today. If you're Irish – or if you just live here and have to endure our traditional manner of doing things arseways – then, in the name of Jaysus, this is the book for you!
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  • Paul Cézanne - cover

    Paul Cézanne

    Élie Faure

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    Cézanne was perhaps the most complex artist of the 19th century. One of the greatest of the Postimpressionists, his works and ideas were crucial to the aesthetic development of many 20th-century artists and art movements, especially Cubism. 
    Cézanne’s ambition, in his own words, was "to make out of Impressionism something as solid and durable as the paintings of the museums". He aimed to achieve the monumental in a modern language of glowing, vibrating tones. Cézanne wanted to retain the natural colour of an object and to harmonize it with the various influences of light and shade trying to destroy it; to work out a scale of tones expressing the mass and character of the form.
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  • As Time Goes By - cover

    As Time Goes By

    Alice Taylor

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    Alice Taylor brings the reader with her on her 80th birthday year.
    Alice had a big birthday on the horizon, the village was about to celebrate many milestones, and she had just received the gift of a book focusing her on the art of living well. So she decided to write about her year as it unfolded, to keep a journal of the big events, and record the twists and turns normal life brings to all of us in just one year.
    But 2018 turned out to be far from normal, with storms, snow blizzards, blistering sun, severe drought and water shortages. She describes the challenges of all these dramatic weather changes.
    Alice began the year wondering how she would feel about reaching eighty. She was pleasantly surprised to discover that it was just another milestone on a journey that is still varied and interesting. Here she writes about these feelings, and the many pleasant and challenging events of her eightieth year.
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  • The California Days of Ralph Waldo Emerson - cover

    The California Days of Ralph...

    Brian C. Wilson

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    In the spring of 1871, Ralph Waldo Emerson boarded a train in Concord, Massachusetts, bound for a month-and-a-half-long tour of California—an interlude that became one of the highlights of his life. On their journey across the American West, he and his companions would take in breathtaking vistas in the Rockies and along the Pacific Coast, speak with a young John Muir in the Yosemite Valley, stop off in Salt Lake City for a meeting with Brigham Young, and encounter a diversity of communities and cultures that would challenge their Yankee prejudices.Based on original research employing newly discovered documents, The California Days of Ralph Waldo Emerson maps the public story of this group's travels onto the private story of Emerson's final years, as aphasia set in and increasingly robbed him of his words. Engaging and compelling, this travelogue makes it clear that Emerson was still capable of wonder, surprise, and friendship, debunking the presumed darkness of his last decade.
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  • The Book of Murray - The Life Teachings and Kvetching of the Lost Prophet - cover

    The Book of Murray - The Life...

    David M. Bader

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    Meet the Prophet Murray, son of Irving of the Tribe of Levi (Relaxed Fit) and his wife, Francine. Though a poor student and a disappointment to his parents, Murray cannot escape his destiny. Hearing God’s call, he wanders the lands with his cousin Lenny, preaching his unique brand of biblical wisdom (“Love the stranger, though not on the first date”), dispensing diet tips, and giving unsolicited advice. From the fertile mind of David M. Bader comes a loving and mirthful new take on the best biblical stories. We learn of Murray’s early years, the Healing of the Hypochondriac, the Virgin by the Well, the Writing on the Wall, the Ten (or So) Commandments, and the Dream of King Joe Bob. “In the modern world,” Bader writes, “the lives and teachings of biblical prophets often seem remote and dim in our consciousness. And of all these narratives, The Book of Murray may well be the dimmest.”
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